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  1. Between school and some serious issues at work (and I do mean serious, though I'm just dealing with the overflow of those issues), followed by interviewing for a new job, NerdFit posting has fallen by the wayside. All in all, though, I did a fairly good job of keeping up with things this time around. I'll be calling my score a solid B. Won't be in for the next challenge due to the aforementioned issues. See you the challenge after!
  2. Popping in for the requisite kicking, flailing, hollering complaint that usually goes hand in hand with idiot professors. Fruit and vegetable goal still going strong (and delicious!). Yoga goal faltering a bit, but I fell off the garage roof last week and parts of me hurt too much for yoga for a few days. Still getting bits of quilting time in. Been outside, but haven't been taking pictures this last week because I wasn't heading up into the mountains. Camera is still FUBAR. And we are ONE WEEK INTO NANO!
  3. I'm days and days behind! Blame homework that makes NO sense. But here's where I am: Fruit and veggie goal is going strong. It's summer fruit time, after all, and the tomatoes are getting good as well. Plus, there are thing like fresh peas and my aunts' strange lettuce mixes! Yoga goal is a godsend. I don't know where I'd be without the short break in my day for breathing and slow yoga. Lots of outside stuff, but I'm having a fantastic fight with my camera at the moment. Which is a pity, because I got a shot of a yucca stalk just a day or two from bloom. More photos when I get a chance
  4. Hi all. Still having issues with the posts, but hey....I'm still here! I finally had a few minutes to sit down and adjust my goals to suit the class schedule. Assignments are arranged so that you have to spend at least 4 days involved with each discussion or you won't get full points. Makes it really hard to manage your time. Goal One: Ditching the calorie counting. I accidentally posted my records in a class assignment. Deleted them before anyone saw (I think). NEW GOAL: Consume minimum 5 servings fruit/vegetables daily. Requires a lot less log time and is therefore safer when I'm doing
  5. Heyo! I'm working on changing my goals, and hope to get those adjusted tomorrow. Tonight I'm trying to catch up on homework that's officially due on Sundays but if you want full points, must be turned in by Wednesday so you can make replies on everyone else's work before Sunday. It's ridiculous. On the plus side, my calorie counts are staying pretty good and I've been doing a lot of yoga, albeit in short sessions. And since I'm driving 36 minutes each way to do classroom observations, I decided to take advantage of my mountain drive to do a little adventuring. The following photos were taken
  6. Technical difficulties. If someone can explain to me why I do not have a 'delete post' button, I'd be ever so grateful.
  7. GAH! School decided to pull a bunch of requirements on me that are NOT in any of the paperwork you can access until you're already paid up and enrolled, so I've spent the week getting my butt kicked. I'm back-dating my calorie counts from notes taken at work. Bleh.
  8. AND classes are already a disaster!

  9. Greetings, Rangers! This is Geek, reporting for duty! I've finally completed a full challenge and am back for more, though I'm expecting more of a butt-kicking this time, for reasons that will become clear below. Here's a hint, though: Two events are overlapping my challenge this time around, one at the beginning and one at the end. To start with, my 4-week semester starts today. I'm taking 3 classes to get myself into an Alternative Licensure program, which will lead to a license to teach High School-level Biology. That's a lot of reading and classwork to get done. At the
  10. 9 credit hours in 4 weeks.....starts next Monday.

  11. So here is the final standing: 20 out of 18 walks. 23 out of 12 workouts. 21 out of 18 yoga practices 35 out of 36 days of DOING something. With those numbers and the resulting 98% score, I give myself a grade of A! I also didn't know that the post I wrote early last week about what I've been up to never made it to the actual thread, so here's the short version. I hiked the Rim, but didn't take pictures because it was wet and slippery and I would have probably broken my camera. I hiked the Gorge a couple of times, and saw plenty of goats and a few eagles. I did a l
  12. By some miracle, I'm still here. And still working hard. I've just been forgetting to post. Short, short post today because it's time for bed, but a big thank you to Sooshie for reminding me!
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