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  1. Week 1 results Goal 1 week 1 2/4 Total 2/16 Goal 2 week 1 2/7 Total 2/28 Goal 3 water over 100 oz week 1 4.25/7 Total 4.25/28 Beer at 0 week 1 4/6 Total 4/27 Goal 4 week 1/3 Total 1/12 So week 1 was a resounding meh. Having knee issues and a low grade fever most of the week didn't help much either. Week 2 Knee is doing better not 100% it is still hurting at the end of the day, but its almost good enough to try and run on it again. I have been walking at work more to help offset the not running and using my brace when needed. Work has been super busy and will remain so for the next couple weeks. We had a conference with some folks from overseas so that day was a SUPER long one. We also have a pretty big project that is due in October and we are losing someone to a conference, but we are ahead of schedule with the project so thats a good thing. The wife got some major dental work done earlier this week so I've been playing nurse for the past couple of days which has been eating into other areas, but its all good. Plan of attack for tomorrow is to remember to bring my lunch (two days in a row I've forgotten the damned thing) and go for a run when I get home from work.
  2. Day 2 and 3 Goal 1 week 1 1/4 Total 1/16 Got about 40 mins of walking done, but it seems that I have tweaked my knee a bit so nothing for day 3. Goal 2 week 1 2/7 Total 2/28 Day 2 was a good day Goal 3 water over 100 oz week 1 2.75/7 Total 0/28 Beer at 0 week 1 3/6 Total 3/27 Water is mostly good, need to get used to hydrating again. Goal 4 week 1 `/3 Total `/12 Some hiccups, but overall still not terrible. Im still optimistic and excited despite the bum knee. I will be focusing on easy/light walking for the next few days to avoid aggravating it further.
  3. day one is off to a perfectly MEH start. which matches my mood lately . Goal 1 week 1 0/4 Total 0/16 Nothing here today got super bad rain today and I rushed home from work to make sure that our basement didn't flood. NO FLOODING so YAY. Goal 2 week 1 1/7 Total 1/28 tracked and was over in carbs and calories, but not by much and much less than the last couple of weeks so good start. Goal 3 water over 100 oz week 1 1/7 week 2 0/7 week 3 0/7 week 4 0/7 Total 0/28 Beer at 0 week 1 1/6 week 2 0/7 week 3 0/7 week 4 0/7 Total 1/27 No beer easy day, the water is proving more difficult. I am currently on my 3rd of 4 bottles of water will hit this before bed time. Goal 4 week 1 0/3 Total 0/12 as this is still same day as initial post I'm not going to count this towards post count. Overall not a terrible day, but not a bad day. a good start to build off of tomorrow.
  4. Not to mention I spelled my own user name wrong... this challenge is already off to a great start!
  5. So my current quarter just ended and I have a two week break before class starts again. I'm going to use this time to get back on track. Goal 1 GET MOVING!!! Work out 4 times a week. I have a 6 day work out plan set up and must follow a minimum of 4 workouts a week. week 1 0/4 week 2 0/4 week 3 0/4 week 4 0/4 Total 0/16 Goal 2 Track Food I have been eating like a real asshole for the past three months. To get back on track to where I was 4 months ago I need to track what I eat My goals are to be near the following levels. 2000 calories, 100G carbs, 100G fat and 150G protein days tracked week 1 0/7 week 2 0/7 week 3 0/7 week 4 0/7 Total 0/28 Goal 3 Hydrate or die I have been really bad about hydration lately. been drinking too much beer and not enough water. With the exception of this weekend (its the fall equinox which I have 3 beers saved for) I will increase my water intake to 100 oz a day and drop my beer intake to 0. water over 100 oz week 1 0/7 week 2 0/7 week 3 0/7 week 4 0/7 Total 0/28 Beer at 0 week 1 0/6 week 2 0/7 week 3 0/7 week 4 0/7 Total 0/27 Goal 4 be more active here. My MO here lately has been to make a post then POOF disappear. I will make at least 3 posts a week here. week 1 0/3 week 2 0/3 week 3 0/3 week 4 0/3 Total 0/12
  6. ahhh shit nope ill get that to you today sorry for the delay.
  7. Rgr that. will post points later this afternoon/evening.
  8. Question for the Rule Czar i thought you had to be next to a spot to take it? did I miss that or was that just mentioned, but never agreed upon?
  9. so how are we going to determine who wins this thing?
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