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  1. How are you getting on Funkl3? Roughyed I wanted to do Snowden this year but tendons and illnesses had other ideas!
  2. So Happy to stumble on this! I browse NF when I have time and love hearing about challenges that people do and the changes they have made, but have never really had my "own" sport. Then I remembered I do a fair bit of mountain walking although bad tendons stopped this over the summer and various other bugs. I live in the UK in South Wales so have the Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains about 40 mins away. Every year I do the South Wales 3 Peaks and am about to start training. Looking forward to meeting you all!
  3. I am finding this challenge quite hard!
  4. My challenge may fail..............actually part of it will. I have done some damage to my achilles tendons and knees so have been ordered to rest by my physio. I did have a major sulk about it but habe come to terms with it now. Looking back at the goals I set I think they were set too high. However - I have managed my 5K. Steps will go back to 10,000 a day when my tendons are better. Finding it hard NOT to eat after 8pm but I think that's because I have been miserable. And I am winning against the dust bunnies!
  5. I've done one of my challenges!!! Race for Life and walked it very very fast. One happy lady!
  6. I've tried RICE/stretching/deep heat/freeze spray/pilates/more stretching/rolling/balancing on steps.........................I think the "crunch" a couple of weeks kind of did it! The physio will probably use ultra sound. Just spent an hour sat on the patio pulling weeds out..............surprising what you can do when you aren't supposed to move much!
  7. Injured! I have done some damage to my achilles tendons and could hardly walk at the beginning of the week, am booked in to see the Physio on Tuesday. Probably the running............No running and NO long walks for a while (had a massive sulk at that) but as it's my race for Life tomorrow, I shall walk it. My group has raised a lot of money so even if I have to crawl round, thats what I'll do. Other goals - 10K steps a day - no due to enforced rest. Eating after 8 - erm no, due to massive sulk! Dust bunnies - well I am winning that one! Have a good day all!
  8. It is so I mentally beat myself up when I don't achieve it! Perhaps I should look at a weekly goal of 70K steps..........and focus on what I have done rather than what I haven't.
  9. Hiya! Yes the bug has all gone thank you. Feeling much better, my problem is I never know when to rest so perhaps that can be the next challenge! Talking of challenges: Running - did my park run yesterday, still very slow but I overlapped everyone still in bed. How long does it take for me to get better at this? Steps - not so good challenge wise: Thursday: 10,036 Fri:9360 but good gym session Sat: 19153! Today was a gentle gym session. Race for life is next Sunday............................. Dust bunnies - I am slowly winning Eating after 8pm - could do better Thats it for now!
  10. I've been poorly with some kind of stupid bug.............ended up doing far too much over the weekend and more or less collapsed Monday. However I am much better now, got my appetitie back and have just spent a lovely 2 hours mowing my front lawn, tidying up the hedge, quick natter with my neighbour and am eating white rice (which I love) with some veg, a handful of a mixture of seeds nuts and fruit. with a dash of sweet chilli sauce. Nom!
  11. What about a bowl of fat free/regular Greek yogurt with some nuts and berries and a drizzle of honey? sometimes works for me
  12. I don't know what to suggest to that as I very rarely sit down long enough to watch tv. Um perhaps change some of the snacks to raw veg? Would that help?
  13. Hello everyone! Legs are still a bit of a problem but I'll get there! I used to get side stitches, they are very painful aren't they! To the challenge: Monday - dreadful in every way. Felt very low, which led to chocolate, had an evening meeting, which led to eating said chocolate after 8pm, steps under 7000, dust bunnies rampant, no fitness at any sort of level. So I will put that down to tiredness and poor planning. Tuesday - got over my 10,000 steps, ate.......................well bit better! But as I had cadets ate very late, gave the dust bunnies an eviction notice. Today - already well over 10,000 steps, logged everything I ate and squeezed it in before 8pm, walked dogs and did a slow jog (honestly a snail overtook me at one point). Got paperwork to do and then those dust bunnies can look out tomorrow! So looking at my challenge I need to squeeze in 2 more runs (hmm) 2 weight sessions (going with a friend so that will help) and continue not eating after 8pm. Fingers crossed!
  14. Good luck and I hope your foot mends quickly!
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