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  1. Ah, time slip! Sorry for the brief delay again guys, with the academic year etc starting and leaving my job I got a little sidetracked. Also my mother had quite a bad injury from pressure pot with burns on her chest, neck and arms. She's been in hospital, she's also caught an infection from it, but I think we're all just glad she is alive. I stuck to my goals, just need to catch up on y'all threads. Deftona, I'm scared just seeing how many pages I'll be sifting through for yours xD I'm hoping to take exercise to the next level and trial a sports or martial arts class. Should be good hopefully. Thx for all the lovely replies btw, I'll get to answering them soon too!
  2. Kinda sucks but ah well, we all know this isn't above you. Moments like these are good imo as they allow you to flex out of your comfort zone and be observent/mindful/bring awareness in what we do. This is definitely what I like to do as it ensures that I don't ever get complacent or take my routine for granted. Just embrace and enjoy! :-)
  3. Congrats on all the hard work you're putting into this challenge! :-)
  4. Sarah this is excellent you are doing so damn awesome! Keep rocking gal! ;-) P.s. Also like how you worked you're finances into this to make you stick to your goals + saving money + less distraction. You killing several birds with one big Sarah whoop, that's for sure! ;-)
  5. Wow, beautiful photos Lara! Glad to see that even with all the external drama happening around you with tenants etc, you keep at it (no suprises there! ;-) Excited to hear more of your autumn challenge plans!
  6. Hi! It's okay thanks, I would say it's inbetween the Level 2 and 3 workouts in those NF workouts. Getting there, but not quite the level 4+ as i was before. I'm using some kettlebells/dumbbells but it's mostly bodyweight and jogging. Work does have me being pretty active though, hence why I have to 'discount' time from it sometimes, cause most of the time it's easy to come back from a long day and go "*sigh* I don't feel like it"So if you're given a 10min discount, you end up saying "*sigh* I don't feel like it. But I'm going to do it anyway!" My mind can try to talk itself out of an exercise, but it can't talk itself out of a discount! Yay consumerism! xD T2 I have missed you so much as well! I remember the fun days of hearing about your home improvement/innovative garage sales in additioin to the song/lyrics game! (and all the tarantino love!) Haha lovin' the Dwayne Johnson love happening atm! ;-) Heya Ash! I miss you (and swampling!) so much! And I STILL IOU that belly dance. Once I get back my xbox from my nephew as he's taken it (again) I'm going to totally do that! Going to visit your thread and hope all's well! :-) Greetings! Thanks for the kind words, if I've learnt anything, obstacles really can be opportunities in disguise man! :-) That's the road I like to take! It's paid off in the last couple of years that's for sure! :-) Hopefully going to post my month by month OS updates/milestones I've been making during the road to v3.0 (Happening Oct 2015, so soon!) and what I have planning for v4.0 (Oct 2016). See you guys soon! :-)
  7. Oh yes, a bit of Tom Hanks in this thread and you can already start to declare this challenge a success! xD WIIIIILLLLLLLSSSOOOOOOOOOONN!!!!!!1
  8. Ah Lara you're such a champion! I hate those sorts of situations grinding/replaying in your head all day. They can be such a drain, but you completed parried and flipped all that on its butt! ;-), the obstacle is indeed the way!
  9. Sorry to hear some people don't even have basic manners KorN :-/ As for the second job, sounds like a plan, that environment really doesn't sound healthy. Any steps to progress or change that environment should hopefully be a huge a step up. Definitely worth preparing/saving up if you're unable to in the short term. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" :-)
  10. Excellent goals Sarah! I approve of your fasting strategies for sure, that's so awesome to here! And congrats on day 1! :-) P.s. Are you doing warrior fasts (24hr), by the sounds of it are you only eating once a day in the evening? Doing that daily is doable, but don't hesitate to dial it down if it's too much or change the pattern to avoid repetition + make the routine sustainable. Nice to hear all's swell! Keep kicking A!;-)
  11. Hey KorraNat! As someone who's also gone through some ups and downs through my academic history and have struggled through some dark times and family drama during, I can kinda relate to how hard and stressful being in the thick of it all can be. Great challenge list too. Oh big fan of avatar legend of anger here too, but believe it or not, I have only seen like half of korra season 1 :-O sacrilege I know! Seems like you're getting into the swing of things, awesome! Hope the trend continues! :-)
  12. Wow, excellent work! Especially like your time-tracking method.
  13. Great start to the challenge Lara! Lots of change happening I see, all for the better hopefully. Hoping for many more great days to come! P.s. these cat.gifs are amazing!
  14. Hello Newcomers! Greeting from the UK fellow adventurers, you can call me Iggy! ;-) To those who don't know me: I'm 25 years old, and I came to NF around 2 years ago because I was really ill and unhappy because of what living with asthma/well-over BMI affect my quality of life and approach with work and enthusiasm. That all has changed since last October, as I managed to reach neutral BMI for the first time + control my asthma after a 1 year+ of creating a sustainable/fun routine, and all thanks to the amazing NF community who guided me (and chewed through my winded-out posts!) challenge to challenge to make that happen. It transformed me, and it was a amazing/humbling experience. And even today, 11 months on, it's has stayed that way. My BMI is still neutral, I am so much happier and face my work with considerably more enthusiasm then before, improved other aspects of life, and I can't imagine living any other way. Coming back after quite a hiatus (and only reading a few posts here and there) it's great to see so many passionate people undertake their epic quests. And to those that do know me, you're probably asking something along the lines of: "Hey, it's been 9 months, what gives?!?" Current stats: 29/08/2016 167.2lbs F: 15.9% M: 41.8% This challenge presents: The Road to v3.0. October 28th is when I reach Update v3.0. This might all sound really confusing to newcomers, but it basically means that every year I set myself some big goals to reach and attain for. I'm really happy how v2.0 to v3.0 has gone so far, and I just cramming in as much as I can in order have the best update list ever to look back on! :-D Challenge Goals: (goal clarification pending!) 1: Continue current healthy eating regime and also include 2x simple 16/17hr fasts a week. 2. 30mins of exercise everyday for 6 days a week. Switch between strength training and running. If I did a lot of walking/physical movement at work, then i can give myself a 10min discount off my exercise session! 3. Set a challenge every week and complete it by the next week. Week 1 is exploring every visual design-based medium I can. Thanks everyone, and to your kind messages during the tough times, great to be here again! Going to probably go to bed soon as I feel a little exhausted writing this tbh xD Glad I finally got around to doing this, typos and all... Now for some peace...
  15. Hi! Just catching up on the last few pages, really sorry to here that you've had a rough few months, but on the other hand SymphonicDan said (nice to see you again bud!) you've made an excellent amount of progress in the past few months, and I'm sure you will soon see the benefits of all this hard work shaping up soon... Also, whichever day you do achieve that push-up (and it will happen!) I'm going to be partying too, hell, I'm going to instantly make that day a funday too! I hope to see you through your exercise plateaus too, I too have had an on/off year in this department, where I feel I haven't pushed myself enough, and in the process, I've lost my ability to do a proper pull-up! :*-( We're going to work and see it that we can do what we set our mind (and body) to. Don't forget how awesome you are as well as the people you inspired! :-)
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