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  1. Think I've finally worked up a routine for keeping up to date w/ all the board posts--yay!

  2. Awesome pics, and awesome post. I think it would be so freakin' fantastic if you did something like the dr. suggested. So many people struggle like we have!!
  3. PS - Wanna right my book intro for me? It'd be shorter than an 8 page essay! ;D
  4. Yeah, I once had that happen for about a month. Absolutely miserable... so very thankful it's going away quickly! Just a light cough today and breathing is *much* easier!
  5. Haha, nice meme usage. That is awesome that you plan to stick to a whole30ish diet. Not sure I could do that for the rest of my life! But hey, I didn't think I could do what I'm doing now not too long ago either! Go you! Cauliflower crust pizza. You'll have to do that, and let me know. :>
  6. I tried to open up your status update about being under 300, but it just came up with a blank page (seems to do that all the time now, with everyone!), so here I am to go: WOO HOO!!
  7. Definitely! Think it all tried to settle into bronchitis though, which I am totally fighting. I ain't got time for that! Good thing I wasn't still neck-deep in my old eating habits... my body was much more prepped to deal with the ickies this time!
  8. As a country-lover living in the city, this sounds like so much awesome right now! Enjoy it, and keep on with the good work!!
  9. Gonna have to get my wedding band resized at some point here.

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