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  1. Thank you for the recipe, I will certainly be trying it at some point. Also, your badassery (that's a word, I've decided), is pretty inspiring. So thank you for that, too.
  2. I have the gym thing, too. In fact, anywhere I am attempting to work out in public - but then I end up getting stubborn and kindof defiant, like "yeah, maybe I'm x amount overweight/not as strong as you/not super fit, but I'm HERE, I am SHOWING UP, I am MAKING THE EFFORT and if you are going to judge me that says a whole heap more about you than it does about me. I could be sitting on my sofa in my PJs watching Sons of Anarchy reruns, but instead I am here. Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'm laying me some god damned bricks." I know in my heart that people probably don't care, but until I get to that point, this is what helps. I'm sad for you that the class was super expensive, but my fingers are crossed that the Krav and the YMCA is a good class that you like. When is it?
  3. ... no shepherds pie??? The mind, it boggles Well done for going to boxing, and everything you managed to get done.
  4. I can appreciate that, very much. Especially with small gym - they do clutter things up. And frustrating that kickboxing could really use the numbers (and the influx of cash?) even if only for a few weeks. Perhaps also because it's free? I think that has something to do with it. Woohoo for only falling over twice! That selection does sound interesting - which dvorak? Enjoy jujitsu!
  5. dbexx

    dbexx's Challenge

    I am TOTALLY holding you to that - if it doesn't get better, I'll hold you responsible Frustratingly, I knew I ought to go back a few weeks, I just figured that because I was only 3 weeks in to start with, it'd be okay. How wrong... I think it's partly the quitting smoking/vaping, too, because I just felt like my lungs were emptying themselves of gak - great but also so gross. And thank you! I should maybe have said shoes and sticks and Spanish food just for the alliteration of it. Ah well
  6. I think there is some sodium in leaves, but not those amounts... honestly my bet would be that there is a lot of sodium counted for the restaurant dressing.
  7. How well things seem to be going, with your wife also enjoying the class, and the weight and the meditation and the lamp and everything - I'm really pleased for you! Thank you for the video, looks so cool
  8. That's some real perceptible difference right there! Awesome, well done you.
  9. I am so envious of your indoor track that I could honestly cry. Sucks about Ellismania, but I am totally keeping my fingers crossed that you still get to fight - and good on you for being resoloute, fight or no fight.
  10. dbexx

    dbexx's Challenge

    Yesterday was super up and down. No e-cig (woo!), ate the planned food (woo!), tapas was awesome (woo!). However Running was fucking awful (if I'm not supposed to swear please let me know and I'll edit). I run at a track, and it was really wet and really windy (I know, cry cry, at least it's not a blizzard). It's been a few months since I last ran, and I erroniously thought I could just go in on the same week of C25K. I was nearly sick. I nearly gave up half way through. Instead on the "free runs" parts where you can run or walk, I chose to walk until I felt better, and then I managed another 4 minute run. But yes. It felt horrid. I need to do some serious work to actually get back out there again, because right now I feel really despondent about running in general. But my food is all planned for today, my e-cig is nowhere to be seen (maybe I should throw it away), and I have training tonight. All good things. Stupid running. I'm assured that for a lot of people, when it stops being so very tough at the start, it gets to be fun. I want to just keep going to that bit, and then I can decide based on, like, evidence, rather than just based on lack of fitness.
  11. dbexx

    dbexx's Challenge

    You should! It's such fun Thank you for the welcome, it is much appreciated Loads, then. Awesome
  12. Woot woot for hitting your main goals so far. I'm rooting for you picking the phone up and calling someone.
  13. I like the idea of the unwind ritual very much. I'm a creature of habit too and I think something like that is great. For me, I get home and do housework, because I know that if I hit the sofa, that's it. The Dylan Thomas is beautiful.
  14. That does seem like a massive amount of sodium :/
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