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  1. Hey, shit happens. Just do your best to keep it from happening too often.
  2. I've never built my own practice floor but I've had friends that have done it and it has turned out well. Good luck with that.
  3. I love that first quilt pattern! Simple and versatile.
  4. I'm loving seeing that you're making great progress and getting back in to the groove. Did Keto give you a headache at all? Whenever I cut back on carbs it sucker punches me with Keto flu.
  5. Hills are hard, good for you! What do you think of barre? I've wanted to try it but haven't done so yet.
  6. Life happens, but sticking with it is what makes the difference! I'm glad you kept up with the visualization exercises and I hope that the snow goes away soon!
  7. Thanks for the positive feedback all! I love sewing, so I made the ballgown myself. @little miss camouflage I did make one of the underskirts out of a a bed skirt, but that is as close to Scarlet O'Hara as I managed. Lifted last night, got 2 productive things done, and tracked yesterday as well. I've gotten a good bit done on my goals today as well. Cardio on lunch, all my food for the day is tracked (THANK YOU meal prep!) and I've gotten 2 productive things done. Plus for lunch I had an amazing brown rice bowl with colorful roast veggies, chicken, feta, and hummus. It was amazing and I'm really excited for lunch tomorrow! Tracking food the past week + is making it very obvious that I eat when I'm bored, and thats a problem. I'm not huge, but my doctor recommends that I be smaller. More than that, I wonder how much better I would feel if I grazed on junk less frequently. It is SO EASY to snack while driving, working on the computer, etc. and boredom eating adds up. I think I may have found one of my goals for the next challenge. Last night's lifts: Squat: Barx2x5 80x1x5 100x1x5 120x1x3 135x2x5 135x2x3 Bench: Barx2x10 60x1x5 70x3x5 Curls, each arm: 15x3x10 Dumbell downs, each arm: 22.5x3x10 Current Stats: Lifts: 4/8 Cardio/Yoga: 5/4 Meal tracking: 6/19 Productivity: 9/19
  8. Yesterday I got 3 productive things done, tracked my eating, and did yoga. I was intending to lift but I decided to save that for tonight. I'm dog sitting about 45 minutes away from the gym this week which means gym time requires more than an additional hour set aside for the commute, which I hate, bleh. However the myriad of excuses I could come up with won't do much for me in the long run. Current Stats: Lifts: 3/8 Cardio/Yoga: 4/4 Meal tracking: 4/19 Productivity: 5/19
  9. Happy week 2! I'm here to say that I'm rocking some aspects, and dragging in others. Thats ok, we're only 1/4 of the way through the challenge and I have time to catch up. I hope that everyone had a great weekend, we got a lot of snow, but I didn't let it slow me down. Saturday I lifted, which makes 3 lifts this week! Also, Saturday evening I went to a Civil War era ball and danced and danced! I love the reels, waltzes, and set dances that make up 1860s social events. Yes, I am that nerd. My heart rate wasn't super elevated for long periods of time, in part because the band needed a break between dances, but I did get 10k steps in on Saturday (I forgot to take my Fitbit off, how anachronistic!) and danced a bunch. Plus, I did it all in a corset, hoop, silk gown, and six layers of skirts, so I'll count that as cardio. Plus, I got to smooch on President Lincoln, and that is sure to get a Lady's heart rate elevated! Last night was a hip-hop videos in my living room kinda night. My Fitbit did track that as cardio because my heart rate was higher. Saturday workout: Squats: Barx2x5 80x1x5 100x1x5 125x3x5 Shoulder press: Barx2x5 55x3x5 Deadlifts: 78X2x5 100.5x3x5 I haven't deadlifted in ages so I kept it light.
  10. I think being awkward and awful is half of the fun of it!
  11. Day 5 I went to the gym last night and I struggle so hard with the fact that I used to be so much stronger than I currently am. I accept that I chose to take time away from the gym, I accept that strength loss is inevitable, but I remember when I was repping 225# for my squats and get angry that I'm such a weakling now. I had to stop last night and remind myself that this is the best gym session I've had in months. I also spent some time last night reminding myself of the girl that I used to be, the girl who was convinced that I'd NEVER be able to squat a whole plate, or bodyweight, let alone rm1s in the mid 200s. That girl would be so proud of my current lifts, even if I'm currently not. So I have to remind myself to be more gentle with myself as I regain strength, it isn't easy, but it is necessary. Last night the cat and I ate nothing but cheese for dinner and it turned in to an incredible lifting session. My lifts felt so darn good! Especially since I forgot my gym bag and didn't have knee sleeves or my belt. Oops. Thats what I get for taking it out of my car and up to my apartment so that I could wash all the socks and shaker cups that collected in there. Lifts Squat: Bar x2x5 80x1x5 95x1x5 115x3x5 Bench: Bar x2x10 55x1x10 65x3x8 Back extensions: 20x3x10 superset curls and rows curls, each arm: 12.5x3x10 dumbbell rows each arm: 20X3X20 Current Stats: Lifts: 2/8 Cardio/Yoga: 1/4 Meal tracking: 3/19 Productivity: 2/19
  12. Thanks! My cat knows she's adorable and uses it to get away with things. I like the thought of scrubbing, I doubt my tiny apartment will get me too many burned calories, but every little but helps.
  13. Have you ever seen the Fitness Marshall videos? He is hilarious and the dances are so much fun!
  14. It is really funny, because I'm strong as can be, but since I rarely train bodyweight, my body thinks it is cardio and my heart rate reflects that! I'm practically given up crocheting because of my helpful cat. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. Oh, what books and what periods of history are you in to? I love reading, and I'm a total civil war geek. You seem to have achievable goals that will stretch you but still be feasible, congrats on great goal setting. I can't wait to see you own them.
  16. Hi there! I love your well planned goals. We've all failed in the past, made slips, given up. You're still going for it though, and in the end, it is persistence, not perfection, that makes the difference. Can't wait to see you smash these goals this challenge!
  17. Sounds like you've got reasonable and achievable goals and plans. Good for you! Can't wait to see you really own that goal weight by the end of this challenge.
  18. Hello friend! I think you've got great goals and I hope that you post regularly so I can follow along! *\_0_/* Theres me being a cheerleader for you for this challenge! Go CraftyViking, GO!
  19. Ahhhh, thats such a cool reason to reach for these goals. I can't wait to see you smash your goals this challenge.
  20. My challenge this round is a respawn too. I'm glad you're taking steps to be back in a place that you want to be. I'm sorry 2018 was rough, I hope this challenge helps to get 2019 moving in the right direction!
  21. You have great goals! What do you sing? I tried Akido once, only once. It was fun, but I'm a klutz so it didn't workout. I'm thrilled to hear how you progress and how your training goes.
  22. You have incredible goals, they're logical and achievable but also major steps in the right direction. Nicely done!
  23. Day 3! It feels weird saying that since I skipped day 1, but oh well. I did not get a productive thing done yesterday, but I've set myself up so that I can do 2 things today and still be on track. I don't like that model, of skipping something and then doubling down, but it is nice to have that wiggle room when life decides to be life and get in the way. We did do yoga last night. As you can see from the attached photo, "we" is me and my #HelpfulYogaCat Really, she's #HelpfulAnythingCat because she wants to be involved in whatever it is that I have going on, but she especially enjoys helping with yoga and my sewing projects. Current Stats: Lifts: 1/8 Cardio/Yoga: 1/4 Meal tracking: 1/19 Productivity: 0/19
  24. Ah, thanks for the advice. Sadly I'm in a third floor apartment and my lease says I'm not allowed to have workout machines. Lame! I do run the stairs though, the stairwells in my building aren't heated so I have to bundle up, but it is still a good workout. In nicer weather I jumprope outside. I also have some kettlebells that I use.
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