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  1. Results time! Overall, I didn't do so hot -- at least not as well as I hoped at the beginning of the challenge. A good summary of this challenge for me: 2 steps forward, 1 step back. Final grade: D 1) Gain 2-5 lbs on Operation: Bulk Up. I really surprised myself on this one - managed to gain (and maintain) 7 lbs, so up to 147 from 140. What makes it even better is it's mostly muscle, as I'm at about the same body fat percentage as when I started. I really learned a lot about stuffing in more calories too which will really help me later get to my goal of 155 lbs. Grade: A+ 2) Crush Body Weight Brigade Rank 3. Definitely didn't "crush" rank 3. Actually, I didn't even make it to rank 3 on any exercises because I had a few periods of downtime which set me back in a big way. I tried some handstand push ups at random one day but didn't do too well with them. Grade: D 3) 5+ consecutive handstand push ups. Same as previous goal: downtime killed me. I might give it a shot when I get home tonight, if I get a chance. Maybe I'll surprise myself and actually be able to do it. My "trials" with handstand push ups were ok on the push up part but the balance part killed me, so I definitely need lots more practice. Grade: D 4) Find or create a planning/organization system that sticks. This was a failure. Not only did I not find anything, I think I spent like 2-3 hours max even looking at this. Really it's my own fault because this time of year I always get busy with gardening and yard work in my free time and I should have anticipated that. Grade: F
  2. I can't believe we're already half way through this challenge...I guess this is my official half way update. I did my weekly measuring yesterday to check progress and was surprised to see I'm weighing in at 147.5 lbs. That's 7.5 lbs gained in 3 weeks. Holy crap! I did not expect that kind of gain in the slightest. What's even more surprising is my body fat percentage has stayed about the same (according to my hopefully accurate measures) throughout. My workout progress is still going strong: currently knocking out jackknife push-ups and getting utterly destroyed by the squat-lunge combo. On the plus side, my legs have gotten noticeably bigger due to increased diet and exercise. I'm looking forward to start attempting handstand push-ups next week and am just hoping I can keep my balance long enough to get some done. I haven't been doing much in the realm of organizing, but have taken some small steps. I have a lot on my plate lately with work and trying to stay on top of my garden now that the weather is starting to cooperate. Still no excuse for me to fail so hard on this goal but I haven't thrown in the towel on it yet.
  3. hey everyone, I'm finally getting back into the swing of things after a week visiting The Windy City (Chicago). Looks like you've all been doing awesome, which is great! Me...well, not so much. Didn't work out at all for 8 days which sucks big time - jumped back in today and wow did it kill me. But the silver lining is that my bulking up wasn't hindered during the trip. I switched from the "healthy bulking" options to "eat anything I can" options which honestly has not been that great...the occasional crappy food tastes good but I don't think my system can handle lots of it anymore. Anywho, time to get back into the groove
  4. Thanks for the ideas on the organization goal guys, I'll definitely look into those to help me out. I'm gonna need it, that's for sure. Haven't gotten around to posting it but my official one week weigh-in was 143.5 lbs which is a whole 3.5 up from the start of the challenge! Totally did not expect to gain that much in one week...yikes. To be fair, it's probably a little skewed because we had a big birthday lunch for my wife's grandma but being conservative I'd say it's at least 2.5 lbs gained. I've been doing pretty solid on the workouts too, although my lower body is coming along much slower than my upper body. I'm definitely making progress though - largely thanks to the extra calories I think - which is great...I was stuck for a little while before this challenge started. On a side note, I'll be going to Chicago for about a week (leaving tomorrow!) so I'll try to update as much as I can but can't really promise anything. And hopefully I'll get the chance to try out the Road Warrior Guide while I'm away.
  5. You mean you don't have Paleo street pizza nearby? What is the world coming to?!
  6. Good luck on the 4 workouts/week...that's an impressive goal. Especially while taking classes AND working. You're definitely more ambitious than I was in school.
  7. One week (almost) down, five more to go. This first week has been pretty good - I'll find out for sure this afternoon when I do my measure/weigh-in for the week but I think I'm in the neighborhood of 1 pound gained which would be awesome. My workouts have progressed pretty well too, although I decided I needed an extra rest day after my first go at Rank 2 Workout B...the squat/lunge combo killed my legs lol. As for the organization goal: fail. I did manage to clean up my home office a bit but didn't actually put any thought into how I can keep it clean in the future. So much time and so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it.
  8. Keep up the good work, man - you're doing great so far. Every step forward takes you one step closer to your goals so keep it up!
  9. I'm totally with you on the calorie increase issue. I never took the time to actually do the math and just assumed I was eating enough...turns out my typical diet was about 2000 calories/day tops. So getting 2500-3000 (that's what I shoot for) is tricky sometimes. I took the advice from the Bulk Up guide to "drink your meals" and it has helped - I make a full blender (5-6 cups) and just grab a glass when I can. My smoothies are about 400-600 calories a serving so it's a nice boost (search "smoothie experiment" on daily burn if you want to see what I put in mine ).
  10. Definitely a great attitude. You gotta have those bad days once in a while so no sense in beating yourself up. Looks like you already picked yourself up and dusted yourself off too, so keep on keepin' on.
  11. You're doing awesome, Cita - keep it up! Good luck with the chin-ups...if you find yourself getting stuck try some negatives (where you jump up, grab the bar then slowly let yourself down) to help build up.
  12. Good call on the introductions...wish I would've thought to mention that earlier. My name's Nick and I'm a 25 year old software engineer (I do a little bit of lots of development things, but prefer web development) and generally try to be a nerd-of-all-trades. And I'm a pretty huge gardening nerd. I'm working on the Body Weight Brigade (rank 2) and Bulk Up plans for this challenge, both of which are proving to be pretty challenging (go figure...). Anywho, glad to meet all of you! I've been lurking around here for a little while and I guess the powers that be (i.e., our illustrious moderators) figured I know what's going on enough to be a squad leader...I'll show them. I'm looking forward to leveling up with you guys this challenge. Also, I dig the "Better than the Zombie Squad Squad" idea...that can be our ace in the hole team name idea (unless it's unanimous, then we'll go for it).
  13. Hey gang! I just wanted to pop in and say hi real quick. Looks like we're all planning on kicking some tail on this six-week challenge, so let's do this thing! Btw, this is my first go at being a squad leader for a challenge, so (constructive) criticisms are welcome. So just to get the ball rolling, any ideas on a more permanent team name? I'm wide open to suggestions so fire away.
  14. Okay....6 week challenge to crank things up. With the handy Rebel Strength Guide on my side how can I lose, right? I don't know if it's possible to dog-ear an ebook from overuse, but I'm sure gonna try during this challenge. Fitness-- 1) Gain 2-5 lbs on Operation: Bulk Up Using the formulae in the RSG, I determined I need >2500 calories per day to start adding weight. Since I've been eating mostly paleo my diet is in the sub-2000 range (just found that out this weekend) so getting 2500+ is gonna be a big challenge. I'm in no hurry to add weight, so 2 lbs is a realistic goal but I may surprise myself with more. 2) Crush Body Weight Brigade Rank 3 I tested Rank 1 since getting the RSG April 4 and I'm already able to crush that, so I'll be starting w/ Rank 2. That means in 6 weeks I should be pretty adept at Rank 3. 3) 5+ consecutive handstand push ups I wanna be a lean, mean, handstand push up machine. I'll be pumped if I can get 1-2 but I'm really going to push for 5 or more in a row. Life -- 4) Find or create a planning/organization system that sticks I've had the "get my stuff organized" goal before and it was helpful but these things never seem to stick with me. So I'm gonna work on creating or finding a method that resonates with me and I can follow without too much effort. This will likely be as much a mental change on my part as finding a system that works. Bonus) Learn more about eating and diet. This will basically be a necessity as part of the bulk up plan but I really want to learn more about diet than just "good" and "bad."
  15. Name: Nick (spacecoyote) Brief overview of goals: Fitness: 1) Gain 2-5 lbs on Operation: Bulk Up 2) Crush Body Weight Brigade Rank 3 3) 5+ consecutive handstand push ups Life: 4) Find or create a planning/organization system that sticks If you follow a specific way of eating: Operation: Bulk Up...so, not focusing on the Paleo approach. I still plan on eating healthy which means I'll essentially up with Paleo + dairy + legumes. Any other piece of information you think would be useful for squad creation: Aside from looking to bulk up some and do body weight strength training, nothing specific. If you want to be part of a squad or if you want to work alone: Probably best if I go with a squad for some accountability...
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