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  1. Oooh, hoops! A good friend of mine bought one last week and told me all about it, I had never realised you can use it for exercise (I used to have a pink, glittery one as a child - my only association with the topic). It seems like fun, though! Might consider giving it a try...
  2. ^ Thank you. And yep, it is - I love her books! Have you read them? Did my first workout this morning, right after waking up. A good start is half the battle, right.
  3. I finally registered on this site after lurking around for a while and I'm ready for my first challenge. My three goals for the next six weeks are: Goal 1 Work out six times a week (±30 mins). I already run three times a week, but I'd like to add some beginner strength training by starting with Level 1 (Rookie) of the Rebel Fitness Guide. So, cardio (running, or any alternative that gets my heart rate up) on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday; body strength on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday = rest. Grades: A ) 36 workouts B ) 30 workouts C ) 26 workouts D ) <26 workouts Goal 2 Eat paleo and say no to temptation! When I'm alone, it's no problem to eat healthy. Sure, I have my cravings every now and then, but as long as I don't buy stuff I shouldn't eat, I don't have access to it and I don't eat it. Simple. But then I go out for dinner with friends, or I visit my (grand)parents for a few days - and my willpower just evaporates, whoosh. I made some "guidelines" for myself with foods I can eat occasionally and stuff I really have to avoid right now. For the next six weeks, I want to eat 100% paleo four days a week, and have some "occasional" indulgences during the rest of the week (but no foods that are on the "avoid list"!). Grades: A ) 24 paleo days; no food from the "avoid list" B ) 21 paleo days; no food from the "avoid list" C ) 18 paleo days; no food from the "avoid list" D ) <18 paleo days and/or any food from the "avoid list" Goal 3 Learn how to play five songs on the ukulele. My boyfriend gave me a ukulele for Christmas. Fantastic gift, the only problem is that I have no idea how to play it - and somehow I never make time to learn. By the end of the next six weeks, I want to be able to play five (simple) songs. I have a book with information on different chords and finger positions, so I'll start studying this week... Grades: A ) 5 songs B ) 4 songs C ) 3 songs D ) <3 songs I have several documents, spreadsheets and apps on my laptop and phone that I use to save pictures, body measurements, weight, food log, etc. I will not post it here, but rest assured that I'm keeping track of my progress! Good luck everyone.
  4. After months of lurking around on NF, I decided that it's time for me to join this community. I just signed up and am busy learning how to navigate the forum - nice to meet you all! This will be my first challenge and I'm very excited about it! The best of luck to all of you.
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