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  1. Didn’t make it to the gym this morning. I was awake most of the night due to my aching muscles, to the point where I got up at midnight to take pain killers. I just couldn’t bring myself to get up when my alarm went off at 5.15am. If I’m feeling less zombie-fied later, I may go this evening as my hubby is gaming tonight, otherwise I’ll just have a relaxed ‘pamper’ evening and try to go to the gym tomorrow morning, so that I get in my third strength workout for the week. Or I may try and do a bodyweight workout at home… I don’t want to over-do things, as I have my first burlesque show on Sunday
  2. The dance practice went well. Was practicing my Fawn routine, and I found myself really enjoying it. By the time the hour was up, I was saturated with sweat, my legs were shaking, and I had performed the full routine (It’s over 5 minutes long) 5-6 times. I then had just enough time at the end to do a run through of my Angel routine, which went a hell of a lot better than last weeks… It wasn’t in costume, so not perfect, but still good to get through it without forgetting what I’m supposed to be doing Have another practice on Monday, before the show on Tuesday, so have time to get the Angel ro
  3. Thank you Sylvaa! You'd be amazed at how many people will attack you for that decision. It's hard to constantly have to explain yourself. Why can't people just butt out of other peoples lives?! Grrrrr. As for the counselling, that what I'm going to do next time. I don't have many 'free' sessions left, so can't decide if she's just forgetful, or if she's trying to drag it on long enough that I have to start paying for them. Don't have a session next week, she's away and I have a burlesque show, so I don't mind missing one at all!
  4. I got up at 5.15am. I went to the gym. I did my strength workout. I AM PROUD OF MYSELF. I even hauled my burlesque kit in its suitcase to the gym, and then on to work. I have a pounding headache, which I’m fairly sure is my body going ‘WTF?! I thought we were done with this crap!’ but other than that, I’m feeling pretty good. My legs ache from the goblet squats, and I’m sure it’ll be worse tomorrow, but I’m not going to let that or the headache stop me from my dance practice tonight. I NEED that practice! I went to my counselling session, and still don’t feel like any progress is being ma
  5. Didn’t make it to the gym today. My alarm went off, and I told myself I’d get up in a minute, next thing I know, my husband’s alarm is going off 1 ½ hours later *sigh*. I WILL get back into going regularly. Trying to work out the logistics of doing so tomorrow. I have a burlesque practice straight after work, so I need to take my costume with me to work. That means a small suitcase. If I also go to the gym, my rucksack will be filled with my gym kit, and I’ll need to find somewhere safe to stash the suitcase while I’m in the gym (I’m fairly sure it wont fit into my locker). But I’m sure I’ll m
  6. Had a mixed weekend. Went to visit my mum and uncle on Saturday. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, but only because my uncle hadn’t told my mum about me visiting my dad. Which made things a little awkward, especially when I started to pack up his iMac and other bits that he asked me to get for him. But I managed to escape without any major confrontations. Not sure if that’s necessarily a good thing… I’ve also informed them that I’m going to be manically busy for the rest of the year due to the PT course, so I’ve at least gotten out of visiting them again until Christmas. My friend who gave me a
  7. Well, so far this challenge has been a total bust. I’ve not made it to the gym, AT ALL. I had two weekends in a row where I was away, so my macro targets were WAY off. Other than a fair bit of walking, I’ve done very little other activity. The only goals I’m following through with are my promotion of my burlesque persona and my studying. I’ve managed to book 5-6 performances starting on the 11th September, and last one being 21st October… And I’m sooooo not ready. I’ve not performed since last November, and I’ve gained enough weight since then that my costumes barely fit. I had a two hour sess
  8. Well, my workout goals aren’t going great this week. I started developing a sore throat and cough on Sunday, and its steadily gotten worse. I was going to force myself to go to the gym this morning, but my husband called me out on it. We’re away Fri-Mon at an event in Manchester, and the last thing I want is to be too ill to enjoy myself, so instead of wrecking myself at the gym and making myself worse, I am giving myself a couple of days of rest, in the hopes that the worst of the bug will be gone by Friday. Besides, I still have a ton of sewing to get done, and outfits to plan! I’ll be back
  9. I've just been through and added all of my previous challenges to my sig... I didn't realise that this is my 20th challenge! Bloody hell! didn't realised I'd done that many. And its quite depressing reading through my first one, and realising that I'm now worse off than I was when I started but oh well, onwards and upwards!
  10. I’ve been following the ETP plan since 20th July, and finally started shifting some of the body fat. My weight has gone down, but not a huge amount, but I’m definitely getting stronger! This is my focus for this month. Eat my macro targets, lift heavy things and move more on non-lifting days. That covers my first three goals for this challenge. My next goal is to spend time promoting myself as a burlesque performer. I’ve been doing burlesque for 5 years now, but due to the low number of shows I’ve performed at, I still consider myself a ‘beginner’… Which I’m not. I need to start getting m
  11. Thanks Michi! I'm still fighting the summer bugs, there seem to be a lot going around here atm. I now have one show and two competitions booked! Need to get this weekend away over with, then I can start practicing for my triumphant return to the stage!
  12. Starting/Current measurements: Weight: 14 st 4 lb / 14st 0 lb Chest: 41 in / 41 in Waist: 35 in / 34.5in Hips: 45.5 in / 45 in R Thigh: 27.5 in / 27 in L Thigh: 27 in / 27 in R Bicep: 13.5 in / 13.5 in L Bicep: 13.5 in / 13 in 4lb lost, not horrendous, considering how little movement on the scales I’ve had over the last 6 months. At least things are moving in the right direction, and slow and sustainable is better than fast and unsustainable. New thread will be going up in a soon. Lots of fun stuff to come… The hard part will be sticking to m
  13. Well… I disappeared for a bit. That’s because I came down with flu last week, and didn’t have the energy for anything. I was off work for three and a half days, and slept most of that time. It completely threw my eating plan and workout schedule off, and I was incredibly frustrated and angry about the whole thing. BUT, I got straight back on the wagon this week. Hit my macro numbers every day since Monday, been to the gym twice, and made a start at re-launching my alter-ego Mercy Bites into the burlesque industry. (I have a show booked for September 13th in London! My first since November last
  14. If I encounter him again I'm going to take his photo and send it to the police. My local force are now treated misogyny as a hate crime, so might be able to get him arrested for it. As for getting someone to walk with me, it's not really possible, this is at 6.15am not many ppl around at that time, which is why I was so shocked to encounter him. Hopefully the slightly earlier gym time will free me of him Better news, I've lost 5lb in two weeks! Not really 'official' till Monday's weigh in, but it's the first time the scales have dropped below 14stone in 6 months
  15. Not having a great day today. It started off ok, I got up and dressed, packed my bag and headed to the gym. On the way there I encountered a creeper. I encountered him on Wednesday on my way to the gym, I was walking along, headphones in and minding my own business, when he over took me and slowed to match my pace a couple steps ahead of me and off to my right. He then craned his neck round to start at me with a creepy grin on his face. He just kept staring and walking, starting and walking. When I tried to skirt around him he moved directly in front of me, still grinning. On Wednesday I dealt
  16. So, last week I started following the Eat to Perform method of eating. It’s essentially macro counting (which I was already doing) but a bit more focused on the macros and calorie total. It’s about eating enough to fuel your workouts and build muscle, rather than cutting more and more to try and lose weight. For the first time in months my weight is trending down, and I’m feeling a little more energized. Of course I still haven’t solved any of yesterday’s issues, but I’m definitely a bit more positive this morning, even though I didn’t go for a run like I’d planned. As far as the running
  17. I think I'm definitely going to have to give the running a break for this challenge. I didn't go this morning, and the only reason I can give its 'I didn't want to', so I think I'm going to ease the pressure on myself on that front and give it a break. Will think of something to replace it. And thank you! I was rather chuffed with the picture! I have some more coming through and they're also kinda cool... Will post my favourites as I get them! Thank you! I was feeling a little dull on the day, because the two friends I went with had taken some pretty fancy costumes to be photo'd
  18. I did not want to go to the gym this morning. I wanted to stay in bed. I was tired and achy, and did not want to move. But I did. I got up and I went. I didn’t do a strength workout, instead I did 15 minutes on the x-trainer and 15 on a bike, but I WENT. I kept the habit going. I’m proud of myself for that. Tomorrow I’m going to try going for a C25K session outside, rather than on a treadmill at the gym. I’m hoping that will solve my ‘don’t wanna’s’ and get me back on track. Last time I made any progress with it was running outside, so hopefully its just a case of treadmill induced boredo
  19. I’m really struggling to do my C25K sessions. I’m happy enough to get up and go to the gym on strength days, but on running days I can’t get myself out of bed. I was meant to go this morning, and didn’t. I’ve not been to a single session since this challenge started. I don’t get it. I LIKE running, and the only way I’ll get better is to actually DO it… So why can’t I? It’s soooooo frustrating. Maybe I need to rethink this and try something else for a while. Not sure what though. Maybe it’s because I’m using a treadmill atm? Would it be easier if I was actually going OUT for a run? I might try
  20. Just a quick pit stop on my way to bed, will do a proper update tomorrow... First off, hello Kelley! Welcome to my little corner of the Internet I do like to keep things interesting! Had an impromptu photo shoot with some friends today and ended up feeling strong and badass (due to the pick below). After that we stopped in at the opening day of a new circus skills centre that's only a 10 minute walk from home. I've provisionally booked a aerial skills private class for me and some friends for next week (2nd). They teach aerial hoop, aerial silk and trapeze! Can't wait! Hope you all had a g
  21. I have some dark chocolate coated rice crackers in my draw, so I had a couple of them mid-afternoon. It was that of go out and jump the ice-cream man! But yes, the day did get better. Didn't manage the whole walk home due to the heat, but I still hit over 24000 steps! Thank you! I skipped the walk this morning, my alarm went off and I got up to feed the cats... Then went back to bed for 90mins. I didn't sleep at all well and had no energy! But I am about to finish work, and plan to walk the entire way home! (Hopefully... It's still bloody hot out there!)
  22. So step count total for Monday was 26854. I walked most of the way home after work, but it was sooooo hot that I felt like I was going to melt and/or pass out, so I jumped on a bus for about a mile. Was exhausted by the time I got home, drank a gallon of water and had a cold shower… Didn’t really make me feel better, but at least I was no longer soaked with sweat Food was on-point. Macro’s were fairly close but I’m thinking I may need to drop my overall calorie target. Although with the amount of walking I’m doing this week, I’m thinking it may not be a good idea just yet. Will see how t
  23. Regular update time… I didn’t lose any weight again this week. Have to admit to getting a bit frustrated by it all. My diet all week is pretty much clean, and although I slip a bit at the weekend, it’s never a huge amount or what I would consider ‘bad’. I track everything I eat/drink so am getting annoyed at it all. There’s a little voice in the back of my head that says ‘why bother if it’s not going to make any difference?’ I know that being active and eating good stuff is more important than just the reflection on the scale, but how do I keep that in mind when I’m constantly failin
  24. I generally stick to soda and lime when I'm out and about now, but even that's slipped lately! Started having lemonade and lime, and then slipped back into having coke with lime... So its back to zero tolerance for me! YAY! I hate the term 'diet' It should just mean 'what you eat' but now it generally means 'Restriction, misery and guilt'. So 'Fuel' is a far better term in my head I'm trying to only consume fruit in its whole form, as a lot of the nutrients get removed when you juice it. If I'm aiming for 'low sugar' then fruit juice is out
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