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  1. Thanks hun, I'm looking forward to that too Gym work is going well but ooft, my poor pectorals lol But much love to the crew at Evolution of Fitness (http://www.evolutionoffitness.co.uk) for helping me find ways to work my muscles without risking injury to my surgical recovery.
  2. Hormones - epic pain in the ass but apparently essential if I want to keep my bones from turning to dust. Recent pros: new gym which is super fun, and lots of walking Recent cons: Gained 3 pounds thanks to lady estrogen and being fed food I didn't make so I have no control over the calorie content. Overall feeling grumpy but still determined.
  3. Update time! Thursday, May 10 - Calories = 1588 Exercise = 30 minutes yoga, 5296 steps Friday, May 11 - Calories =1428 Exercise = 30 minutes yoga, 5460 steps, 10 press-ups I decided to try my hand at knitting this evening. It did not go well. I'm getting a friend to help me lol!
  4. Visited a friend from FAO in Paris in October and, although I'd been to the city once before, it was nice to spend a few more days there and to spend time with locals
  5. Also adding as a back-dated trip - Attended a conference in Denmark in March 2016 and the SO came over to spend a long weekend with me in Copenhagen. Surprisingly is was quite sunny and very beautiful!
  6. Congrats on the new house mate, that's awesome!! I too am trying to get myself back into the swing of things, so if you need a "get myself in gear" buddy, I'm happy to help
  7. Greetings everyone! It has been ages, but surgery takes a lot of wind out of the sails! I'm pleased to report that everything went well. The surgeon was able to remove 3 endometrial adhesions from my abdomen via laproscopic surgery and everything from the cervix up was removed via a vaginal hysterectomy. Thankfully, this means that my recovery has been pretty swift and I'm back up to walking my normal distances, though they are more tiring than before. I have also been doing some yoga to start getting my core back into the swing of things. All is going well and, aside from two 1cm
  8. Hi everyone, Easter weekend: This was chaos - much DIY (I have 4 walls again in my sewing room, YAY!) and a friend stayed for the whole 4-day weekend to help and to avoid his family. We seem to be "that place" where friends go when they don't have anywhere else they can or want to go to for holidays. While I'm very happy being known as the safe haven, it does make maintaining any sort of schedule and diet difficult, and forget recording anything. That being said, I did try to control my portions of all the yummy food and I don't think I did too bad since we were doing manual labour every
  9. Wednesday: Symposium, but at least a decent lunch and limited biscuits/cakes to tempt me. Exercise = walking across campus and back, dashing up the stairs several times to go to the ladies room *grumble*, and up 6 flights of stairs in the parking garage. Calories = 1,471 #Measurements Update: I had been measuring on Sundays lately, but this Sunday I was still carrying a food baby from a very late dinner the night before. So I delayed to avoid disappointing myself and measured this morning (Thursday) Weight = 153.6 Measurements = 36.5-29.25-38.5 Slow down on the weight loss, but given t
  10. I have seriously over-peopled. I've been working from home to hide and regenerate but that means very little exercise. Friday: Exercise = Nada (I barely survived the group office) Calories = 1,407 Saturday: Went to a fun tango event in town, but again, more people and a set menu. Exercise = walking to the venue and an hour of tango dancing Calories = 2,189 Sunday: No idea. Friend's birthday. So tired. Monday: Hiding at home. Exercise = nope Calories = 1,325 Tuesday: Still at home. Stupid UTI. Exercise = I walked to the shop for cranberry juice Calories = 1,127
  11. Monday: So. Tired. Stupid cat *grumble* 3:30am is NOT breakfast time... But you're so fluffy... Eat and drink anything that keeps me awake for this stupid symposium at work. Exercise = Ha, yeah, nope Calories = 2,212 Tuesday: Slightly better, but still recovering from sleep deprivation. Exercise = 20 press ups and 20 squats Calories = 1,454 Wednesday: No Brain, I do not need to start thinking about work at 4am. Go away. Exercise = 20 press ups, 20 squats, and 40 minutes walking down to main campus and back Calories = 1,341 Thursday: Sleep! Glorious sleep! Also tango practice :-)
  12. I like that you have such a great attitude when things don't go quite right. You look at what the possible problems were, make a plan, and then let it go :-)
  13. That's very true. This whole week had been things not going to plan, but it seems like by some magical miracle I didn't get shoved off track, which is making me very happy. I have no idea what I ate over the last few days, as they were full of first fever, then stressful arguments, and finally a group game day. But, my numers this morning at encouraging: Measurements = 36.5-29.5-38.75 Weight = 154.2 Another pound down, HOO-RAH!
  14. March 12: Exercise = 30 squats and 30 press ups, 2 hours of tango Calories = 1,755 March 13: Exercise = none Calories = 1,080 Monday was stressful, as my SO lost his wallet so I had to buy him a new train ticket, then pick him up at the train station around 11:30pm to pay for his car parking. Thankfully I had tango to keep me busy for most of the night, but I did eat a bit more and had to have some Coke to stay awake.
  15. March 9: Exercise = 1 hour walk, 30 squats and 30 press ups Calories = 1,454 March 10: Exercise = nothing formal but I did do a lot of walking around town, including 6 blocks and 2 flights of stairs fully loaded with grocery bags Calories = 1,896 but very little junk food, I was just really hungry! March 11: Unknown exercise (DIY day) and unknown calories Measurements = 155.2 lbs, 36.5-29.5-38.75 A good start, but I can do better :-)
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