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  1. Alright, weekly update. This week I've done all the exercises I set for myself. I tried some high intensity interval training. Man, that's tough but it gave me a good feeling and like Steve, I'm not one for running for an hour. In FL studio I made an mp3 file to tell me when 30 seconds were over and when 2 minutes were over and everything. It's pretty cool, also to blast past someone and have them looking at you while you jog your way back. No more running in circles for me. It's just HIIT from now on for me. That dive school was still closed and I'm not sure if I can pick up some weights during this challenge, but I have my trusty backpack so that's not much of a problem. Now I have to focus on the other two goals I set for myself. In completely other news, me and my friend just started watching dragon ball GT which is kind of okay, I guess. One thing though. Vegeta with a mustache?? What were they thinking? Anyway, I'll keep you posted on my progress and the antics of Goku, Trunks and Pan.
  2. I had my hands in the air for about 3 episodes to give Goku all the energy he needed for that final spirit bomb in the Buu saga. It's harder than you'd think. Really hurt my arms at some point, but it was worth it and Goku saved the universe once again!
  3. Yeah, exactly. That's why I went to that dive store. I tried to find weights that you can strap to your body, specifically for training, but I suppose those don't exist. Then I thought about making it myself with a belt and some lead, but it's just too much of a hassle. Then I found out that divers have been using those for a long time to counteract their natural buoyancy. They go up to about 20 Kg, which is *plenty* since I use 9 Kg now. Plus it's way better than having some annoying backpack on your back with the weights moving and shifting around to kill your balance all the time. If in some distant future 20 Kg will not be enough, I'll just have to start looking for heavier things. But that's a distant future.
  4. Also, missing a few goals is not a failure, it's a lesser success!
  5. Alright, up until now the challenge is going fairly well. Missed a couple of exercise days and I haven't found a pencak silat school yet Check my page for a full update
  6. Tim for a delayed weekly update: I did the BBWW 4 times in 2 weeks, so it's not optimal but I'm giving myself random push-up assignments every now and then to make up for lost time a little. Did run twice already (although the one I had to do for last week got delayed till today). I'm not getting anywhere fast on the other two assignments... Mostly due to laziness and forgetfulness I suppose. I'm watching dragonball z with a couple of friends now and it's given me some encouragement to start training. Although I wouldn't say no to a hyperbolic time chamber. I've been meaning to go to a diving store to see if they have some weights I can strap to my chest instead of a water filled backpack. Finally got around to doing that today, turns out they're closed for vacation I'll just have to check in every once in a while to see if they're open.
  7. Yeah a friend told me about that store. And it's just around the corner from my pace too. Never noticed it until someone told me about it
  8. So, let's do a weekly update: Saturday I bought some new running shoes and a shirt and shorts at the nike factory store. I was done at about 84 euros. I'd say that's a pretty good bargain considering the shoes were on discount from 120 to 42. Then on Sunday I ran 5 kilometres. I didn't know I could but I can and now my legs still hurt. I was supposed to do the BBWW on Sunday as well but I really couldn't anymore. I'm either going to do it 4 times this week to compensate or just give that 1 up. Also I tried to contact some pencak silat schools which for some reason all have outdated contact information on their site. So on this point my quest continues. Moving out, you ask? Not so much.
  9. Alright! The squad is growing. And now for something completely off topic: I'm always trying to find workout music. Something that'll give you some extra energy. What do you guys listen to? One tune I find very energizing Man those high trumpet hits during the solo really get my blood streaming. And that drummer could kill you just by looking at you.
  10. Small update: I did the beginners body weight workout today with 9 kilo's strapped to my back. It's gruesome and I'm beat, but I feel good and I think it's possible to increase the weight over the course of these six week to maybe 12 kilo's. Also I researched some pencak silat schools. There are some in my neighbourhood. They all only have email addresses and no phone numbers. At least one of the email addresses is now defunct so I'll probably just either have to drop by or find a more professionally run school. I'll probably be running on Saturday. I'll just have to pick up some running shoes and a pair of sweatpants.
  11. Thanks, that's sound advice. I'm going to see what I can do with those ideas, but they sound like a good solution.
  12. Wow, sounds like you have some heavy work ahead of you! Good luck!
  13. You're absolutely right. The pencak silat goal is a bit weird since it's probably going to be "Signed up, A+" which is a bit easy maybe, but I'm not sure how to grade it since I haven't signed up yet and I don't know how many lessons there are per week etc. Not to mention how much it's going to cost me. The other one, start work towards moving out, is also a bit vague. This is because moving out within this 6 week period might not be the s.m.a.r.t-est thing to do and this way I know I can do it in the next challenge. So this is actually some sort of a double quest. Still I could make both goals a little more measurable so I'm going to work on that. If anybody has more suggestions please let me know. I appreciate the support!
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