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  1. Good call on get specific plans for this. I have an app on my phone for the push ups goal, i have used it before and seen improvements but I would always get distracted by other things and not stick to it long enough to see the improvements, so this time I'm going to stick to it. As far as the running goes I plan to do less miles, but more hill running, intervals, and at a much faster pace. I found this training plan http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/racing/the-murderous-mile/63.html that I'm going to do. It looks pretty intense but I'm all about pushing myself and intensity. Moderation is my weakness.
  2. I have been reading NF for a while and now I want to set some concrete goals that I'm accountable to. In December I set a goal of running 26 miles on my 26th birthday (on 6/9), so that's what I'm currently working towards, but I'm not including it in my 6 week goals since it is only a week a way. Starting point Male, 25, 170lbs. I eat fairly healthy and run around 50 miles a week, but I want to level up my fitness and life and set some new fitness goals. Goal 1: Run faster I already do a lot of distance running but i want to get faster. My friend and I also challenged each other to a one mile race in July, so I want to win that as well. I currently run around a 6:45 mile and really want to get below 6min. Grading A+ Sub 5:30min A 5:31-5:45min B 5:46-6:00min C 6:01-6:20min D 6:21-6:40min F 6:41 or slower *I might be being too ambitious with these numbers, because I have never really trained for short distances and I'm not sure how much/fast I can improve. Goal 2: Push ups I want to be able to do 100 consecutive pushups, I currently can do 42. Grading A+ 100+ A 90-99 B 80-89 C 70-79 D 60-69 F Less than 60 Goal 3: Eat less junk I eat mostly health, but I still get tempted by sweets or junk food once in awhile and I want to completely cut it out of my diet. My goal is to go all 42 days without fall to the temptation to eat junk. Grading A+ 42 days A 35-41 days B 30-35 days C 20-30 days D 10-20 days F less than 10 days Goal 4: Study Spanish I have wanted to learn spanish for a while and never put in the work. I have a goal of spending 30 minutes 4 days a week. I will grade myself on how many days I follow through with it. Grading A+ 24 days A 20-23 days B 16-19 days C 12-15 days D 8-11 F less than 8 days So, those are my goals
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