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  1. Good grief! I didn't realize the challenge was over. Time flies when you're having fun I guess. I'm taking the next challenge off...super busy right now. I'll continue building healthy habits, but won't be updating here. Once things settle in life a little I'll be back. You guys are awesome! So here's my overall score and final update for this challenge (I'll update personal stats after work). Goals 1: Healthy Eating - Go Primal with my diet. 70/30-79/21=B (STA: 1.5/CON: 2.25/CHA: .75) This worked well, but I'll still need to work on eating better. 2: Rollin' with my homies - Be able to do a roll. Roll from a standing position=C (STR: .5/STA: .5/DEX: 1) The rain kept me from being outside to try running with this. It's even raining today. This will be something I'll continue to work on, though. 3: Academy Training - Bodyweight Brigade. 12-13=D (STR: .5/STA: .25) Workouts definitely suffered. It's not to say I didn't get some form of exercise in, but I stumbled during this challenge. I'm glad I can do most of the workout at home, though, because I dread seeing how crowded the gym is right now. Life Quest I'm bringin' artsy back - Start taking pics again! >38=A (WIS: 1/CHA: 1) This went great! :-) And I even got some wonderful pictures from it. Woohoo! Beginning and End Personal Stats Height: 5'4" Weight: 174 lbs. | 171 lbs. Bust: 39 1/4†| 39 1/4" Under bust: 35 1/8†| 34 1/2" R Arm: 12†| 11 7/8" L Arm: 12†| 11 7/8" Waist: 34 1/4†| 34" Abs: 39†| 38" Hips (top of pelvic bone): 41†| 40 1/2" Butt (across largest part): 43 1/2†| 43 1/4" R Thigh: 26 1/4†| 26" L Thigh: 26 1/2†| 26" R Calf: 15 1/2†| 15 1/4" L Calf: 15 1/2†| 15 1/4" Loss - 3 lbs. and 4 3/8" Beginning and End Attributes Level 4 Woof Elf Assassin STR 10.25 | DEX 8.5 | STA 12.75 | CON 9.5 | WIS 12 | CHA 11.25 Level 5 Woof Elf Assassin STR 11.25 | DEX 9.5 | STA 15 | CON 11.75 | WIS 13 | CHA 13
  2. Well, I missed updating 2 weeks ago so I'll hit 2 with one update. :-) Healthy Eating - C and B Rolling - As stated previously, the rain has kept me from moving further on this. There's no place big enough for me to run and try to roll and outside is just drenched (happy for the rain, though). So a C since anything more cannot be tried right now. Workouts - A and F. Yeah, so nothing happened last week with the workout. Not too happy with myself about it, but I shall focus on the future and keep moving forward. Pictures - A for both weeks. Pictures galore!!!!
  3. Got 75% for the eating portion of the challenge. Woohoo! Workouts ended strong and are continuing this week and I'm taking pics like crazy. The rolls are going good, but there's nowhere for me to practice while moving/running. It's been raining non-stop for over a week and my gym and home aren't large enough to use for that. :-( I'm think I'm up for starting it from a run, but can't try. Any suggestions? Otherwise everything is going pretty good. Very happy with how last week turned out and this week is starting off great, too.
  4. Doing pretty good this week. The workouts are going great, the roll could use improvement, eating is at 85% (but there are 2 holiday parties today and more over the weekend - this will be a hard weekend!), and taking pictures is going well, too. This is the first really good week I feel I've had in a while. Woohoo! Now to stay strong for the weekend at parties.
  5. Last week was a blur! Short and sweet version. Food = 75%, Workouts = 2/3; Pics = 100%; Roll = 60%-70% :-)
  6. Okay, so a good week considering. Didn't have the energy to get in 3 workouts this week, but got in 2. :-) Food just doesn't taste good right now and I'm feeling full (but still hungry) very quickly...like 3 bites quickly. I get an 80% for this week since I ate chicken noodle soup and crackers near the end. Not too bad, really. Overall an okay week especially under the circumstances. Looking forward to rocking it this week!
  7. Eating has gone well the rest of this week. Had a meeting downtown yesterday and lunch was sandwiches so that wasn't good, but I'm otherwise on track. Caught up on workouts, too. Unfortunately, I caught whatever bug the rest of my family had and was up most of the night. A little better now, but still feeling sick and dizzy. If my family is any indication then I'll be better by tonight and ready to continue working out (lightly) tomorrow. :-)
  8. Just saw the last part of your question, Tateman. I'm hoping to go as Wonder Woman...a mix of new 52 and the original. We'll see how it turns out. I'm very excited!
  9. And an update for this week. Well, everyone in my house is sick, except me. I have a minor sinus infection, but nothing compared to the rest of the family. Eating is still an A for now, but it's slipping as I'm eating whatever's I can quickly grab then getting back to take care of everyone. No practicing rolls and, so far, no working out. :-( It's frustrating, but with 2 sick kids and a sick husband it's to be expected. Luckily, everyone seems better today, so I'm hoping to get to workout tonight and get a full nights sleep. The rest of the week is looking good.
  10. I don't really know how to describe it other than a roll...a shoulder roll? It's kind of like a somersault, but you go to the ground with a forearm/shoulder first...not the head and hands. Does that make sense? If you look up parkour roll on Google you can get images and video. :-)
  11. Finally back to the Internets! Thanks for checking in on me. :-) So, the update for the 1st week. Goals 1: Eating could have gone better, but it wasn't awful. I got a C. But Savannah, people, Savannah. So many excellent places to eat. Yum! Focusing on reigning things in for week 2. 2: The basic roll is pretty good from the ground. Still have to work on standing...I didn't think it'd be scary, but I just keep thinking about cracking my neck or something. Haha once I get past that I'll be good. 3: Training is going well. Stayed downtown in Savannah, so we walked everywhere...didn't get in the car until we left. It makes me realize how much I miss living in an area where I can walk to get almost anywhere. Life Quest Taking pics like a mad woman! Some of family and friends, some of sights and surroundings, and some of tiny details of whatever's around. Having fun all the while.
  12. Fantastic! You guys totally rock it. Keep up the great work!
  13. I have been in Savannah this week, so eating has been a little outside of normal, but not failing! Otherwise, I'm doing pretty good. Woohoo!
  14. Great tips on helping with dizziness. Definitely something for me to keep in mind throughout this challenge. Thanks, all!
  15. I have found my people!!! The Ender series has been a favorite since childhood. Though, I must admit, the Shadow series is my preferred portion. This is a great intro to the Assassins for me. Love you guys!
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