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  1. Well, here's the final results of the challenge. I did not make 17% (although I didn't expect to in 6 weeks anyway). My progress was not nearly as good as I'd hoped in terms of food intake -- quite a few bumps in the road. My grading scale was basically A-F. I had to get at least a D (61% success or better) in order to earn any points, and the number of points earned were distributed on a curve depending on how many I had allotted to a specific task. So: Go to Crossfit 15 times: Goal was 15, got 13 = 86%. I got 4 of the 5 points: +3 STR, +1 DEX Eat clean 5/week: Goal was total of 30 ti
  2. Haha Starpuck, too funny. If there was an Able Township near me, I'd consider getting a PO box just for the address. So I checked my bodyfat yesterday. I am down from 24% on July 29 to 22.4%. (I use a handheld electronic meter that I've found to be consistent -- even if it's not 100% accurate -- as long as I measure first thing in the morning before eating, drinking, or exercising). And my progress pic this morning appears to show some change as well compared to the ones I took at the beginning of the challenge.
  3. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I will try upping the protein %, and not eating carbs -- even complex carbs -- without fat or protein. I know the calorie # seem low, but I have a ridiculously slow metabolism (as Homer Simpson would say, "I'm drought and famine resistant!") and pile on body fat very easily. And I think I just have a higher satiety point than most people -- I usually have to add a very large salad or other vegetables to meals that would leave anyone else feeling stuffed. I don't think I'd mind the hunger as an occasional thing, but spending the next 40 years always fee
  4. I'm a 44 year old female, 138 lbs, and I work out 6 days a week: 3 days of crossfit alternating with 3 days of jogging 2-3 miles. I am trying to lose bodyfat (I'd like to get around 17%), but struggling due to my diet. My macros are about 40% fat, 20% protein and 40% carbs. The carbs are nearly all from vegetables and limited fruits, legumes, and whole grains. At around 1700 calories a day, I maintain my weight. However, I am hungry most of the time. The one month I tried eating when I was hungry / until I was full, I averaged 2500-3000 calories a day. I gained nearly 10 lbs and my bodyfat s
  5. Hi Starpuck! I'm doing ... well, not so well. I'm on track with the Crossfit portion, but as far as eating clean and tracking food intake, really haven't done well at all. The tracking is tedious, especially if I eat out (which I do frequently). And it's difficult to eat clean when eating out. That said, I don't think I've been overeating too much, which tends to be my biggest problem. I haven't checked my bodyfat % yet since we started, so I'm kind of curious on that score. I will probably test it some time this week just to see where I'm at. Thank you for asking!
  6. Thanks guys -- yeah, I'm keeping in mind that it was only a few days, and I've been very on-target since then. Still, frustrating to have "wasted" a week for ... well, junk that I barely remember at this point. Live and learn...
  7. I've been toying with the idea of working toward a 10K, but I can't even begin to imagine 20K! Congrats on finishing, no matter how "unpretty" it was!
  8. @Genni - congrats! I couldn't do the free form until like week 6. Even week 7 I was pushing to try to get a full 20 min straight. Nice job!
  9. Soooo frustrated with myself. I tracked and ate clean (goals 1 and 2) for the first 5 days, but then went out of town for a wedding and *blew* it. Eating 3 meals a day at restaurants, plus snack food everywhere makes it SO easy to munch mindlessly and then can't remember what I ate (or too lazy/in denial to spend 30 minutes trying to enter it all in). I wasn't even HUNGRY most of the time, but still stuffed my face. Now I'm back on track but that's basically half a week that's down the drain -- I feel like I just completely negated 5 days of good work.
  10. I tend to be very reward-motivated (one of the reasons that the "leveling up" concept appeals to me). So I tend to plan rewards for myself when I successfully complete a challenge: a new piece of fitness equipment, a trip or activity I've been wanting to do, jewelry, something for the house or yard. It's generally something frivolous that I can't otherwise justify purchasing. Well, I just discovered what will be my reward for this challenge. I have zero use for it, it will probably just sit in a closet, but I love it and want it and will make it my own: Tactical Combat Corset
  11. Did really well on my food intake and tracking, and also attended Crossfit yesterday. The food tracking can get tedious, so that's where I'm focusing most of my energy. if I don't track, it's easy to forget to count it. It adds up fast, plus a lot of times the stuff I forget tends to be junk food (flavored coffee creamers, a piece of candy, etc). By tracking it, I'm more aware of it.
  12. I think there are a couple things to take into account when using eCigs (I'm a Blu user, myself). 1. The higher the nicotine content, the more throat hit you'll get (generally speaking). 2. Despite #1, you'll never get the same feel from eCigs that you get from a real cigarette. It's like fat-free sour cream vs full-fat sour cream: not nearly as good, but you can get used to it. Between myself and other friends who have switched to "vaping", we've found that the ones who are most successful are those who don't try to "cut down" on regular cigarettes by supplementing with the eCigs. What
  13. I am so excited to try it! Little worried about hurdles, though. Last time I did an obstacle race with hurdles, I looked like I was having a seizure trying to jump them.
  14. Edited original post to add starting stats and pics. Be gentle...
  15. Bravo Team represents at the Zombie Apocalypse. Blog post at www.runnerfive.com
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