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  1. Thats a super sad story, I hope she gets reassessed in a couple years and is cleared to ride again. Hugs
  2. amazing shirt! Progress pics are a great tool.
  3. Creativity and perfection are not compatible in most instances.
  4. Boo on the ankle, and the anxiety, but I'm glad the anxiety is in a better place. Also, this thread just made my day.
  5. Did a half-assed bench session on Friday. I've been steadily working on my chin-up work and I'm SO CLOSE! I get more than halfway up and get stuck. I had cupping done on Saturday, so I look like I made out with an octopus. I spent a chunk of this weekend packing for the move, I close a month from tomorrow! I've been really good about eating, but I'm still gaining weight. I think my metabolism is just done with my cut nonsense. If I were more than 2 days out, I'd totally go on maintenance, but at this point I'm only 2.5 days away from being done. Also, I did one of those baby foot peels and got to enjoy the end result of that this weekend. If you're someone who would enjoy that type of thing, I highly recommend it. Your feet end up super soft after, and the peeling is absurdly satisfying in a really gross way. Goals: 1: Lifting sessions 9/12 2: Pull-up/Chin-up work 16/15 3: Greater than 95% compliance with the Renaissance Periodization diet. 97.67%/95% Weight: 149.7/148 4: Recovery and mobility. 10/15 5: Skincare 16/20 6: Projects half done 3/5
  6. JessFit


    I am jealous of Hogwarts and your work in an academic library. I used to work in an academic library and miss it, it was peaceful. Hope the new job is going well.
  7. I love the cosplay progress!
  8. Thank you, I needed this! I feel like I'm slacking this week, I've done hardly anything and skipped the gym all week. I'm also gaining weight, felling gross, and feeling exhausted. Last night I fell asleep on the couch at 5:15, woke up at 9, took out my contacts and brushed my teeth, and then went to bed. I woke up at 6:15 am. So 13 hours of sleep later and I'm still wiped out. I'm very cranky with myself over being such a lazy bum. I don't do lazy very well and I'm not particularly nice to myself. This weekend needs to be much more productive.
  9. Looks like yesterday was a good day!
  10. NEVER! Who sets max effort deads down gently? Plates rattling and slamming is music to my ears. CONGRATS on the PR! Woohoo
  11. After chatting with some medical professionals (I work for/with a hospital) there's a chance that this is totally logical and that the period from hell and the need to eat EVERYTHING is a direct result of such rapid weight loss. Bodies function better at a healthy weight, but we haven't quite evolved enough to for our bodies to get that fat no longer equals survival. We have central heating, down coats, and grocery stores, so fat isn't the life saving thing it used to be. Still, my body is probably pretty done with my diet nonsense and my reproductive system is most likely calling "mayday" after this weight loss. I'm healthier now than I was before, but 2019 bodies don't really seem to do what is best for themselves where fat is concerned. Hopefully switching to maintenance in the coming week will mean that next month is less hellish.
  12. Super exciting! When? J'adore Paris!
  13. I get that, I struggled with cravings when I started. It gets easier if you can stay strong. Remember WHY you're doing the things you're doing and why achieving your goals is important to you.
  14. For some people, it might be a good idea to call it quits here and now. For me, with as close as I am, I would feel like a failure to end here, especially since I've been so awful the past few days. The remaining 6 days of this cut will be days of redemption because I refuse to quit and I refuse to end on a low note. This should be easier to achieve because the period from hell is ending soon. I was meh but not super struggling with this cut until this period hit, then it spiraled down hill. I've been doing very well today and I'm aware that one week from today I get a cheat meal and then maintenance, I just need to stay focused.
  15. As a big sister to two brothers, that's the best quote possible.
  16. I saw the scale move up today, for the first time in a long time. It wasn't supposed to. I've been snacking on not-so-good things the past 5 days. I can make excuses, such as that my period has been really unusually hard on me this month. It doesn't matter, what matters is that I went from 147.7 yesterday to 148.4 today. I'm very, very mad at myself. I know I've been craving all the things, I know my hormones have been a mess, I know that my period has been much harder than normal, and I also know that I put each piece of food in my own mouth. I've made great progress on this cut, I have 6 days left, and I'm screwing myself and my mind up. I've also just been feeling generally bleh and not done much that was productive in the last week. I'm not sure if this is as hard as it is because I've lost so much weight and therefore my body is in panic mode. I'm not sure if this is hard because of the stress of condo buying. I am sure that tonight I'm going to lift tonight. It is a MUST for me right now, I need to do something that puts me in control and I skipped lifting on Tuesday. Goals: 1: Lifting sessions 8/12 2: Pull-up/Chin-up work 14/15 3: Greater than 95% compliance with the Renaissance Periodization diet. 97.53%/95% Weight: 148.4/148 4: Recovery and mobility. 9/15 5: Skincare 14/20 6: Projects half done 3/5
  17. My brother is color blind, the struggle is real. For those of us who can see color, this is a great way to manage things.
  18. I'm so sorry about your kitty, hugs.
  19. Sounds like you're doing fantastic!
  20. That is a super cute top! As for eating at odd times, I make myself "Lunchable" style snacks with deli chicken breast, gouda, and other finger foods. It makes it much more possible to eat on the go for me.
  21. Yes, you SHOULD be kind to yourself and approach this in the best way for you!
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