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  1. Wed-Fri Diet : I now eat every day Nuts & fruit. But not on the right time :s I seem not to be able to drink coffee in the morning without 'something' sugary to go with .. I'll have to eat breakfast earlier. On the train. drink coffee later as .. a drug, medication. Fitness : I'm doing alot of Planks. Life : I'm starting to get there. My householding is through the roof.
  2. Fri - Tue Diet : Didn't buy new bread so that is gone out of my life for now. Ate more Nuts & fruit. Made Bacon & Eggs on saturday. Sunday I went to fetch Viennoiserie On Tue all was ok, but I still bought one Viennoiserie to go with the coffee. Apparantly this is a life long habit. In dutch we call them 'Koffie-koeken". Last Friday I missed the train: I seem to have an habit of buying a Coffee + croissant while waiting for the next one. I'll add them to the original post. Fitness : Planks slacked during the weekend , ok otherwise. Life : Ivy Lee notes not consistent. I should anticipate evening 'feasts' like : soccer on tv ; raiding in wow ; and write the notes earlier in the evening
  3. Welcome ! Waw! That's a lot of sub-goals ^^ I wish I had your motivation and willpower That's one I should do as well one of these challenges. I'm in the illusion that I drink enough water since my 0,5l bottle never leaves my side during the week. Objectively (aside the color of my pee) I have no clue how much I actually drink of it. Take care!
  4. Wed- thur Diet : Ate banana & nuts on wed ; but allso bread everyday, since I couldn't just throw it away. thu was full bread Fitness : Planks x3 ok on both days Life : Only the thursday evening note was written Evening note was forgotten due to soccer-matches. After the Wed match straight to bed & forgot about the note. Thursday note is written. Work-note : my notepad which I used for the 6 tasks got smothered by an unending tail of 'reminders' from which to choose from. I think I need to open a fresh notepad everyday to keep my mind clear. Hey Mollytigerc! tnx for the support. I'm loving the ivy-lee method. For me it kills the 'too much choice'-factor. "Sooo many things to do, in the end I do nothing" -> Now I look at note : "yep , that makes sense, can't dodge that: start" Looked up the Chaturanga pushups. It looks very alike what the Navy Seals consider 'proper form' for a pushup. I tried one just now. Went from plank down, and then realised I would never get up anymore ^^
  5. So back with another after the last one crashed half January Diet New habit goal : Eat breakfast of Nuts & Fruit ; During weekend Eggs for breakfast after morning-walk. Old Habit : I'm used to eating peanut butter sandwiches & Philadelphia sandwiches at work. This was to protect myself from buying Viennoiserie at work. During the weekend I take my coffee & sandwiches to watch an episode of StarTrek on netflix. edit : When I miss a train in the morning I usually buy a coffee + croissant to wait on the next one. Fitness New habit goal : Hold plank 3 times a day Old habit : Atm next to 20min Qi-gong I have no workout effort. I sometimes do some squats or some push-ups, but one couldn't consider that even a warm-up I do sometimes hold a plank when i'm alone at the fridge or at my desk, since I read that working out 'the core' reduces stress Life New habit goal : Ivy Lee method notes. 6 for work / 3 for evening ; Weekends : 6 for myself Old habit : Started last month with it. Was a success. I'm starting to feel like getting a grasp on my life. Far from a habit tho. Want to let this one sink in more My outlook reminder at work is still running but even then often I still run out of the building without taking the time for it. Sometimes there are colleagues chatting the end of day away preventing me from writing the note.
  6. Week 3 ; started drinking again on Tuesday. That killed of the smoothie goal. Tai-chi , or any other evening-course is impossible as long as I don't get the homeworking routine. the Ivy-Lee note is still alive
  7. Sat : smoothie of Apple / Pear / Banana / Water ; wrote the sunday-note Sun : did some of the sun-note ; no smoothie ; wrote the mon evening note After 2 weeks Fitness goal : 0/2 No Tai-chi schools visited Diet goal : 2/6 smoothies ; no new recipes Life goal : 9/24
  8. We - thu : we're ok on writing the Ivy Lee note ; I managed to completely forget about it on Friday. No smoothie's so far ; intermittent fasting instead ; and Friday I caved in on a binge with a huge pack of pickles chips & a can of soda. tai-chi course seeking does not lift off
  9. the evening measurement of 105 didn't happen ; It's stuck at 107cm. Day 7 sun ; I can only remember re-potting my big plant & splitting his babies in vessels to grow root. and being seriously pissed at myself for having not noticed there are no holes in the pots !! Day 8 mo : forgot the note again at work ; Did write the evening note. Was more motivated to do intermittent fasting then to drink smoothie. Day 9 Tue : I put the repeating reminder in my outlook and behold : I wrote the 6tasks in notepad. Acutally executed two evening-tasks & wrote the evening-note : easy one : no tasks but to go TableTop gaming with collegues tomorrow. I've got an issue with the Tai-chi course goal ; Due to my work/life flow , I come home late. So I was counting on a day of HomeWorking to make this plausible. With the introduction of Agile programming ; I'm flooded with meetings, presentations, kick-offs , reviews etc. Need to broaden my search towards the weekend.
  10. Day 5 ; eventually forgot the note again at work ... I'm going to make a reminder in my outlook 30min before end of workday. did wrote the weekend note. no smoothie Day6 ; executed a lot of the weekend-note ; and forgot the sunday note :s I think I need to write the note before I switch on my PC for amusement.. no smoothie Day 16 of being sober starting Friday 30Dec : morning measure of 103cm waist ; if it's 105cm this evening I'll do a happy dance.
  11. day 4: We had an emergency at work in the afternoon. At the end: rushed out of the building to catch a bus.. forgot the note :s If this continues, I need to be more flexible on the timing of this note-writing. Came home late. no tasks done. Crashed into bed early. Wrote the evening note in the morning after waking up.
  12. day 3 : After a debate with a collegue at the end of day, I closed my pc and ran for the bus : and did not write the work-note :s At home I did execute the 3 evening-tasks & I wrote the evening-note before going to sleep. Looking forward to this evening. The middle task between 'starting the laundry-machine' & 'go to dry-house with laundry' is 'Transfer plant to bigger & multiple pots' /edit : Forgot to mention Diet : made a Cucumber/apple/water smoothie
  13. day 2: Wrote the note (notepad) at work ; managed to forget about it again in the evening. That said; i've got a note lying around since Sunday and the tasks on it are still valuable. but ya..
  14. day1 : Life-goal ; Just before ending the day I was at risk of falling asleep at work. I went into survival mode and totally forgot to write the note. And somehow 5hours later before going to bed I forgot the write the evening note :s baffled
  15. Edited the Life-goal ; specified the number of tasks / life-piece. I've been experimenting with this system for the last 2 weeks. It works like a charm. It's very seldom I see the note and I don't have the willpower to read it. And well: the last years I've been in such an apathetic state it is allready a huge gain if I only do 1 task an evening, That over a week; is like living in another universe. My joy at work allso allready got a boost, since I'm getting things done pro-actively.
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