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  1. How do you feel after the yoga sessions? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Ugh we have had some hot ones and we aren't even at the peak of it yet! I acquired a small plot at a local community garden a few months ago so you know I went crazy and grew some tomato plants from seed! I have about 6 different types but the fruit has only just started to set on the first ones so I have no real idea which ones they are for a few more weeks. I've also got a heap of other stuff growing. Some is fruiting and other stuff to come in the next couple of weeks months. Yeah I log my weight on MFP a few times a week and my running app is synced so those stats come through as well. I probably need to start logging my food again but it's only the first week of the year so we are still building up to it. How are you? How is winter treating you? Whats the work situation looking like? I was glad to find a challenge thread for you when i came looking
  3. Sounds like a great week so far. Keep it up!
  4. Awe thanks I don't think I will but it's going to be quiet at work over the next week or two so I will be checking up on ya!
  5. Do you have goal times for your races?
  6. Looking good T! So what are you subbing in for the junk that you are subbing out? I find it helpful to have other options available (meaning already in the house) when i want to eliminate something. A failure to plan is a plan to fail!
  7. So I go and hibernate for a couple of challenges and when I come back you're creating pizza masterpieces? Wowee!!!!!
  8. How many days per week do you plan to exercise?
  9. This one might only be a 30 minute drive from home http://www.parkrun.com.au/pakenham/
  10. My sister wants me to go up to Albury in Feb for the City2City run
  11. Do you have a parkrun nearby for your 5km runs?
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