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  1. Thanks to all the words of encouragement and to sheraciara - that might just be the best idea I've ever heard. I'd never even thought of doing that! That way I won't really be trying to start a new habit, I'd just be tweaking and maintaining an existing one! You're a genius
  2. Hi, I have been a long time reader of this website and decided it's time I took some action! I love taekwondo, wing chun and yoga and have been training in all three for around 2.5 years (approx 10 hours a week in total). I am faced with a problem this summer however as I won't be at home and therefore I won't be able to continue with my usual classes. My teachers press on me the importance of training alone but this is something I have never been able to do. I think if there is no one there to push me I just don't bother at all. So my main goal for this 6 week challenge is to creat
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