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  1. Ok,today was a success:ate eggs with veggies and some meat for breakfast(didn't ask exactly what the meat was,but I know it wasn't chicken lol).My lunch,or somewhere around 1-5 PM I had stew or something,It's where it is equals parts chicken liver and potatoes,and some salad on the side.Had a couple bananas for snacks.Ate something else too,just can't remember it though.Had some yoghurt that was in a little plastic,I don't know,box?lol don't know the word in english.That's about all I can grab.Oh,and drank 2 teas and two cups of water,because I'm trying to slow increase my fluid intake(heard t
  2. Body fat to 8%,that's not extreme,for men at least.My diet will correct itself,I believe.This thread should now be changed to "The Way to being A Power Ninja".Now I've set my sights on building muscle,getting ripped(cutting fat to 8%),building some serious power and learning Parkour(moving silently,which I've got down now,I can be as quiet as a cat when I walk,conquering obstacles on the way as efficiently as possible and overall being a Ninja lol).The way I will do this is by doing hill sprints.That will be my main form of exercise,as it builds muscle,muscle efficiency,lesser risk for injury
  3. I've decided to cut fat 'till 8%.Starting a diet and workout regimen for this.Now,I just implement a little bit of something you would call exercise.I did 5 sets of stair walking,I do it slow.I do them through the day,not in one piece.I also do 5 sets of standing on one foot and increasing by 1 second every time.1st time 30 seconds left,then 30 seconds right foot.Second time 31 each and so on.This won't help burn fat,but I do this because my balance is lacking.Maybe it will firm up calves a little bit too. And diet,I've managed to cut out soda today.Two past days I've said that I'm cutting out
  4. WAITING list:1.Grow at least one plant(a cherry)

  5. Failed the driving exam the second time today.At first I was feeling like "Fuck,fuck!Shit!Goddamnit",angry like that.I was throwing fists around,making angry and kinda funny faces,I probably would have kicked a dog in the nuts too if there was one at the moment(would NOT be proud of that). The whole story:I was feeling pretty much neutral,maybe a bit to the negative side,before the exam.I was chill all morning 'till I actually thought about the exam.Then I got somewhat nervous,anxious,call it whatever you want,I felt slight fear.That went on for a while.I went to the building,I used visualisat
  6. Doing the driving exam today.Wish me luck!

    1. cityalien


      Good luck! Update us on how you do (although I'm sure you'll pass) :)

  7. My new sports:Parkour(started 2013/07/01) and swimming (started 2013/06/25).Total newbie to both.

    1. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      First tip: When doing a PK roll, don't mistakenly think you're in a pool diving.

  8. 1.Ok,did some driving today and did a few unexpected mistakes here and there.Nothing serious though.And figured out my one weakness-parking.Either I crush it tomorrow or I go for a third time.I made a bet on this one,and I'd be a loser if I failed again.No choice but to crush the exam! 2.Did 3 minute sand clocks of reading.I'm confident I won't remember anything though. 3.Had a Paleo breakfast AND dinner!Yeah! 4.Did that one too along the day + a minute sand clock session
  9. I don't see why it would be not paleo.I use 5 teaspoons of honey every day,I add them to tea and to my homemade ice cream.Honey is not made from grains,not dairy and it's only one ingredient,so it's Paleo to me
  10. Congratulations Ems,keeping the inspiration circle going!
  11. Get an hourglass(sand clock,whatever you call it,get the one which goes in a minute),flip-start it and just stare at it while breathing.Nothing more. Did that 2 times today,I think it's a nice idea(not a great one,but practical,I guess)
  12. 1.Had no option but to skip the driving part,no car today.I'm going extra focused tomorrow for this! 2.Came up with an idea today-hourglass(or 1-minute) tasks.You take an hourglass,put it on and do your task.When the sand is all in the department below,you can stop your task and continue with your everyday activities.I used that with reading the book,since it's a pain in the ass,and I've gotta say-it's something.And even though the sand goes down,I'm still reading the book,even if it's just to complete the page.So,today-3 hourglass sessions. 3.Had a 10 minute binaural beat session,which DEFINI
  13. I am going fearless!

    1. Dirty Deads

      Dirty Deads

      I'm going commando!

  14. 1.Driving update-I'll be doing the exam on July 2.No,I did not chicken out,there were just no free times on that day.My earliest choice was on July 2,so that's what I chose.I'm pretty confident with my driving skills by now.I didn't have the chance to drive today because my aunt took a day off,so I just imagined myself driving for a few minutes.Did pretty good 2..I see myself getting less and less motivated on this subject.I don't have a strong reason for this one.MAYBE I'm doing this so my relatives,friends and family think good of me and are not disappointed.That's pretty much.Well,then the
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