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  1. I had a bad challenge this time. For some reason (which I'm still investigating) I just lost interest. Perhaps my challenge was too unspecific? Too "easy" and open? I did open it up after the last one to make it more flexible, but maybe it was too open. I did okay overall, but I stopped tracking (lost interest) although I think I did mange to keep up with what I was supposed to be doing. So maybe it just became status quo rather than a challenge? I also stopped checking in with other people's challenges. And all this was compounded by a plague-like cold, which kept me home from work for 3 days, and which I finally have now recovered from, although I still cough occasionally. I did great on my last goal: flossing every day. I think I only missed 4 days overall (3 of which were during my "plague"), but I stopped tracking, so I don't know for sure. No points for me this round, no level up. Onwards and upwards.
  2. I guess I should write up my conclusion, although I think I summed it up in my previous post. I was struck with a horrible horrible (what I'm calling "the plague") cold, which knocked me sideways for a long time. Three days home from work, but at least a week longer than that to fully recover. If this was my only issue with the challenge, it would be okay, but its not. I just lost energy / motivation ... I don't know what, on this challenge. Was it too easy? Maybe. I tried to open it up a bit from the last one, but maybe this was too open, no "challenge" to it. I also stopped tracking. On a positive note, I think I kept up my challenge activities okay, movement every day, flossing, etc, but I didn't keep track so I don't know for sure. I've been doing better with eating, I think, but its easier for me now since there's no pressure to lose weight. I'll still take it as a positive, though, and try and learn what it feels like to be satisfied for when I do get back to losing weight. And flossing was great, I think I missed 4 days overall. Again, I don't know for sure because I didn't keep track, but its become a very regular thing for me (again). Let's hope it stays that way! So overall, no level up. No change in points - how can I give myself points if I don't track? I'm going to take the rest of this week to figure out what to do for the next challenge.
  3. Hi Nuala, Thanks for asking! I am recovering from a really bad cold - I'm calling it "the plague". I've never had a cold that knocked me like this one before; I was off work 3 days last week, and am still not 100%. My coworker (who gave it to me) said it took him a week and a half or so to finally feel right. By that estimate, I have till the end of this week. That was last week, but even before that I had been bad about updating, and just overall pretty unenthusiastic about my challenge this time. On previous challenges, even if I'm not updating on here regularly, I'm tracking, but this time, I've even been neglecting that. So I don't really know where to go from here. I'm getting back on track with movement (ie I've been able to leave my house the last couple of days!) but I'm not 100% so I can't up my challenge at this time. Perhaps I just focus on the next challenge? On a positive note - I've only missed 3 days of flossing and that was in the last week when I felt like putting my fingers in my mouth wouldn't be the best idea when I had nasty coughing fits... so I'll at least give myself an A for that.
  4. Great work! Have you tried doing sprint intervals to increase your overall pace time?
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope you had a nice relaxing day as you wanted. I'm a freelancer, too, so I can sympathize. Its hard to get into a routine when your schedule is never "guaranteed". Although my schedule sounds a bit more regular than yours as my jobs are usually a few months at a time (or longer) with regular hours. Not this one, but most jobs. How was your first day at the gym?
  6. Good for you for resetting. That's a problem I have sometimes - I set up the challenge and want to continue it, but realize that life has taken a different turn and then I have trouble adjusting. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the overwhelming to-do list. The easiest thing for me to do to help with the messy house is when I see something downstairs that has to go upstairs, I put it at the bottom of the stairs. Quite often I have a little pile of things on the stairs. Then, the next time I go upstairs, I take it with me and at least put it in the correct room, even if not in its "proper place" (if it even has one lol). Since I'm going there anyway, its just a way of being more efficient, and I'm not constantly running up and down stairs. Stuff gets moved to correct locations, and I feel better that at least something is being done, even if its not much. Good luck, and know that conquering / reducing stress is very important and should maybe be a part of all of our challenges.
  7. Its been a long time since I've updated! Everything is going well, nothing spectacular, just continuing on, which is probably why I haven't updated. lol Flossing - still continues every day. Movement has been excellent. Today will be a bit of a challenge - its a surprise day off, but we're in the middle of a snowstorm so I won't be going outside. I will do something here, but my favourite exercise window has passed (while I lay in bed lol) so I'll have to make an effort this afternoon. Yesterday was glorious. I went for a nice 7km run - it was sunny and mild and just a lovely day. And I knew today was going to be nasty, so I planned all my "out of the house" stuff to do yesterday. Today its about getting things done inside: cooking some freezer meals and other fun recipes I've been wanting to try (hello peanut butter banana chocolate chip muffins!), piles of laundry, purging and organizing. I just have to keep it up and not get side tracked.
  8. Great job on keeping up with your exercising! And I think you did great with the food, too. As pretty much everyone has already said, you were on vacation and shouldn't be so strict that you don't enjoy yourself anymore. But I think you did amazingly at still eating fairly healthily, so don't be too hard on yourself. I, too, am jealous of how close everything is for you in Europe... everything here is so far away! And we just don't have the history, either.
  9. Great first week! And good job on pushing through the last day slump!
  10. Impressive, Nuala! I don't think I could get it down that far, although I also have a dishwasher, which makes a big difference. Thanks, Batwoman! The Tacos turned out great! And I have lots of leftover pork for future meals. I had a surprise day off today, so I went through those boxes and shifted it all into one big box for donations, including some other things I"ve been pulling out of my pantry and closet. I also reorganized the pantry a bit, although it still needs work, especially on my tea shelf! Exercise is fine, too. I walked to work yesterday, carrying my laptop, and then today I did 20 minutes of Pilates, as well as about a 40 minute fast walk to an appointment. I had clam chowder for lunch today. Oh and my solution for the second fish for last week - I added a can of salmon to my egg bake that I made for breakfasts for this week. I made it on Sunday, so I'm counting it for last week, even though I'm eating it this week.
  11. Week 1 update: Everything is going GREAT! Everything has been done that I wanted to... except... I have only had fish / seafood once this week. I'll make that up this afternoon or evening. I've moved every day, set my alarm on my phone to get up at least once an hour, and I exercised and got my heart rate up three times this week (including a 5.5 km run yesterday). I also still have to spend some time purging and cleaning. I'll do that this afternoon, too. Meal planning - it was a bit vague this week. I have lots of ingredients, but no specific meals to cook, well except for tomorrow - I'm going to do a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker and then we'll have it on corn tortillas as tacos. But I do have lots of ingredients, and I know when I'm cooking so I'm ahead of the game in that. Plus I have planned for my breakfasts for this week (which I'll cook today) and also some make-ahead food for the freezer as I expect work to be very busy in March. All in all, an excellent week!
  12. Sounds amazing! I can't wait to hear more about your trip!
  13. Thanks for the info on the planks, guys! Good to know! I'll just switch to forearms when my wrist is acting up. I think I should try some negative push-ups, too.
  14. Great first week! Good for you for listening to your body... and most importantly... for working on the things that scare you! YAY!!! Have a great trip!
  15. Sounds like the start of the challenge is going great for you! Keep going!
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