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    I think my issue is waiting too long to eat and then getting a headache before I eat. I've been waiting until around 12-1 to eat instead of eating around 10am so I'm going to try and work on that.
  2. Thanks again. My partner and I have decided to focus on ourselves and our health again, so we are eating more cleanly. I am aiming to eat as close to paleo as possible, which is going well so far. Goal Update: #1: Water: Instead of keeping track of my water intake via 64 oz, I am checking my pee (I know gross) for the color. I'm also trying to fill myself up at the end of meals by finishing my glass of water instead of looking for a snack immediately. I feel this is better than stressing myself about drinking and keeping track #2: Moving: I took two weeks off because of a family issue a
  3. j_addict


    Thanks everyone. I entered my food into a calorie counter and I was low on calories. I had a larger snack and the headache went away. It wasn't a paleo snack, but at this point eating mostly paleo in a day is pretty good for me. Thanks for the help!
  4. j_addict


    I have toyed with the primal/paleo idea for awhile and have tried to make the paleo/primal choice when I reach for food. But I keep getting hit with headaches. Anyone else have this issue? I am drinking enough water so I keep thinking I'm not eating enough, but once a headache hits I rarely want to dive into vegetables and even when I do eat nuts or something to stave it off, I still get a headache and have no clue why or how to avoid it. I might be eating too little, which is why I think I need to eat more but it seems like grains are the option that rids the headache and when I'm trying
  5. Thanks. I know it's just making the best choice for myself at the right time, but sometimes I just feel like eating terribly and dealing with my feelings later. I know that's not how to do it, but I'm doing better today now that the holiday is over.
  6. Hi Hiraedd, it's not going very well. With the holiday I basically fell of the wagon.
  7. I posted in the previous challenge, oops, this is much better. I know I'm a week late, but better late than skipping it entirely. Main Quest: Lose weight and be a healthier, fitter, me. This has been my quest for awhile but since I moved I gained 5 pounds back from my last real push to lose weight. While the number isn't everything I want to fit into my clothes better, run farther, and have energy to keep going. I want to get back to my challenge #2 beginning numbers of weight: 119 and fat %: 24.5 Goals: #1: Water, water, water! Drink at least 64 oz of water per day through usin
  8. Retracted and moved to the correct place, in the current challenge.
  9. @Tateman Thanks, I've really been slacking with my eating now that the challenge is over and life is getting crazy, but I hope to tighten it up soon and start eating well again. @Blaidd Thank you. I do enjoy learning from these challenges and it helps me more than just completing my goals. I like the freedom of learning and refocusing goals, and then using the last challenge to help the next one.
  10. WHAT I LEARNED FROM THIS CHALLENGE: 1. Stay small with workout goals until I'm doing them past my goal. Like the BBW, I liked doing it once a week, or more, but some weeks I wouldn't do it. As much as I want to push myself, I need to stick to it at least once a week, and then when I'm doing it like a flash twice/three times a week, I can move on. 2. Don't focus on calories. I hated this. It didn't help me make good choices and while it did help me gauge things, it also made me feel guilty sometimes which led to overeating other times. Instead I want to focus on the food I'm eating and wo
  11. WEEK 6 SUMMARY Goal #1: NF bodyweight workout: I just bit the bullet and did it. I'm glad I did, it's easy and quick and something I'll carry through after the challenge. 1/1 Goal #2: Eating 1000-15000 calories: I did this but was very loose with my eats, definitely need to both stay loose but make good choices. Goal #3: run 1x a week: We didn't run but did walk 3 miles in 95 degree heat so I counted it. We did work, and sweat. 1/1 Goal #4: read a book a week: I definitely did this. I read Room very quickly and was glad to have a book to escape into. 1/1 WHAT I LEARNED FROM THIS C
  12. WEEK 5 SUMMARY Goal #1: Complete 1 NF workout per week: I definitely didn't do this this week. I wasn't feeling it and despite it taking five minutes, I didn't do it. 0/1 Goal #2: Eat 1,000 to 1,500 calories per day: I have been falling off the wagon. My weight loss was stalled/plateaued so I let myself eat cookies and some other junk. Then we ate out several times, tired of salads and the usual dinners. 4/7 Goal #3: Run 1x a week: Definitely didn't do this. The weekend was busy after hearing back about getting approved for our apartment and then we started packing to move. It's no excus
  13. Thanks Tateman. I'm glad that things are getting better and I'm finding ways to work out again. I guess I just needed a break from eating and to loosen up, so that I could make progress.
  14. I have a skin condition/allergy that affects my hands but only when I eat peanut butter. I tried what i thought was a pretty minimal bar the other day and two days later I was broken out. The delayed onset because of my body processing the peanut butter is what sucks and made my diagnosis impossible from the doctors. I figured it out myself and tested it the other day because I thought I would be fine, turns out I must avoid it. That sucks that you had a setback, but great that you figured it out. I hate when things crop up and have what seems like no known cause, and you have to play detec
  15. I know I haven't been running but week 4 I got some motivation and ran twice! My MapMyRun didn't save my first run, but my second run was saved and the first was about the same as the second. 8/24 and 8/25 total time: 31.29 distance: 1.92 pace: 16:24 We keep between a 15:30 and 16:30 pace which has been pretty consistent for us. We focus on running the times and getting through it, running faster to get better mile times will come with practice. I'm hoping we get out to run this week at least once, he's pretty into it so that's good at well. We feel accomplished after we finished, and the
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