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  1. Thanks for the tip. The post is pretty motivating stuff.
  2. Wow. The internet has been down for 11 days. It has been awful, but I'm back. I'm pretty on track still with steps which is awesome. Eating 2 meals a day has been a lot easier than I expected, the quest has been the tiniest boost to make sure I'm eating each day. My to do list is slowly getting somewhere. My issue is doing a mini workout each day. I would love tips from people as to how they motivate themselves to do something?
  3. I have had no internet for 11 days. I've been dying. But I just (finally) updated and have hit titanium! Woo!
  4. I like the idea of whining afterwards. Getting started does tend to be the hardest part for me!
  5. Hey guys, Fell off the bandwagon a bit. I've been keeping up with the life goal and eating, but didn't make steps or do the workout most days last week. Unfortunate, but I'm going to keep trying. Fingers crossed.
  6. Nice attitude with the learning experience. How are your goals going so far?
  7. That would be such a great job. Australia have a tea company called T2 and they have giant walls of different varieties... I'm a little obsessed. How is the bodyweight routine going for you? I tried it last night and couldn't complete one circuit, so I definitely have room for improvement.
  8. The beginners bodyweight workout on NF is a really good start for beginners, and there is an advanced version as well, but I'm not at that stage yet. Hope you are going well with the goals so far
  9. Hey, hope your first week is going well. What kind of exercise will you be doing?
  10. That's awful luck! I hope that you haven't been knocked too far off course, and that you can stick with your new goals. I'll keep in mind your tip if I ever decide to do my knee - I twisted both ankles once (long story) and happened to do it infront of some paramedics on their lunch break- certainly could have been much worse for me.
  11. Hey, Looks like you have some good goals set up and you've scheduled in time so you can make it happen. I'm really not sure on the calories thing, but it sounds a little low on days when you are doing heaps of physical activity - like what looks like about 2-3 hours on thursday. But I'm no dietician, so I'll let other people weigh in on that one..
  12. I've been trying to eat breakfast every day as part of my challenge, and I have found that getting a bowl and cereal out in the morning is a boost so that all I have to is put some milk in the bowl. Somehow having started the job makes it a lot easier to finish it once I'm walking around like a zombie in the morning. Another tip that you could feel free to ignore is that instead of weighing yourself, take measurements of your body in inches (or cm if you are metric) and that way you will have a measureable change. Apparently a lot of people are toning/losing inches, but its not noticaeble on the scale due to putting on muscle. Good luck!!
  13. I'm sure it's never too late to start. Congrats on losing all of that weight! Have you thought about what mini goals you might work on this challenge?
  14. kasey

    Challenge 1.1

    Good luck with your goals. If you are planning to get up at 6am every morning and still get some sleep, ahve you figured out how you are going to make sure you get to bed in time - that's my big issue... In the campus tours thread, there are some great questions to ask yourself to help you refine your goals
  15. Still a great distance AlienJenn! We are in the middle of winter here, so I've got the opposite issue - it's so flipping cold...
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