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  1. I am still in it! I am still terrible at updating a forum post! I turned in my two weeks notice at my job. I am going to spend the next two weeks documenting everything I do at work so that the next person can pick it up and run with it because I will likely not see my replacement Water drinking has gone down in the last week in lieu of all day coffee again. I would give it an F. I did manage to stop myself and down a water bottle or two but I find it is much harder in the office then it is at home Exercising has been getting knocked out of the park. I have done some kind of physical activity every day since the challenge began (save two days of feeling like poo). that's an A my focus in the days while I am in the home office is getting better. I've reorganized the place so that all of my distractions are on the other side of the room, or in the other room. this one is hard to gauge because my workload has gone down since dropping my notice, so there simply isn't as much to do at work as for finishing the challenge - we're still in this. I don't think I have made it this far into a challenge before, so we are past the normal Towelie point
  2. Monday's review of El Plan El Plan 1. Water, dammit. Doing fine when I am working from home. At the office I have been swapping out a lot of coffee for green tea. Although some days need a little more oomph and so for one day and one afternoon I was back in my old ways. Recovered on Friday. This week need to bring in a water bottle to keep refilling. I would give this week a 6/10 (for all of you serial water drinkers out there, how the hell do you not have to run to the bathroom every 15 minutes? ). 2. Exercise, dammit I have knocked this one out of the park. I have exercised every day for this week (and twice on Saturday!) 10/10 3. Focus, dammit. Still at this current job until the end of the month. It is really hard to focus on it when I know I need to be reading up on my next venture. I would give this last week a 4/10. Although it does not help my current role I am about to leave, I have been buying a bunch of books regarding my next one so I can be as useful as possible, reading is good, right? 4. Finish the damn Challenge...dammit. Still here! no score out of 10, this one is a pass/fail grade at the end of the challenge
  3. As it turns out, doing cardio is not so bad It is Friday. I have logged 3 workouts and I am feeling pretty pleased with myself about it Wife has been on a dieting kick and it has rubbed off on me, I ended up dropping 5 lbs as well. not too shabby! As for the drinking of more water - that was going swell! ....until I worked in the office. My job works in office Tue-Thur and Works from home Mondays and Fridays. I find that in the office it is way easier to suck down coffee all day and before I knew it, it was Thursday and I hadn't filled up on water while working. As such, Focus is also difficult, as I am in the last couple of weeks in my job. before I leave the company. I've been sneaking in some data work for the next role, but felt bad about it, so now it is like the last couple weeks of your senior year, when it is hard to take things seriously Now onto the hardest part - the weekend. It is like the boss fight of any habit change
  4. The Challenge thus far: My body is hating me for replacing its constant espresso intake with water. I know that's just the irritable caffeine withdrawal and eventually my Kidneys will get louder about their satisfaction I managed to get snowed in, so my plan to get into the gym was cut. Instead I spent my Sunday...doing Yoga. Honestly it does feel nice, even though it is the Smooth Jazz of fitness. It did help with the tightened muscles though. I will count it as a half workout. (Sorry for all of you Yogis out there. Maybe I've been watching too much Cobra Kai) Focus is rough when I have been off work for a week and now I am in post-holiday haze (still for my old job, new one's start date is getting pushed). Did not notice how bad it was until I thought "I should update my challenge thread" Still here. If I make it past week two then this will be the farthest I have been from the Shire
  5. My challenge starts tomorrow....aaand there's a snowstorm.. alright, alright. no biggie. I can do strength training at home and shift cardio to another day. I got this. the main goal will be to get through tomorrow without pulling the "but there was a snowstorm!"
  6. Moving the dog is a great goal. I think mine would probably appreciate it! it sounds like another thing to do for desk wars would be finding ways to make the income statement easier to do? a lot of times at my job we build automated ones. Could be a gift to your future self!
  7. There are a couple of distinct feelings that most individuals experience as they plummet towards the earth "Was Gravity always this fast?" "Perhaps it wasn't so bad up where I was before?" "How am I going to land?" Recently, I accepted an offer to leave my stable corporate job at a processed food manufacturer (I know, I was the enemy) and help a friend with a startup company. the feelings are similar. "This is happening really fast" "Did I leave a good thing?" "How am I going to keep this thing afloat?" To survive the freefall, one must keep a cool head and stick to (or adapt) your plan. to keep a cool head, one must keep the microcosm that is yourself balanced, the mind, the body, what goes in and what comes out (1) El Plan 1. Water, dammit. Sometimes at the end of the day I think about it, and I cannot remember drinking any water. Somehow, I have evolved to live off of espresso and gin. If I can limit myself to 2 espressos a day and replace the remaining beverages with water or low caff tea, I will call that a win. 2. Exercise, dammit My heart is probably hating myself for my years of greasy foods and caffeine. If my body is a machine, then it is a rusty T-Top Camaro, backfiring often, making a haunting screech whenever it brakes, drives, or stands still at the red light. It is driven by a guy with a mullet and a chin strap beard that has been putting monster energy drinks into the radiator. it smells like black ice little trees. I intend to start off with two days of cardio and one day of strength per week and see if I can keep that up and adjust from there. 3. Focus, dammit. My new role will have me working 100% remote. I personally need to be around people to focus on work (maybe I need that feeling that someone is watching me to keep me from opening up Reddit?). I have two ways of trying to combat this. First, if working in the house, put the phone on the other side of the room during working hours. If that doesn't work, relocate to somewhere public, COVID measures permitting. this way I can either remove distractions or put myself in the public penalty box of shame, depending on what will work that day. I might even install some sort of focus safeguard app if I really need the training wheels back on. 4. Finish the damn Challenge...dammit. If you have ever read my previous challenges, I've never actually finished one. I start them off, and then after a couple of updates I tend to wander off. You know who else does stuff like that? this guy So, in order to not be the Towelie of the rebellion, I will have to at least update once per week, and post results. (My Towel status is also why my goals are pretty easy this challenge, since I never stick with them) (1) - that sounds really philosophical now that I write it, but it was blatantly copied from the book "Da Vinci's Ghost"
  8. Crafty, resourceful, and always washes their hands
  9. Here is your daily reminder that I don't actually draw, but thought this inktober thing was neat Knot is also a unit for speed, commonly used in aircraft. In October of 1947, Chuck Yeager was the first human to travel faster than the speed of sound (667 knots). He died last year sadly
  10. Alright. I should list a fourth goal- finish the challenge. I have never seemed to have done that important bit. If we're actually finishing, then today will be the furthest I've been from the shire. Tomorrow I have an alarm set for 5 am to get me to the gym. I have 7 planned meals and one "aw shit I don't feel like cooking" backup plan. My two books to start with are "welcome to night vale" and an introduction to buddhism ( I liked the art of happiness, so I've always been curious about anything the dalai lams writes). Thumbs up, let's do this. Leroy Jenkins!
  11. It's been years. the last time I was here is ancient history. It's like a lifetime ago. so this is more than a respawn, this is when you find your old PS1 in the basement and find out that you still had a copy of Wu Tang: Shaolin style in it. So you fire it up and see what terrible games your middle school self was into I was a Marine pilot, (in)famous for shenanigans. The best helo driver in the squadron? A definite no, but at least not the worst. The one most likely to get on the wrong side of the true believers and the field grade officers though. May not have gotten the top qualifications in flight, but did manage to sneak a hidden phallus into the OpsO's brief for the commanding general. Its the little victories. years later, got my freedom papers. The Marines don't own me anymore, but unfortunately I no longer have the impending threat of a PFT to keep me in check physically. The result is getting that look that old timers get, when their service buddies take a look and say "you really let yourself go...you only had one chin before" so we start from scratch! In my previous life, I always had the impending threat of repercussions to keep me in shape physically. Now with all of this freedom, the drive has to be from within. There is no carrot/stick except what I allow myself. (although when the corps handled it, it was always stick, so that's an upside) to develop discipline - we set our goals. All of these are more of a schedule/habit forming then a specific lb. goal 1. exercise 3 times a week 2. NO unplanned eating. No "I just didn't feel like cooking tonight, lets order out". Everything either needs to be planned ahead or come with a backup. This includes snacks. It also includes the unhealthy crap on the weekends, but if I sit out and plan it, I will be less likely to impulse based on what looks good and get the best option. Baby steps. 3. Books, mother trucker. In the time spent in front of the TV, the mind could be expanded. filled with new tools. At least 2 nights a week the TV needs to turn off and I need to develop my brain These are the simplest goals I could come up with, because I have a habit of not finishing challenges. As I develop the framework I can start getting sexier goals, but a 6 week challenge is temporary. Wu Tang is forever.
  12. Huey Lewis Attempts Bro Science The topic of supplements has always been a taboo one for me, they are expensive and their marketing reminds me of old timey snake oil salesmen. Today I ran an experiment. While at work, I've been bringing up the topic of working out to get a feel for who I can use for some accountability, maybe a workout partner. Not that I don't trust the forums of NF to hold me accountable, but most of you guys don't know where I sleep and so theres only so much you can do legally if I don't log on. The topic of which supplements they were on inevitably came up. I gave my canned response of "That will just give you really expensive piss", but they assured me that a pre-workout was the way to go. I figured I would give it a try, after all it must not be knocked until it has been tried. I bought some on amazon and it came pretty quick for me being across the pacific. The instructions said use a half scoop until a tolerance could be built. "Pah, thats just to cover their ass" I thought. So I used a whole scoop and went on with my workout. (How it feels to use preworkout for the first time) BOOM! The stuff makes your skin crawl and your heart feel like it's playing Guile's theme for it's beat. It's not a good feeling. Tingly skinned and uncomfortably energetic I went out for my run. It rained on me as it does so often around here. That did not matter. I made it through an episode of Zombies run! and kept on going afterwards. The combination of this preposterous energy, the simulated threat of fast zombies chasing me, and a playlist of the greatest hits of Queen propelled me at a pace I haven't been able to maintain for months, for one cannot slow down or walk and still be called "Mr. Fahrenheit" with good conscience. I was pretty proud of the pace I kept and how much energy I had, it made me look past the wretched feeling it does to your stomach and the heartburn it causes. that was pretty miserable but you're too energetic to care until you stop running. Maybe that's intentional? I think I'll keep the stuff on the shelf for emergency use only when my level of f*cks to give about exercise is below standard, For now, I'm going strong this week. 2 more runs, and 2 more pull up workouts to go!
  13. Sometimes, one can tell how busy they were at work by the percentage of battery remaining on their phone. (Assuming you don't use it for work, it means you spent a lot of time reading articles and using it for anything but work). Today, as I saw my battery creep below 40%, I immediately felt the fear: today will be unfulfilled. I had to do something or I would leave, unmotivated, and uninspired, which would trickle into coming home at the same late hour too exhausted from a day of waiting (funny how doing nothing can make you just as tired). So since I'm lucky enough to be on salary, I left early. To go run. It hurt a lot, and it rained again, but dammit, if I didn't do it I would lose momentum. I feel like I won today Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  14. You're a viking, so this might be up your alley: go to subreddit r/swoleacceptance, go and educate them on Norse lore (it's a bunch of bodybuilders who speak like vikings, praying to their God- Brodin, Lord of gains in the gym) I'm excited to hear about your progress down to 250. Take photos! Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  15. Glad to see another respawn! The coffee goal is tough, I cut back on it and I found myself feeling like I should have something in my hands, which creepily makes it like a cigarette habit. I've been thinking of getting the fitbit, are they worth it? Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
  16. Honestly, the culture difference is very positive. People here are a lot friendlier than back home, if only I could have brought the family! The language barrier makes it a hilarious venture though. For the pullups, I installed a bar in my bedroom doorway so it's impossible to live without passing by it. As for the runs I have a pretty good trail nearby, I just need a rainy day solution
  17. To date, I have lost track of how many 6 week challenges I have started and never finished. Usually I forget to update, get too busy, and before I know it I am back on the couch. Now, I find myself isolated from many temptations. For one- I am currently in Asia until May for work. Away from my wife and kid, This situation lends itself to a lot of stressors that lead to short term solutions. I cannot have that. Just like how Luke had to fly off to Dagobah to get any real training done, perhaps by removing myself from my normal routine I can build a new one. Currently: 5'11", 205 lbs. Can do 10 pullups, and run 3 miles in about 28 minutes The Goal for this challenge: drop 15 lbs to reach 190 How to get there: Run at least 4 times a week - in order to run 3 miles in under 25 minutes. (By the way, Zombies! Run! is a great app if you've never tried it) Pullups. Do More of them. - Using the twenty pullup challenge plan (twentypullups.com Nothing busts out the arms and shoulders like picking yourself up and putting yourself down a couple times. Plus, the more weight I lose the easier they get) Accountability - I must update this thing once a week, bonus points for finding someone to work out with. My biggest problem is sticking with these goals. (Yes, I do find it odd that one of my goals is to finish a nerd fitness challenge, baby steps people) I will be browsing these forums, finding people to build a network. I would love to add a paleo diet plan to this, but unfortunately that won't be possible in the work environment. So I'll have to watch my portion sizes, and make smarter overall choices
  18. 2 strength training workouts, 1 cardio workout. Not quite excelling at this challenge, but I'm doing better every week. I only ate out once. lost 3.5 lbs as of this morning. perhaps my goal was a bit too lofty and might take 2 challenges?
  19. The diet aspect really does help the most! I saw your post as I was munching on a pile of leafy greens for breakfast after morning lifting. I've decided to cut out the brown rice, though it is filling the problem is that it stays filling, this results in me gaining weight back the next morning Sent from my SM-G925T using Tapatalk
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