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  1. Hey all! This is my second challenge, and last round I took off as a Scout, but basically exhausted myself and scraped by achieving just percentages of my goals. So this round is a bit different, for a number of reasons, which is why I find myself among the adventurers! A) I think I might be more of a ranger, so this challenge will be to find out. Thus, the identity-resolving aspect. B.1) I want this challenge to be about building habits, especially headed into my senior year of college and thesis semester where good habits are awesome. B.2) I really would like to keep this habits really solidly because my family has a tendency for weight gain and a history of cancer related to weight issues and hormonal imbalances as a result of weight, and so preventing that sounds pretty awesome. C) I like adventurers because I've recently discovering adventures to be really really amazing things so let's go on one! Now like my reasoning, my goals come in three-but-kinda-four parts. MAIN GOAL: Change my eating and exercise habits to lose about 20 lbs by the end of the year. 1) Track food every day on LoseIt! App I tracked what I ate for a couple weeks earlier this year and it helped me make much better eating choices. Then school got busy and such and I stopped tracking and stopped paying attention. I'm not really tracking anything else, and not worrying too much about calories (the app forces me to see it, but I'm not going to grade based on keeping it under budget or anything) but mostly just encouraging healthier choices. Also figuring out by watching what my general intake is in all the stuff on the nutrition labels, since I couldn't even guess that that. Becoming more aware of what I put in my body, overall! A - 40+ days tracked B - 30 - 39 C - 20 - 29 D - 10 - 19 F - Less than 10 +3 CON, +2 WIS 2A) Exercise 4x a week I had this as a goal last challenge, and did 5 of the 6 weeks! Wanting to make it 6 of 6 this time and just keep up the work! But, the additional bit... A - 6 weeks completed B - 5 weeks C - 4 weeks D - 3 weeks F - 2 or less weeks +1 STR, +1 STA 2B) Stick to the plan. I didn't have a plan last time much at all - I counted strength training, running, walking, moving boxes all as workouts. This time, I want to have devoted workouts alongside all the other stuff like walking and moving boxes, and stick to the plan. The plan is 3 runs a week and 3 bodyweight workouts a week, with one day devoted to a longer run, one day devoted to pure strength training and two days of combined running (short, a mile probably) and then bodyweight work. This gives me a nice mix and hopefully won't make me worn out of one thing versus another. A - 6 weeks completed B - 5 weeks C - 4 weeks D - 3 weeks F - 2 or less weeks +2 STR, +2 STA, +1 DEX C) Limit for-fun screen time to 2.5 hrs a day, 5x a week. I'm totally a computer addict - I'm on facebook, tumblr, youtube, twitter, imgur, NF, etc. constantly, as well as gaming AND doing largely computer based schoolwork most of the time, so I'm on computers a lot. I'd like to cut back on how much time I spend doing the for-fun stuff (social media and gaming) so I can tackle all the other things in my life too. So I'm limiting myself to 2.5 hrs of for-fun stuff five days a week, effective TODAY. I feel like this is enough time to not go cold-turkey and cry from lack of internet connection, but less than I do now, and the five days as opposed to seven allow for gaming on weekends or whatnot. Maybe next challenge I'll aim for even less! A - 25 - 30 days followed B - 19 - 24 C - 13 - 15 D - 7 - 12 F - Less than 6 +2 WIS, +1 CHA So that's where I'm at. This'll definitely be an adventure. My motivation: "Let me realize that my past failures at follow-through are no indication of my future performance. They’re just healthy little fires that are going to warm up my ass." - zefrank. (This for full inspirational invocation - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYlCVwxoL_g) Cheers all! I'm excited to adventure with you all!
  2. I can't even handle how amazing your post is. I just... (Sorry, had to contribute xP) Seriously, amazing. Your goals are fantastic, and I may be inspired by your goals, as a scout-shifting-to-ranger... They seem really reasonable and my first challenge didn't go as well as I'd like because I think I bit off more than I could chew. I like your variety and motivations and goals and theme Good luck!
  3. Ok, final report in. It didn't go as well as I hoped because things got weird and busy and out of routine in the last three weeks of the challenge. I also encountered an odd problem towards the end I will expand on later. Goal 1: Running the 5k - Did not achieve. Straight F. I stopped running during the last two weeks, basically, so when I tried to run a 5k this last week at the gym it did not go well and I ran something like a 38:47 or something. Not running consistently and not running a variety of runs I think is what did me in. I hope that once my life gets a little more routine (aka, after vacations are over and school starts again) I can actually come up with a routine to keep up with. Goal 2: Working out 4x a week - Actually did well! I got a B - worked out 4x a week for 5 of the 6 weeks! It wasn't always what I wanted it to be, but it was out of the way working out whether it was bodyweight or running or the gym or walking or whatever Goal 3: 4 servings of fruits and veggies daily - Held my C average. To be exact, I got a 73% - a C, two servings a day. I definitely have room for improvement, but it's a good start! Goal 4: Read two books - Did it! Finished the Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing and The Graveyard Book and the audiobook of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy! All three were fabulous. So with all these scores, I got +1.75 STA, +1.75 STR, +1.5 CON and +2 WIS for the new stats of 2.75 STR _ 2 DEX _ 5.75 STA _ 4.5 CON _ 5 WIS _ 2 CHA WOO! I'm really really excited to start new goals and the next six week challenge in a few days. I only have one real reflection on this experience and that's the weird reaction I get from my family and friends about my challenges. My family has a weight problem because we're all carbo loaders, basically, because both my mom and dad's family grew up in farming communities in Wyoming. But a number of my friends have had rather serious cases of eating disorders and between my family's sensitivity to weight and my friends' experiences, doing any kind of fitness is a really touchy subject and I felt like I had to hide my goals from my family and friends. Made it kinda difficult to pursue them with 100% effort or stick to my guns. I still am unsure how to go about it at home, but at school I don't think I'll have to deal with these problems. So, here's to the next challenge! Good job, scouts! Cheers!
  4. Update! Goal 1: Running the 5k - Kind of resigning myself to not completing this within the challenge period, but instead focusing on making good progress on it so I can work on it for the rest of the summer. It's been super hot here (like everywhere else in the US right now apparently) so I have not been running much because I work in the mornings and I'm not an awesome enough morning person to force myself up any earlier to run before the heat hits. Coupled with this, a friend of mine is visiting this week and I'm hanging out with him during my general workout times. So I'm turning to other workouts to keep myself active, even though it's not running. Goal 2: Working out 4x a week - Going ok. Last week it only happened three times because of birthday, plus aforementioned friend visiting took up Friday and Saturday. But I've been walking a LOT because going out in the cool night air is awesome. So I took two super long walks already this week with friends, and will hopefully get some more walks/runs in this week... but not going too badly. Goal 3: 4 servings of fruits and veggies daily - Still holding my C average. Fruit smoothies are still awesome, and heat leads to salads because they don't require cooking so that's good too. Goal 4: Read two books - Going very well because books don't generate heat unlike computers and tvs! So I'm halfway done with another book, The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Vol. 1 which I've been listening to on audiobook and reading in person, because my laptop didn't like one of the CDs, so I just started reading instead. Still only about 1/3 of the way through Dante Club, but I want to get back to it soon Can you tell that heat and I don't get on well? I live in a very temperate environment, anything over 80 is just death on a roasting spit. But hopefully it will lighten up in the next few days. I'm struggling with the fact that I feel like I was building these great habits and then life happens (birthday, visits, heat) and life is just like "LOL Nope nice try." I still have the desire to make them happen, but those things get in the way and then I lose the momentum and start sliding into "Eh, I don't *have* to work out today..." or just procrastinate too long and then go "well, too late now..." I know I need to just hold myself to it, and make it happen, but there's so many things I have going on and it's hard to keep tabs on all of them. I've been reading the NF blog for help some... but it's hard. Suggestions? Cheers
  5. I don't know if I can complete the challenge this week guys - I might have to go to an open casket funeral. Remains to be seen. Wa wa waaaaaaaa... Get it get it get it - I didn't at first but I think it's the funniest thing ever. Here's my other favorite! What did the shy pebble wish? Also, here's this link to a video called 31 Jokes for Nerds by Hank Green http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrnd63DAH8o
  6. Thanks bgv and Phoenix I decided to count the walks that I didn't count before, which means I hit three workouts last week, and already have one for this week. I really appreciate your encouragement! Also, while at work today, I finished off the audiobook of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a book which I was ashamed to say I had never read before, and still haven't *read* per se, but have heard! It was fantastic (duh) especially being narrated by Stephen Fry (I mean really, how much can you go wrong there?). Since I devoted six hours to listen to it, I decided to count it for half a book, since I still didn't *read* it but chose to listen to it instead of my music soundtracks. So YAY, 1 book read, 1/2 a book listened to, and 1/3 of The Dante Club done! Also discovered audiobooks make me more productive at work. Who knew? So I'm going to order a bunch from the library to borrow Thinking some late night workout action tonight to get me to sleep, then the day off tomorrow because it's my birthday! WOO!
  7. Soooo... last week kinda sucked for keeping goals. It was kind of a big crazy week compared to normal - I had a lot to do around the house, I normally carpool to work and my ride was gone so I had to get myself there (traffic is stressful...), I was feeling kinda crappy health-wise, so I only ended up working out twice. So much for the big plan previously discussed. BUT it's a fresh week, Week 4, and we're going to make this one better. WOO! So here's my updates and plans for this week to accomplish them! Goal 1: Running the 5k - Still the least hot. However, for my distance-at-pace run last week on Thursday, I ran a 2.5k on the treadmill at pace and didn't feel like I was going to pass out at the end which was good! So I'm not too far off, but still working my way there. I think this week, for my distance-at-pace I'm going to try to run a 3k or 3.5k (I can judge while I'm running). I also want to start shifting my runs to the trail I was running on on Tuesday, because it's a great paved trail and I can easily run a 5k on it, which may or may not (depending on weather) be my distance (not at pace) run this week. Goal 2: Working out 4x a week - So, as I noted, it didn't happen. Only worked out twice. I did walk a bunch though, so I suppose if you count that then I did four workouts, but two days just walking. This week, I'm following the schedule I outlined earlier and gosh darnit (is swearing ok here? I've got a mouth that'd make a sailor blush so I'm trying to censor myself...xP), it's going to happen. Yesterday, if we go back to count walking, I also did a pretty intense workout since I walked all over the city looking for a specific gelato place only to discover we walked past it three times... *facepalm* But if that counts, then it's going to be five, so WOO. Goal 3: 4 servings of fruits and veggies daily - Also didn't go very well last week. Holding an average of a C average, though. I think this week to help combat that, I'm going to pack my lunches for work the night before because I just get lazy in the morning. I have the options, I have the ability, I just don't. So we're making that happen this week! Goal 4: Read two books - I spent Saturday morning and afternoon working on this one. I'm more than a quarter of the way through The Dante Club now, and it's starting to get that whole I-can't-really-put-this-down-anymore-because-suspense good so thinking that'll definitely get finished before long. So, here goes Week 4! Cheers!
  8. ACK Yah, yesterday morning I was feeling super energetic and gungho about everything and was like "WOO I CAN RUN FOREVER" and by that afternoon I was seriously questioning my ability to even get up out of my chair to drive home. Nice long run made my legs all jello-y. I didn't go to the gym yesterday, took a recovery day, I think I'm going to scale back the plan of action to my original goal - 4 days a week, which includes 3 recovery days interspersed throughout the week. So basically, I think they're going to look like this. Day 1 - Distance at pace (increasing in distance at my pace) (definitely a rest day in between) Day 2 - Speed Intervals Day 3 - Just go for a run, whatever speed, aim for a longer distance, just go. (definitely a rest day in between) Day 4 - Beginner Bodyweight Workout with maybe a short run (we're talking like a 1/2 mile, mile at most, no speed concerns) before or after. These won't happen "in order" like Day 1 is Monday, Day 2 is Tuesday, etc. but just sometime throughout the week I would like for these to be completed. I really appreciate the advice - like I said, yesterday morning I was super energetic and wanted to do all the things and now I realize that it was probably really optimistic and probably a plan for disaster. I think I was also going off of my XC training in high school, where we ran 5 days a week, and three of those days were intense exercises followed up by short runs, so it seemed reasonable to make it four but cut out the additional mileage, but upon reflection coach probably planned those three days to be spread apart so he could send us on recovery runs on the days in between. Makes him seem much less cruel than we saw him back then! xD Thanks, Phoenix!
  9. So I started writing a great post about my plan for the next three weeks and it accidentally deleted itself when I got keyboard happy. Poo. Yesterday, I went for a fairly flat trail run (WOO!) and had a couple of realizations. ONE, it's Week 3 and I have three weeks left to make Goal #1 so I better get crackin' on that. And two, during my run I walked a quarter mile, then ran a 9:44 mile (about 6.2ish mph), then walked another quarter mile, then did intervals all the way back (1:30 run, 1:00 walk), inadvertently completing approximately a 5k distance. I realized that at 9:44 mile time, I would make goal, but I have to be able to sustain that pace. So after digging around the internet and my own brain while I drove to work this morning, I came up with a plan for the next four weeks (including this one). DAY 1 - Distance at pace (Run at pace at increasing intervals each time. Like, next time, aim for 1.25 miles, then 1.5, etc.) DAY 2 - Speed intervals (Walk 1:00, Run 1:30 or 2:00, increasing running speed with each interval to exceed pace) Strength Training - Upper Body focus DAY 3 - Distance at pace (Run at pace at increasing intervals each time. Like, next time, aim for 1.25 miles, then 1.5, etc.) DAY 4 - Speed intervals (Walk 1:00, Run 1:30 or 2:00, increasing running speed with each interval to exceed pace) Strength Training - Lower Body focus DAY 5 - Beginner Bodyweight Workout They should ideally happen in this order but aren't required to. I'm hoping that if I stick to this for this week and the following three, I'll get closer to goal from where I'm at now. I know I can do it - if that's my mile time, it's just teaching myself the endurance to sustain it. Cheers!
  10. Update! Goal 1: Running the 5k - Actually going the least hot of all my goals. I've kinda sorta done speed exercises to start improving my time, but only when I think of it. Yesterday the plan was to go out and just run a 5k, without stressing about time or speed, just to help myself get used to running that distance again. But it was father's day and all kinds of stuff cropped up and it didn't happen. So this week, the gameplan is speed intervals (2mins walk, 2mins run, increasing run speed each interval) today & Wed, and 2.5k runs at pace to meet goal on Tues & Thurs (I can run a mile solid at faster-than-goal-pace but lose it pretty quick after, so I'm hoping that I'll be able to do goal pace for 1.55 miles...) Any recommendations as to workouts to help in this area would be super appreciated Goal 2: Working out 4x a week - Last week did not go so well, I only worked out 3x, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. So I'm hoping to make up for it this week by going 5x, so I still get in the same number of workouts over the course of six weeks. I think I'll make sure I run four of those times, and one of those times to the beginner bodyweight workout recommended by the NF blog I basically did the baby version of it (really baby version xP) for the Mini-Challenge and definitely felt THAT the next day, so I'm actually really looking forward to that one. Plus maybe the mini-challenge for one of the other days along with a run. Goal 3: 4 servings of fruits and veggies daily - Slowly getting better! Raised my "grade" average from a C- or so (about 71%) to a C, at 74% over the last week. Smoothies are my new favorite thing. On the days I get home in early afternoon I have them right when I get home, and usually once or twice on weekends. I also always take a serving of fruit (apple, banana, blueberries, etc.) and carrots to work as part of my lunch. Excited about this improving for sure! Goal 4: Read two books - Finished The Graveyard Book last night and LOVED IT. I really really liked how even though it's a kids book (thus, the Newberry Award) it was hitting home really hard as I'm graduating from college next year and moving on and all that jazz... but DAMN it was good. Like, DAMN. Anywho, according to my kindle about 10% of the way through The Dante Club and I also am starting another book called Feed by M. T. Anderson. Maybe 3 books this round? Cheers!
  11. Sanne arrived at the old tree, and saw a lodge nearby with dozens of scouts milling in and around the outside. Almost every single one carried a plate of food, and she could smell it's delectable aroma from here. As she trotted in, she was astounded by the variety of scouts present. There were trees, elves, ogres, monkeys, ferrets, princesses, and even more. She was warmly greeted by some of the other scouts, which made her feel all warm and fuzzy inside given the lack of scout company she'd kept the last few years. They told her there was food inside, and to go help myself because it was furnished by their mysterious employer. It did smell fantastic, so she helped herself to a heaping plateful and rejoined her new friends. As she ate, she noticed people dozing off - some where they stood. She was feeling a little drowsy herself - she'd had a long run. So she set her plate down and curled up in a chair by the fire in the lodge and passed out. You can imagine the shared shock, panic and confusion when all the scouts awoke to discover the lodge was gone and the cold, dank cell somewhere far beyond Dragon's Breath Valley was their new location. It had been a trap. Sanne felt like an idiot - her father had always told her never to trust the shady offers that arrived in spam notes. The guards informed them they would be subject to slave labor, and to complete it well and quickly or else. The labor was varied, hard and rather foreign to Sanne, who was accustomed to mostly just running everywhere. By the end of the day, she hurt in places she didn't even know had muscles to hurt. Just as she was allowing herself to get used to the thought of doing this indefinitely, the ferret scout appeared, informing her and the others that he had nicked the key from the guard and they could escape between rounds of patrols. They listened carefully to the footsteps come and go for awhile, getting used to when their best opportunity would be to make a break for it. Finally, when they were convinced they had a couple minutes before the next patrol came through, they turned the key, burst through the door, and all 70+ scouts sprinted as fast as they could for the nearest exit. The one thing their captors didn't count on was that they had kidnapped scouts. And scouts are made to run.
  12. Like MissMormie, I love your accounts of what happens during a run. I used to be on my school's cross country team and the coach liked to run us to another location so we could do a specific workout but we'd have to take everything with us, like our water, our phones, our keys, the whole nine yards and I was always getting cramps and injured during those runs rather than the workouts. It's ridiculous xP But it sounds like you're doing really well! I know that feeling about wanting to be organized. I have a checklist that I update every week of what workouts I want to do, like 20 min run (3x), bodyweight circuit, 5k run, etc. Maybe you could do something like that to make sure you get in everything you want to do? Also, thank you thank you THANK YOU for talking about the water app. It's brilliant and totally helps me remember to drink xD Keep up the awesome work!!
  13. Thanks Okelay! I'm sadly rewatching all the episodes until November because the writers are cruel human beings. I'm really enjoying both books but they're both kinda dark subjects, though Dante Club wins the creepy award by a long shot. I would love some recommendations of what books to pursue next, because so far I'm just picking books I own but have never read off of my bookshelf. I think I'm going to finish The Graveyard Book this week so I'll need something new That's what I realized this morning - my family made oatmeal with fruit and I was just like O.O WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT. I'm totally a cereal kid with breakfast, so fruit AND cereal! It's AWESOME.
  14. You still get cred/level up if you meet your goals! You just don't get a prize, that's all. So GO, be successful! Eat little breakfasts, don't get dizzy, study hard and don't forget to be awesome!
  15. Weekly Update! Goal 1: Running the 5k - Seems to be doing well. After seeing a bunch of people posting about fartleks around the forums, I decided to give them a go. So using my handy-dandy ipod timer, I walked one minute then sprinted for one minute for 15 minutes (sprinting 7, walking 8) and was pretty tuckered out, but I felt pretty good by the end of it. I think I'm going to try and run a 5k tomorrow just for distance and not worry about time, so I don't overkill myself like I did last week. I was super tired by the end of the day, and then when I started checking my resting heart rate for the mini-challenge, it was in the mid-high 70s Sunday and Monday, and the whole rest of the week it's been in the 60s. So yah, definitely overkill. I'm going to be much more careful next time. Goal 2: Working out 4x a week - Still doing well. I've been pretty tired this week because I've been bad about going to sleep when I should given that I usually have work the next day, so it's been taking a lot more convincing to force myself to actually go work out. But I've been getting my workouts in and that's what counts right? Went Tuesday and Wednesday, and am working out tonight after work and tomorrow I'm going for a run - maybe even out in the great blue yonder (aka, not on the treadmill). Goal 3: 4 servings of fruits and veggies daily - Still struggling. Still holding a C average on this one. I finally figured out a smoothie recipe I really liked. A handful of strawberries, handful of blueberries, handful of frozen peaches, one small banana (my house buys a variety of sizes on purpose, don't ask), greek yogurt, and ice. There's four servings of fruit BAM. I also have fruit every day, and am getting a lot better about veggies with dinner and carrots at lunch. But I've still got a long way to go with it. I think one of my problems is sheer laziness. I went back and read an article from NF from a while back about being too lazy to fix yourself something healthy to eat and I think that's largely my problem. Breakfast has (and always will be) cereal or oatmeal, so I could add fruit there, then I have to pack myself lunch hurriedly in the morning before I leave for work, then I'm usually so tired by dinner I just don't care. So I think this weekend I'm going to make myself a list of easy veggies to get in my diet (since I have no problem at all with fruit, obviously), so that I don't have to think when I'm packing lunch or figuring out dinner. Hopefully with that, this will improve. Goal 4: Read two books - Still chugging away. Haven't read much of The Dante Club, but I'm at halfway through on The Graveyard Book. Cheers!
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