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  1. Cuss at myself, mostly about how that last set sucked, and do these things better the next set, and watch your d*mn form. Or watch the TV.
  2. You realize those are in lbs, right? Granted, I officially recorded in kg. Whatevs. I guess the correct response is "Thank you."
  3. Well, I was actually proud of myself until Wilks factored in. So yeah, nowhere to go but up. Literally. 09/18/2013 Squats: 155, 185, 225 Bench: 115, 135, 155 Deadlift: 225, 245, 265
  4. Whey protein shake helps a lot. It packs at least 60g. The rest is mindful eating... actually, it's mostly a bunch of eggs. Also tuna has a good amount of protein. As for roller/lax, I've just been mimicking what I see folks at the gym do. So it's mostly work on legs, hips, back for the roller, and shoulder with the lax. I'm not doing anything special with them, but I do like what I saw in the Agile 8 link I posted above.
  5. Even though I didn't quite achieve all 18 workouts of last challenge, I was pretty happy with my performance - specifically that I didn't fizzle out or get bored with it like I did with running. Lifting has definitely been good for me. But now I need to better support it so I can continue to lift all of the things. 1. Sleep More - I didn't do as well on this as I'd like last time, so I'm forcing myself to a do over. I'm aiming for 7 hours a night, and I'll be tracking with my FitBit. A - 42 to 38 nights (+2 Con | +2 Sta) B - 37 to 33 nights (+2 Con | +1 Sta) C - 32 to 28 nights (+1 Con | +
  6. Another great theme; I've sub'd.
  7. Dudes, I just started lifting 7 weeks ago. I'm going to give the challenge a try despite how hilariously weak my numbers will be. If you do it each time, you can at least track how you're progressing over a large segment of time, rather than the week-by-week, "I'm a little stronger this week... whoops, nope, now I'm tired this week."
  8. Very nice. I think my next challenge is going to look a little more like yours with better metric tracking and calipers.
  9. There are also some 1RM calculators on the web. Haven't actually tried them out yet, so I can't say for sure how well they estimate based on current lifting levels.
  10. Thanks for the gratz folks!
  11. I've copied my quest goals and highlighted my results. Pretty average grades, but I'll take it. Very much looking forward to the next one, where I'd like to expand into new territory tracking more on sleep and nutrition. It really wasn't until week 4 when I started "eating big" that I noticed any changes. Then again, it could also just be fat...
  12. 09/06/2013 Update Squats 45x5x2 95x5 115x5 125x5x5 (or 6, I lost count...) Bench 45x5x2 85x5 110x5x5 Deadlifts 135x5 (OH) 185x5 (OH) 205x5 (OH) 225x5 (OH) 245x3 (New PR, Mix) BREAKDOWN Squats felt pretty good today, save for the losing of the count of sets. I've moved into a high bar technique, and it's really helped my shoulders so I can concentrate on squatting rather than dealing with shoulder pain. Bench. Bench... yeah, I feel pretty weak here. I don't mean strength wise (though that's also true). I feel unstable. I don't know if it's the bench I tend to use, but I feel like I ca
  13. My gym is right next to one of my favored bars as well. Have resisted popping in for a drink after lifting... so far...
  14. 9/4/13 Update Squats 45x5x2 75x5 95x5 115x5x5 OHP 45x5x2 55x5 65x5 65x2 55x5x4 Deadlifts 95x5 135x5 185x5 205x5 BREAKDOWN So it's been a week since I've last been in to the gym - mostly a bad combination of work from home days, holidays, knee tenderness. But I got in today despite the fact that I really didn't want to. Everything went pretty well, but I can tell I'm going to feel those Presses tomorrow. Honestly, just want to finish off this week strong and keep it going through to the next challenge.
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