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  1. I have unintentionally fallen off the face of the world for a little while. Work has been very hectic and the scope and details of my current project is changing everyday and will likely continue to change until the 2nd week of OCT and there is quite a bit that is due the following week that needs to be done by the end of the month.... the paradox of people not following our SOP and established planning procedures and factors. I have also bitten off more than I can chew for this challenge. The only change I am making is I am going to stop trying to log everything in MFP. It's not working for me right now. I am having more success by just being mindful in the day. I have been doing decent on most of my challenges I am behind on some things, but I am not beating myself up over it and throwing the table because I am not meeting my expectations. This week has been a bit rough on the no alcohol front, but I have not partook since the challenge has started. I am planning on making up quite a few miles this next week. There is no D&D this week so SAT I will have plenty of time to get some miles in with the family. I can also catch up on some cleaning as we put out the rest of our fall décor and start the Halloween decorating.
  2. Knee is super sore today, but I have gotten through almost everything I was wanting to do today. KB Workout all at 25# I got through all but the last two exercises before I ran out of time today. KB workout I got through 1.5 sets before I ran out of time and had to go get lil-bit from the bus stop. bring lunch to work. didn't eat lunch today so no need to bring lunch. 30 mins of cleaning. My cleaning today was vacuuming the main floor and craft room, and starting laundry. Drop car off for oil change and brakes. There goes another $500 for repairs.... cut and tape lil-bit's hockey stick to the correct size. Completed she now has the requested rainbow tape on her stick
  3. W1D2 Today has been a rough day I woke up with almost no energy for the day. Everyone at work got back from the conference out in Hawaii and a co-worker and myself had to try and brief what we have been working on for the past two weeks. It's not that we didn't understand what we were doing, but we are trying to adapt something from 2017 into something new and we have not been given clear guidance on what we are doing or what we need to change. The problem is that we have to complete this within the next 3 months, and wont get the guidance we need until the end of this month. /end work rant I wanted to wake up early today, but I couldn't muster so I woke up at my normal time. Additionally, I had no will to get any exercise or cleaning done today. I did force myself to walk up to the store to get a few things for dinner, which is better than nothing! The "cleaning" I did today was setting up the new cable and router today. Anything is better than nothing so I did good on a no spoons day. The wife and I made spaghetti and garlic bread today and I'm a sucker for for it. I went over my calorie goal (for my goal weight ~2200/1800), but it's still under my estimated BMR. My wins today have been I forced myself to walk to the store to get moving today, got the new cable/internet equipment set up, and stayed within a technical deficit. Overall it was a difficult day, but in retrospect I don't think I would call it a bad day at all. TUES walk/run 1 mile for time Nada bring lunch to work Completed! 15 mins of cleaning More so general house work vice cleaning, but I'll count it. Paint Nada plan is for THURS or FRI now. Plan for tomorrow KB workout bring lunch to work 30 mins of cleaning Drop car off for oil change and brakes. cut and tape lil-bit's hockey stick to the correct size
  4. Today thus far has been pretty good. My knee and ankle have been hurting all day so I will be listening to my body and taking a rest day. Initial goals for day 1. Wake up early Completed KB Workout Will listen to my body and take a rest day. bring lunch to work Brought my lunch and have logged all food today 30 mins of cleaning Plan is to clean the craft room, some cable management, and then dishes Overall I am feeling good about the day and am off to a great start.
  5. The eternal debate between my wife and I.... It is a hotdish not casserole! Always love midwest goodbyes. Also lets go VIKES! cant wait to see them smash those cheese heads.
  6. Sunday update 1 mile for time. It was a great walk for me this morning. I ended up completing the mile in 17:48, which is the fastest I've done in quite some time! I did this without any running, so this will be the benchmark I will use going forward in this challenge. Lunch prep has been completed and in ~8 hours I will have my lunches for the week. Today has been a great success. During my walk I did some thinking about how I will judge success or failure for this challenge. In typical fashion I know that I may have put too much on my plate all at once. Of the goals I am working on this challenge the below 3 will be my bare minimum for me to complete. If I do these all others are icing on the cake for this first respawn challenge. 1. Walk/run 30 miles. 2. No alcohol during the challenge. 3. 1 hour of painting each week. See you all tomorrow!
  7. Got a quick 20 min walk in before the rain started back up again. Great start to my day!
  8. I feel ya with the lil one.... my lil-bit has been on a tear since she started school a few weeks ago. Things are getting better the biggest issue we are dealing with right now is lying, which as been quite frustrating. Best of luck with the never ending black hole that is laundry IT.NEVER.ENDS I'm not the biggest fan of seafood, but that sounds quite amazing!
  9. My walking was less a workout and taking the family to bum around the mall after a family lunch following hockey practice this morning. I ended up getting around 2-3K steps in at the mall so something around 1 mile.
  10. Schedule/goals for week 1. SUN batch cook cheesy chicken and veggies for lunches all week. Walk/run 1 mile minimum for time. MON Wake up early KB Workout (NF beginner KB workout shooting for first thing in the morning, but after work is acceptable) bring lunch to work 30 mins of cleaning (focus on craft/painting area as it's currently a mess) TUES walk/run 1 mile for time bring lunch to work 15 mins of cleaning Paint WED wake up early KB workout bring lunch to work 30 mins of cleaning THURS bring lunch to work 15 mins of cleaning 30 min bike ride FRI wake up early KB workout bring lunch to work Paint 15 mins of cleaning SAT Hockey for lil-bit D&D session 30 min bike ride SUN walk/run 2-3 miles batch cook for next week
  11. Wanted to share a week 0 win for me. I have been doing the mini walking challenge this week. I also had a 5km challenge with my garmin this weekend. I decided to the 3.1 miles this morning, but I ended up going for 4.1 miles because I was feeling good and the weather was nice! Once I cleaned up I met up with the wifle for lunch during her lunch break. I have been in a great mood (which has been very uncommon/rare lately) all day. That is all for now. I will post my week 1 plan/schedule this weekend.
  12. YUP! Good to see that there are still quite a few of the OG crowd coming back or have never left!
  13. Day 4 done. Went out to do a 3.1 miles ended up doing 4.11 as I was feeling good and the weather is nice right now.
  14. I am perfectly happy with how he is, but I won't say no if you want to do it. Journaling helps my wife work through her frustrations and to get the thoughts out of her mind, which helps her move on. I have tried it in the past, but it doesn't work that great. That being said I did tend to use this as a daily check in form of journaling within a community. I always wanted to get into warhammer miniatures. During the pandemic I started to collect two armies to build and paint with the goal of playing after the pandemic. It has become more collection a ton of plastic vice painting. I recently made a dedicated space for my painting in what is now the family craft room. Painting is also a way to help me deal with stress and is developing my "creative" side that I didn't think really existed. I will post progress pictures of what I am painting through the challenge on my page. Super old throwback..... there might even be a kink for that Getting physical alone time can be quite important. After something like two years of teleworking together it has been decided between the wife and I that at least once a month both of us needs to just be by ourselves and have alone time. She gets about 8 hours every other weekend as I go to a mutual friend's house and play D&D while our kids play together. The art festival sounds like it would be a good time!
  15. I have been absent for quite sometime as well. I'm coming back for a challenge and did a name change when I came back. Best of luck with your challenge!
  16. Day 3 down! Only got 21 minutes in today, but I wasn't really feeling it today. I am also planning on walking a 5K tomorrow so I wanted to keep it light and easy today.
  17. Of course I am! I was the self proclaimed waffle king once upon a time. I feel you on this... I turned to stress drinking in recent years, which has led to a f it mentality for food in that state. I am also becoming an angry person as well. I have been working on developing new hobby skills (painting) and "mindful" walks to help work through my stress lately. Hope you find success on new anti-stress coping mechanisms.
  18. Following along. I will also be doing this challenge dry. Congrats on not caving! It's all about taking those small steps consistently.
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