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  1. Nzyme

    DrWho: Geronimo!

    Keep it up champ!!! Keep kicking cheese to the curb!!!
  2. Oh man congrats on the squats!!! I never really used to do them when I was younger and hit the gym in highschool regularly, but I've recently learned to appreciate them! I've been doing sets of 3, 10 each every other gym day...what do you find is the most effective way to do them? care to share some tricks of the trade?
  3. ugh! tell me about it! I usually take my ipad to bed with me and just watch show after show after show!!! Just one more episode I keep saying to myself....I think that will be in my next challenge, go to bed device free! But I get it! It's good quality time with the husband to kick back and watch your fav shows! Hopefully you catch up soon and you get used to the mattress and get a full nights sleep!! best of luck!!!
  4. Forgot his gun?!?! Hahaha that's funny! Good on you so far though!!! You really are pushing forward and I know you have what it takes to keep pushing!!! AND WAY TO KILL THE DIET COKE PERIODICALLY!!! Soon you will be able to go on without it!!!!
  5. UPDATE! DAY 6 So far so good!!!! I managed to hit the gym 3 times this week (mon-wed-fri), and even though on Friday I had a rough day, and was about to quit and not go to the gym, I read your feedback guys and get my ass out of the house and hit the gym hard for 45 mins! I feel so much more refreshed!!! As for the soda, been off the stuff for around 7 days so far! BOOM! I really think I can do this! As for breakfast every morning, I've been doing my best, and each day I find it gets a bit easier and I am willing to put in the time and do it. For my qualifying, I've been analyzing
  6. Thanks for the awesome advice! I def took it that's for sure. Things were rough in the lab on Friday, so I packed up, went to the gym instead, cleared my mind, and now I feel so refreshed and was able to get a full day of work in the lab today...my experiment still hasn't worked but I was much more relaxed and calm about it. Just gotta keep putting in the time and effort I guess.
  7. THANKS!!! Ps- Penns? Ouch lol turned out the leafs were Boston's biggest challenge thus far haha
  8. Thanks man! The support really helped out these past two days!!!
  9. I wanted to pace myself thats why I went with the B+ haha But yea my meditation has been going super awesome as well! Thanks for the tip for breakfast, I think I will give it a whirl this weekend and try to stock pile my breakfast!
  10. Yea I started to have headaches when I first started for the same reason, but it's now been almost a week and I have had ZERO pop and have been drinking mostly water with all my meals and I feel great!
  11. Nzyme


  12. Nzyme

    DrWho: Geronimo!

    Awesome! Way to avoid cheese so far! Keep me motivated to not have soda! Have fun in Cali, try to stay healthy once there! Side note- big props for being a PHX fan! To be honest, most people on Canada believe you guys don't exist and are pushing to have the team moved to Toronto or Hamilton but Bettman isn't giving in to us. But just for your sake, I hope they stay put and people start to realize how important such a team is for PHX.
  13. Yea taking pics for before and after really help keep you motivated. I've done so as well and plan to upload them by the end of the summer. Hopefully by then I'll be much more toned and back to being fit. Keep at it bud!
  14. Looks like your well on your way to taming your goals for this challenge. Glad to hear you've also signed up for the GMAT. Good luck studying!
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