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  1. Favorite author: George Orwell Favorite anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Favorite sci-fi series: Doctor Who Favorite TV Show: Flight of the Conchords Favorite color: Yellow Favorite movie: How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying
  2. I have decided to change my goals. I just got the Rebel Fitness guide, and it made me realize that I'm not happy with the way things are going, and I need to make some changes. Better late than never right? First of all, I've been trying to stick to Paleo for about two months now, and although it worked for me, I really miss dairy and grains, so I'm going to add a little dairy and whole grains back into my diet. I am going to try to stay with mostly natural foods though, So goal 1 is now: Eat 1,800 calories a day A: 6 days a week, every week C: 4 weeks F:3 weeks Next up, I don't even really like running. I was doing it for the wrong reasons, you know, because I thought I had to lose weight that way. Goal 2 is now: Complete the rookie workout A: 3 days a week, every week B: 4 weeks F: 3 weeks Since the Rookie workout will be strength training, I've decided to change this goal to something else that I need to work on, which is drinking more water. This is especially important because I get kidney stones easily and I have kind of been ignoring the doctor's advice to drink more water... Sorry Doc! Goal 3 is now: Drink 8 glasses of water a day This one is just going to be pass/fail because it's really important and I need the proper motivation. My life goal is still the same. Woot C++!
  3. We have the same main quest! Good luck with your goals, they seem very achievable and I'm sure you can accomplish them! God speed!
  4. Rock climbing is so much fun! I wish you luck on all of your goals! God speed!
  5. I was seriously just about to ask that! I've always been pretty nerdy. In elementary school when everyone else was dreading school, I looked forward to it everyday. I almost cried out of excitement when I made the science olympiad teamXD I'm also really into video games( I want to be a game developer when I get older), I love to read, I like math and science, and I watch a lot of sci-fy and anime. Speaking of that, I really want to get into cosplay but I don't know where to start. Does anybody have any experience in that area?
  6. It's going really well so far! I did have a couple of slip ups earlier in the week but I've been going pretty strong for the last few days. And I'm on the third chapter of the book already, so I'm pretty ahead there. I just hope I don't lose steam again...
  7. I'm kind of boring, so I haven't done a lot of crazy things. The closest I've gotten is probably "investigating" this path in my neighborhood when I was younger. We didn't even get to the end of it cuz we got too scared:) Anyways though, today was pretty good for me. I did two full rounds of the BBW, which is better than I did on Tuesday, and I ate totally Paleo the last two days.
  8. Way to stay in it! Show that sick who's boss! On another note, did you just start the C25k, or have you been doing it for awhile?
  9. Nice job kicking the soda! I used to be a big soda junkie when I was younger, and then I started getting kidney stones so I cut it out. That stuff is scary addictive though.
  10. That is a fantastic way to put that. I've been in that kind of rut too lately. I wish you the best of luck, I'm sure you can crush it!
  11. Good luck with your quest! I just learned Photoshop a couple of weeks ago, and it is so much fun! God speed, and I hope you find the perfect job:)
  12. Flapper Girl by the Lumineers. It's just one of those songs that I never get sick of I would probably have to say 21. I'm not there yet, it just sounds like it'll be fun:) My family always tells the story of how when I was four, I took off all my clothes and "took a shower" in the rain A grilled chicken breast, and it was delicious! Hot pink. They were flip flops. I'm from Indiana in the US.
  13. Good luck with your goals! They're very similar to mine:) I'm doing the C25k program too! It's really tough and daunting at first, but around the 5th week I started to feel like a super hero when I finished a workout. I'm on week seven now and it feels awesome to know that I can jog for 25 minutes straight God speed and keep us updated!
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