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  1. All right - Goal 4 was eliminated, replaced with something better, and #5 became #4. I think I knew it was a little self-destructive but thinking that way is a hard habit to break. So yesterday was moderately successful - bit of a veggie fail at lunch but breakfast and dinner were fine, and I managed to get in a 1.4 mile walk after work. I'm up to 4 miles for the week, so that's good. Less good was working until 9 pm and having no time to do a workout other than the walk, but at least I got that in. Hopefully I'll hit a bodyweight workout tonight. Got to sleep on time which was good. The few days of work right before vacation are SO STRESSFUL! Ah! Too much to do to get ready to leave for a week.
  2. Flight attendant huh? Any tips for the fellow Nerd who's terrified of flying? Thanks for the advice on the food guys. That's probably a good call. Off to the grocery store for healthy snacks on the way home tonight.
  3. Oh! So this is back on. Nice. I realized that all the other posts were from the last challenge so I was worried this wasnt starting up again. Well, I guess I owe a comment for yesterday and today then. 1) This year have finally embraced the activities and interests that I am totally into but that I'm worried people find nerdy or lame, and I'm a lot happier for it. 2) I have a quick sense of humor, and I think it makes people feel better in stressful situations.
  4. All right. Day One check-in. Got a decent start to things, though I had planned to do a bodyweight workout and ended up meeting a friend who was in town from out of state, so no luck there. Eating goal: Killed it with fruits and veggies. Salad at lunch and dinner, lots of delicious berries at breakfast. Walking goal: Walked 2.6 miles today (1.6 at lunch and 1 to get to and from dinner with my friend) Exercise goal: No progress. Sleep goal: about to fail at my goal. Got back quite late from the dinner with my friend, but off to bed as soon as I'm done with this! Inches off waist goal: this goal is stupid and will be replaced by a general sense of trying to eat less sugar and drink less (I average a glass of wine per night and I think I need to cut that back to maybe 1-2 per week). Ate too much sugar today, and drank beer at dinner. I cannot drink beer anymore. It doesn't make me feel good. Kind of tough living in Seattle and being so vastly uninterested in beer, but such is life. Overall, not a bad start. Things are going to get a little hairy this week - I'm taking a trip home to the east coast for a week and my redeye flight and lots of running around are going to be danger factors in a major challenge sabotage. Getting a little nervous about how I'll pull this all off, but I think I can do it. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can maintain control and do a decent job while traveling.
  5. Hi there team. Incantor, I am already jealous of your Monday I walked a mile and a half at lunch which was nice. I live in the lovely rainy Northwest but we actually had some sun today, so what a lovely walk it was! Hoping to get in a bodyweight workout after work today.
  6. AngelBlaidd - I know you're right. I'm not as worried about that goal as the other ones. I have always had big issues with my love handles. They're always the thing I feel most self-conscious about and the part of myself that I'm fighting hardest against. That goal is less about losing inches and more about reminding myself to eat a healthy diet in the hopes that I'll make some progress in that area. Thanks for the input though. That goal was definitely a vanity thing more than a realistic goal, and I might switch over to your suggestion.
  7. Never too late! There are women in my class who are in their 40s and just started this year. The first part of the learning curve is really steep, but once you get the basic moves down you'll be doing tons of different steps in no time. If you can find a class you should give it a try. It's crazy fun.
  8. Hey I'd love to join this party. I could use some encouragement, and I'm certainly ready to cheer on the team. Trying to get back at it for real.
  9. This is awesome. I'm in. Can't wait to let the self-love start flowing
  10. Magic? Sweet! I do terrible squats and I'm trying to get those going with good form this challenge too. If you figure out how to get the rocking good form going, let me know!
  11. Hey there. For a while last year I got into a great habit of doing that beginner bodyweight circuit regularly. It was awesome, and I'm shooting to get back into it again during this challenge. Good luck!
  12. ArkhamWhore - I've been dancing on and off since I was 9, so almost 20 years now. I hurt myself pretty badly in 2006 so I've just been getting back into dancing for real in the last couple years. It's very good to be back. Are you an Irish dancer? Saw you're taking on pushups in your challenge. That's awesome. I am a pushup wuss and would like to make that a goal in the future. Nara, your post completely cracked me up That was so bizarre and amazing that I cannot wait for the awesomeness! Sicil - I think we're in the same boat pregnant belly wise so I'll be keeping an eye on your challenge. Hopefully we can both take that one down!
  13. First Nerd Fitness challenge for me - been reading a long time, and finally decided it's time to buckle down and try a challenge. Over the last year things have been nuts and constantly shifting, but now that everything is settled in for good I need to start reestablishing good exercise habits. Also, my wedding is coming up in the beginning of September so this is a great time (and great motivation) to really try and get in shape and feel great about where I'm at. Don't have a lot of pounds to lose - my actual number weight is fine, but my body fat percentage is too high and I'm kind of a weakling. Now that I'm finally out of law school and working as an attorney I sit a lot, so I need to keep myself a lot more active. So... the goals! I used to be a teacher so I'm into rubrics 1) Walk 10 miles per week. My rubric: A = 60 miles over 6 weeks, B = 50-59 miles over 6 weeks, C = 40-49 miles over 6 weeks, D = 31-39 miles over 6 weeks, F = 30 miles or less over 6 weeks 2) Do 4 weekly workouts - usually 1 Irish dance class, two body weight workouts, and one additional workout (another dance practice, a run, a hike, whatever works!) My rubric: A = 24 workouts over 6 weeks, B = 20-23 workouts over 6 weeks, C = 17-19 workouts over 6 weeks, D = 13-16 workouts over 6 weeks, F = 12 or fewer workouts over 6 weeks 3) Eat fruit with breakfast every morning and a decent serving of vegetables with every lunch and dinner. I think for this one I'll grade myself weekly and then average it. My rubric for each week: A = Hit the goal with 20-21 meals in week, B = hit it with 17-19 meals, C = hit it with 14-16 meals, D = 11-13 meals, F = hit it with 10 or fewer meals 4) Lose two inches off my waist. Currently at 34 inches. (This might be an unrealistic goal - I'm not sure) A = Two inches, B = 1.5 inches, C = 1 inch, D = .5 inches, F = 0 5) Life goal - start getting ready for bed at 9 pm and be in bed by 9:45 every Sunday-Thursday night. No rubric for this one - just ballpark it at the end. Hopefully I'll be well-rested enough to ballpark it at that point Ooooookay. Here's hoping this goes well. I've tried to put myself on really strict regimens before and it doesn't generally go well. I get sucked into tons of work, crazy scheduling, etc, and I let myself fall short of my goals. So these goals aren't too nuts and hopefully I can stick to them! Party on, folks.
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