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  1. Sorry for the extended absence. I'm just not in the game anymore. I've fallen off the wagon HARD! I ran out of motivation, drive, etc. I feel like I'm running on empty. I think I need to step back. Step away from the challenges/pressure I put on myself and reevaluate. I don't know what I'm going to do. My wife and I want to figure out what kind of family/people we are and what we want to be. This is not a permanent departure but hopefully just a strategic retreat to regroup and come back stronger. I need to refill my willpower, find my direction again. Thank you for all your support and I'm sorry to disappoint but I have to admit Clubber won.
  2. This is why my wife has banned me from baking cookies, sewing, playing the piano, and pretty much anything she wants to do as "her" thing. She's a tad competitive!
  3. Speaking from experience the nerves and fear DO get easier to conquer. I'm still not a fan of the phone but in my job I do a LOT of customer service and technical-based discussions over the phone and it does get easier. It can be a slow process but have faith it will get better.
  4. Thanks for the support. I'm bouncing back. Got most of my boxing workout in this morning. Skipped squat thrusts and lateral bounds, tried a couple and my back/legs were not happy. I blame deadlifts and squats from yesterday's workout. Also my shadow boxing and bag work felt like punching under water. I just felt soooo slow. but I did it. Diet was good yesterday UNTIL... the wife was having a hard time (for various reasons) and we had some chips and dip while watching tv last night. I also was dealing with two screaming kids while trying to get MY dinner so unhealthy snacks were consumed (bad Joe!). Today WILL be better Damnit!!
  5. Readjusting goals? Good idea, life can throw LOTS of curve balls. Looks like you're handling everyone of them well.
  6. Wow I feel like I must apologize for my prolonged absence, the past week has been a chaotic blur. I just got caught up. There's unfortunately not too much for me to say, as it seems all the other Teros fans have expressed similar sentiments. But I will say You my friend are capable of more that you think. You are constantly breaking through new barriers, whether it's diet, fitness, MacGyvering equipment, social interactions, etc. Keep kicking Ass!!!
  7. I know that I need to adjust my expectations sometimes but that'll take some MAJOR rewiring in my brain! The reasonable, logical part of my brain completely agrees. Unfortunately the rest of my brain refuses to agree. It reminds me of way back in high school. After getting my grades on a particularly hard test (can't remember what class) I had the following conversation with my dad, Dad: How'd you do? Joe: I go a 75. Dad: What happened? Joe: The highest grade was an 80, I got the 3rd highest. Dad: I didn't ask about the rest of the class. What happened with YOUR test? Joe: It was really hard material. Dad: Well you'll have to bring it up for the next test. That's the kind of thing that goes through my head ALL THE TIME. I eat something 'bad'. WHY? I've been stressed lately. SO? DID STRESS STAND UP AND SHOVE THAT CAKE DOWN YOUR THROAT? No. Cue self-disappointment. My own worst enemy is my own head! Gotta shake it off and get back in the game!
  8. I just want to commend you on tackle MONEY as your week 4 goal. This is easily the worst topic for my wife and I. We've been married nearly 10 yrs and still don't view finances the same. Good luck.
  9. Yes the recent cold mornings have just served as a reminder that soon my morning workout will be shoveling snow!
  10. Looks like a very peaceful campsite and kudos on getting the b/f to join you for runs!
  11. Fingers crossed for a full recovery before the competition! Push the rest and fluids!
  12. Audit + withdrawl = Bad news!! So sorry to hear that. Chin up and keep pushing forward. To quote my wise grandma "This too shall pass". If you're feeling down and need to vent remember we're here to listen.
  13. Congrats on dropping the Diabetes meds!! Also, down 136lbs!! That's a small person!! Holy Crap! You Rock!!
  14. Thank you for all the support. You guys (and gals) are amazing. The audit is over and now we're playing catch up at work. I feel like I'm in a tailspin. Last week Clubber rung my bell and I'M the one who let him! I'm disappointed. I really wanted to make this challenge EPIC but once again it's looking mediocre at best. I'm trying to get back on track. A couple of less than stellar workouts so far this week and my diet is getting better but not perfect.
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