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  1. Wings and beer helped a lot. Thursday is 60 cent boneless wings. Thursday is also field day, and the best way to field day is to be inebriated for it. Good plan. Now, however, my liver needs a break and I need to not drink anything more than an odd beer every now and then for the next month.
  2. Just realized this is the penultimate day of the challenge! Tomorrow I'll do a final look back and evaluation, but here are some of my musings so far. I'm happy with the consistency that I've lifted, in addition to morning PT. My gains haven't been as great as when I first started the SL program, but I'm still making progress. As for the eating healthy aspect, I'd say I get a B-/C+ between all the drunken munches, hangover recovery breakfasts, fast food on the road, etc. I've done decently well, my weight is steady, but I definitely haven't stuck to clean eating as a hard rule more than 80% of the time. I haven't been stretching as much as I should, but it hasn't been awful, either. And so far, I've managed to avoid major injuries. I get tightness and some pain in my left hip when I squat, and I recently pinched a nerve in my right hand doing OHP, but nothing that has seriously hampered my routine. TODAY: I meant to sleep early yesterday, but a bunch of friends I've been promising to hang out with begged me to go out drinking with them last night. I literally got the call at 930pm when I was about to log off and hit the rack. But no one remembers the nights they got a good sleep, right? And borderline alcohol abuse is practically a requirement of being a Marine, so I grabbed caffeine and we hit it pretty hard last night. Got back around 0200, babysat one of my friends for thirty minutes, then stayed up playing WoW until 4am, drinking water/gatorade and tanking randoms. Fun times. I just want to say that I've probably spent more time drunk/hungover the last 3 weekends than I have spent in any other state. Not good, but I've discovered techniques for managing my hangovers which are also questionably healthy for me but effective nonetheless. It usually involves drinking 3 liters of water and a liter of pedialyte (though gatorade can be substituted). And, in trading shame for a hangover-free second half of the day, I usually eat a large amount of greasy carbs. I don't know what it is about hash browns or pizza, but they do an excellent job of soaking up all the alcohol. So I woke up around 0930, put in an order for pizza, lazed for an hour, got the pizza, ate, then went back to sleep for 6 hours. I woke up feeling pretty much normal. So today I did a fairly light, dumbbell workout. Squats: 10 body weight, 10 @45lbs, 10 @65lbs, 10 @95lbs, then 5-5 @115lbs. Flat Press: 5x10 with 30lb dumbells Bentover Rows: 5x5 with 40lb dumbbells 21's: 2 sets with 15lb dumbbells Have I mentioned before that the barracks gym doesn't have an AC? I'm always pouring sweat during my workouts and today was no different. Aaand that's how I know I'm properly hydrated again I can probably only get away with living like this for another 3 or so years, so I better live it up, right? Rah.
  3. I've been super busy at work and plagued with domestic troubles since my last post, so this will be condensed. 28 August: Soccer. Again. 29 August: Squats (135lbs, 1st try) 5-4-3-2-2 OHP (70lbs) 5x5 DL (195lbs) 1x3 30 August: Did a WWII re-enactment of the Battle of Tarawa. It's a volunteer event available to the Marines here. We get to dress up as WWII Marines and run around with era weapons shooting blanks. I got to shoot an M1 Carbine which was great. The only downside was the uniforms were very, very heavy and thick and it was 105+ degrees outside. We were baking. Oh, also my friend and I went out for a night of epic drinking, got back at 0200 and had to leave for the event at 0430. It was brutal. Being out in the heat on 2 hours of sleep while hungover is not an experience I'd like to repeat. On the other hand, I got to pew pew a cool weapon and pretend to not be a POG (Person Other than Grunt; often used as a pejorative) for the day. 31 August: Had duty, which is a 24 hour post, so I didn't get to workout. Sad. 1 September: Squats (135lbs, 2nd try) 5-5-5-3-3. I'm so ready to get 5x5 next time. Bench (100lbs) 5-5-5-5-4. I failed on the last rep and narrowly escaped dropping the bar on my face. Had to do the roll of shame. Row (100lbs) 5-5-5-4-4 Also, we had the 1st off for Labor Day and it was my friend's birthday, so we went out drinking again. Didn't hit it quite as hard, but still were hungover the next morning for... 2 September: Morning PT Sprints. Goddammit. We got back about midnight the night before and managed nearly 5 hours of sleep. I think I woke up around 0300 and pounded water. Pounded more water when I woke up, took 400mg of ibuprofen and pepto bismol. Barely avoided puking during the sprints. We did 4x 400m sprints with 10 squats between and a minute of rest. Then we did 2x 100m sprints. As an added bonus, I wasn't the slowest person, which I am proud of considering I am the only female in the platoon. Maybe they were feeling lazy from the weekend, but considering my state at the time, I'm pretty happy. 3 September: Morning PT was fairly brutal. 60 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 flutter kicks, 100 squats. Finish each exercise completely before moving to the next. I don't have a resistance band anymore, since the other class graduated leaving me the only female. So I did do them on my own. Just, y'know, with a lot of jumping and kipping. Still, I wasn't last. Then we did front/both side planks for 45s each, 3 rounds. I'm still very much feeling everything from yesterday. Core, legs, arms, shoulders, upper back. 4 September: Which is why I didn't do a full SL workout today. That and we had a brutal, brutal exam today and need to nurse our souls with some B-Dubs and beer. So I decided to take it easy since after yesterday, there's no way I could make progress with SL. Squats (45lbs) 5x10 Arnold Presses (20lb dumbbells) 5x5 Deadlifts (145lbs) 5x5 The reason I picked a lower weight is because when I did 195lbs, one of the major limiting factors was my left hand grip. My left grip just isn't that strong, so I want to work on that by practicing deadlifts with just an overhand grip (instead of mixed) until my grip improves. I also got one of those grip strengthening devices you squeeze and some chalk. Like I said before, I've been dealing with some domestic problems which makes me want to cave and hide away in my room. I've been sticking to my routine as much as possible, though I suppose my eating habits haven't been the best or very consistent lately. However, my weight is still the same. Seriously, the exam we did today was a 5 hour nightmare of furious working, and we all would have still killed to stay for a 6th hour to finish. Five hours of working through pages of information, synthesizing it into a single report rigidly formatted into tightly packed lines of pseudo-language. Having some experience with C++ and Java, I can say that the reporting we do is way way way more rigid and incomprehensible. Anyway, off to go eat wings and drown my sorrows in beer. Cheers.
  4. The best workouts are the ones you get in while playing, Also, totally trust your instincts if that guy gives you weird vibes. What he's doing is weird and invasive of personal space. I understand approaching someone if you see them doing something unsafe, but giving oodles of unasked and possibly incorrect advice is something else entirely. Even if it's a little uncomfortable, you might want to politely decline his advice and ask him to leave you alone if he approaches you again. A little awkwardness one day is preferable to having him bother you every time you work out.
  5. Well, I record my lifts on my phone using the StrongLifts app, so that helps. The OHP is definitely my hardest lift. Quest 1 Status Update: Let's see. So the bars and squat rack in the barracks gym were all on lockdown on Friday and through the weekend because people suck at cleaning up after themselves. So, I decided to switch things up and do a dumbbell workout. - 22 August: I did squats while holding a 50lb dumbell. I could feel it working my core a lot more, holding the weight in front of my chest. I did 5 sets of 10. I also did bench press with 35lb dumbells. It was good and I could feel it working all of the stabilizing muscles. I think I'll switch it up and do dumbbell exercises on weeks that I stall. I could also feel it working my grip. My left hand is very noticeably weaker than my right hand. I've always known this as I've managed to do one-armed pullups with my right hand, but my left hand grip always failed. I also did 25lb dumbbell rows, and lying t-bar rows with a 35lb plate. - 23 August: Went to Fort Davis to visit the McDonald Observatory! I got to tour their research telescopes (including the 10m telescope which is the largest in North America) and also attended the star party. So many stars! It is a very remote location. Even in Fort Davis if you go just two blocks away from the "main street" you can see the Milky Way. While I was there, I visited the Davis Mountains State Park. I didn't have time to do a long hike, but I did the Skyline Drive and got out at the scenic points and probably hiked about a mile in all. - 24 August: After Fort Davis, I drove to Balmorhea State Park where there is a natural, spring-fed swimming hole in the middle of the West Texas desert. It's amazing and beautiful. The water is clear and crisp. Some parts of the pool have deep , rocky bottoms where fish swim, while others have been paved like a traditional pool. However, due to the clean spring water and lack of chlorine, the bottom is very slippery with natural growth. I swam quite a bit and had fun jumping off the high dive. Many parts of the pool were 25+ feet deep. In fact, some people were completing SCUBA certifications there. I never imagined that one could scuba dive in west Texas. I got my certification in Monterey, but haven't been since. But, I did free dive down to the bottom. It's probably the deepest I've ever dived on a single breath, and it didn't even seem that hard. Especially after scuba diving, I knew to equalize the pressure in my ears on the way down and felt like I had plenty of breath to come back up. It was fun! After that, I drove 3.5 hours back to base and was exhausted. But, I still wanted to get some lifting in. I was lacking the motivation to go to the main gym, so I did another dumbbell workout. More squats with the 50lb dumbells (5 sets of 10). I tried to do OHP with 30lb weights but failed, so I switched to 25lbs and did them seated, 5x5. I decided to give deadlifts a try with 40lb dumbbells and while they didn't work my back/legs much, my left hand grip was definitely tested. - 25 August: For morning PT we did a pullup workout. Technically it was a circuit of 5 pullups, 10 pushups, and 15 squats. However, the only thing I really felt were the pullups. in fact, two days later, I am still sore from them. The goal was to do as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. To be honest, about 5 rounds in, I stopped doing 5 pullups and just did 3. Mostly because my arms were no longer functioning. I was jumping and kipping for every pullup by the end. The pushups weren't pretty either. I took my time on the squats to give myself a breather before having to do pullups again. Did I mention I am still sore? - 26 August: For PT we did a brutal sprint workout. We did Blue Falcon (aka Buddy Fucker) runs where you pair up with someone. So while they sprint a lap around the track, you do 15 pushups/15 squats/ 12 lunges/12 flutter kickers and then hold a plank until they get back. Obviously, if your buddy is slow, they fuck you over and you hold that plank for quite some time. However, I don't think my platoon sergeant really thought this through, because it generally takes more time to complete all those exercises than it does for a FAST buddy to sprint around the track. Luckily for me, I had a fast buddy. And even if I am not so fast, he rarely made it to the plank before I returned. I'd like to say that I'm not a buddy fucker, so I really did sprint. We did this for 5 rounds. It was awful and we were exhausted afterward. - 27 August: Today! Today I did squats (130lbs), Bench (95lbs -- I didn't have a spotter), and Row (95lbs). Deloading worked! On August 3, 6, and 8 I tried to squat 125lbs and couldn't. On the 20th, I did 125lbs 5x5 successfully. Today, I did 130lbs 5x5 successfully! Hooray! Yay! Friday I put on the 45lb plates Like I stated before, my upper body is very much still feeling Monday's PT. Without a spotter. I didn't really want to to risk 100lbs, so I did 95lbs 5x5. On the bright side, the 95lb rows went really well! Probably better than they have gone in awhile. I am excited to see progress again after stalling, even if my weekend workouts were slightly disrupted. But speaking of disruption, I didn't want the partial gym closure to impact the progress I've made on deadlifts, so I decided to squeeze that in today as well. I loaded up the bar with 195lbs aaaannnd managed to do 2-2-1. My left hand grip kept giving out on the 2nd rep. Clearly I need to work on this before I can increase my deadlift. On the plus side, warming up with 135lbs seems very light and trivial. Lifting 195lbs on the other hand felt shockingly heavy. But I am not disappointed with my progress so far. I think I will intersperse more dumbbell workouts throughout my week to improve my grip. I might also get something that I can squeeze while sitting around in class. Quest 2 Status Update: - Food was okay during the weekend trip. My weight is holding steady at 131-132lbs in the morning. I am happy with how I look. Also, the local brewhouse with a great selection of craft beers has Pint Night on Wednesdays where you get to keep the glass. Wednesday drinking is wonderful. Especially because class is turning my brain to muuusshhhh. Quest 3 Status Update: - I need to stretch more. I am still sore from Monday, holy shit. We usually do about 5 minutes of stretching after morning PT, but it's not enough. I have to stretch every evening as well. My upper body is in pain. Also, I think I strained the left side of my neck somehow during squats? I was PTing in boots which gives me an extra inch, so I had the pins one higher than usual. I think this was a bad idea as I had to strain a bit to rerack the bar. It doesn't hurt so much right now, though. Okay, time for bed. I am exhausted.
  6. I haven't died yet! I guess I have a bit to catch up on, but I've been making good progress. Quest 1 Status Update: -14 August: This was the day after the CFT, but the first day of deloading weight. I did Squats (115lbs), Bench (95lbs), and Row (85lbs) and completed each set fully. Decreasing the weight really helped, and helped replenish my confidence and momentum. Morning PT was soccer. Again. Because that's all we do for "Sports Day". We just call it Soccer Day now. On the bright side, my soccer skills have improved from "non-existent" to "minimal". -16 August: Finally spent another weekend in San Angelo instead of traveling. Unfortunately, at 0445, we had not-so-surprise room inspections and a very unexpected piss test. This is unfortunate because I went out and had a few drinks on Friday night, so waking up 3 hours later on Saturday morning to get my room tossed was not my idea of a good Saturday. And, as one of the few female NCO's, I had to be an observer for the piss tests. Watching people pee for two hours is definitely not my idea of a good time. I made it back to bed around 0800 and managed to sleep for two hours before I had to hustle over to a volunteer event. Spent 7 hours at a hot outdoor range grilling up burgers for a Marine Bulldog Association which raises money for local scholarships. It was "Take Your Daughter to the Range" day and rather cute. Even better, a former Marine EOD tech showed up with an arsenal. After we finished up and tore everything down, he got out a bunch of handguns and let the Marine volunteers shoot. I got to shoot a few including a suppressed Walther P22, which made me envious of James Bond. Anyway, this is to say I didn't do a full workout on Saturday because I was exhausted by the time I made it back to base. I did squats (120lbs), OHP (65lbs), and deadlift (175lbs). The OHP was also deloaded, and the squats I finished 5x5 but barely. And then my buddy and I went out to drink and the night was glorious. And exhausting, but who looks back and remembers the nights they got a good sleep, right? -18 August: Due to crazy lightning storms all week, and some class graduations, we didn't have unit PT at all this week. Fine by me. Monday I did squats (120lbs, again), Bench (100lbs), and Rows (95lbs). The squats I did a full 5x5 with good form. The Bench I got someone to spot me and totally failed on the last two sets (5-5-5-3-3). Rows were supposed to be 90lbs, but for some reason I couldn't find 4x 10lb plates. I have no idea where they went, so I just used 25lb plates. Oh well. I got 5-5-5-4-4. -20 August: Today! Today was a great day. For one, I had lunch today, and green tea before lifting. I did squats (125lbs), OHP (70lbs), and deadlift (185lbs). I finished the full 5x5 with the squats and it felt great. It may be a little weird, but I try to do the first three on one breath. As soon as I let that breath out, it feels like the energy and power leaves me. If I don't knock out the first three reps, I feel like I don't have enough juice to finish. The OHP was 5-5-5-4-4, so not bad. I'm confident that I'll have it next week. I'm super excited about my deadlifts, though. It's the only lift I've consistently improved on. I've reached the point where my lower back isn't even sore from deadlifts anymore. I warmed up with 135lbs and it felt light. Very exciting. I hope to break 200lbs soon. Quest 2 Status Update: - Food has been good except for my nights of drinking. But I am having a ridiculously good time, so I kind of refuse to feel bad about it. Haven't weighed myself in awhile, which is how I prefer it. But, I love how I look, and I feel strong, so. Life is good. Quest 3 Status Update: - Haven't been stretching quite as regularly, but I've also been less sore. I stretched a lot after the CFT, but without morning PT, my muscles haven't been that sore. Crazy how much more tired I am after PTing in the morning. Anyway, sorry for the long pause in updates. Still on track, though. Improvement is addictive! I'll be going away this weekend. I'm headed to an observatory for a star party! If there's one thing being in the middle of nowhere is good for, it's looking at the stars. With the graduation we had this morning our class is now the senior class. And I'm still at the top of the class! Insha'allah, it will stay that way. On the downside, I just went from being one of four females in our platoon of 19 to being the only female in a platoon of 20. The new class showed up with 14 people and not one of them women. Sigh. Honestly, it's the first time I've been the only female in a unit. In fact, I'm the only female NCO here, excluding staff. There's something lonely about that fact, though it's hard to explain since I rarely make best buddies with other female Marines. But I'll miss having other females around, just for the shared experience of it all. Especially at PT! Being surrounded by males, I'll have to step up my game. Being the last to finish sucks. Anyway, here's to hoping the rest of the week passes quickly. Hope everyone else is doing well!
  7. A tiny thing like a few caramels every now and then won't kill your progress. The way I see it, a healthy lifestyle makes a life worth living. However, a life spent avoiding all gustatory delights isn't exactly a life well lived, either. Anyway, I like the idea of avoiding the pizza. Like any good quest reward, your reward shouldn't undo your progress or make you weaker. It should make you stronger, or make the journey more enjoyable. Your reward could be new clothes, exercise equipment for the home, yoga mat, massager for sore muscles, running shoes, etc. Also, great job with the running and flexibility! You're making progress in each of the 5 Elements of Fitness! (Flexibility, Muscular strength/endurance, cardiovascular endurance, body composition, joint mobility/body awareness)
  8. Hell yeah! It's great when your cravings actually start to reflect what your body needs. And hooray!! One of the best things about exercising regularly is feeling that you're in control of your body and not just chained inside a stubborn sack of flesh. It certainly improves buying new clothes and getting dressed in the morning when you can see the payoff of your hard work. Go you!
  9. Haha, maybe I did need some rest. The SL 5x5 program is really straightforward and you're supposed to increase the weight on each of your lifts by 5lbs (or 10lbs for the deadlift) the next time you do that lift assuming you finished all 5 sets of 5. However, if 3 workouts in a row you stall on that lift and don't complete a full 5x5, on the fourth workout you deload. I think insufficient rest was part of the reason I was stalling, but I've also been thinking about drinking some coffee or tea before lifting in the afternoon. After all, we do PT in the morning, spend all day in class (which does require a lot of brainpower) and then I lift around 4pm having skipped lunch. Anyway, I did my CFT for score today!! Hooray! Obviously I didn't lift yesterday and I'm pretty doubtful about lifting today. If I do, it will be a greatly reduced workout. I managed to improve in all areas, too! Last time I ran, my muscles were gassed out after the run and I felt like I didn't have any fuel left. But this time, I slept really well the last two nights (7.5 hours each), and I ate a decent sized lunch and dinner yesterday. I had 6 of those PowerBar Performance Energy Blasts chews which have 25mg of caffeine (about 1/4 cup of coffee) about 50 minutes before we started to help wake me up, and one of their Performance Energy Blends which is basically banana/bluberry puree and dextrose. Having that fuel there for my muscles really helped a lot. (Imagine that!) - Movement to Contact (800m sprint) is still the only section I lose points on, but I ran 3:36 for 95 points (vs. a 3:40 for 94 points). - Ammo Can Lifts were still easy. I past 60 for max points and did 62 before realizing I was done with about 40 seconds to spare (2 minutes total). As a note, max points for males is 91. I've done 91 in 2 minutes in previous years and I'm pretty sure I could do it now. Especially since I've seen some of them use pretty awful form to get their first 60. However, since this was for score, I decided there was no point in tiring myself out unnecessarily. - Maneuver Under Fire also improved this time. I ran 2:47 vs. 2:54 last time. Max points in 3:00, so no point improvement there, but I'm still pleased as punch. I'm pretty sure I missed the grenade throw, so without the throw penalty, I finished in 2:42. Hooray! It helped that my buddy this year weighs nearly 10 pounds less than me. (Your buddy has to be +/- 10lbs of your weight). In all, I got a 295! Hooray! Hopefully if I keep up the good work, I'll be slated for a real life level up in the first half of next year and I'll pick up Sergeant. Insha'Allah! Celebratory dinner with the class tonight! Hooray!
  10. Good job on making it! Hiking uphill is always tough, and a mile of switchbacks is never fun, but the feeling of accomplishment once you're at the top is nice. Even better is getting home and collapsing Hopefully you and the family can get out and do more moderate hikes in the future. As always, proper timing (cool mornings) and hydration will have a huge impact on how pleasant a hike is. I'll usually bring a liter for every 2 miles, but generally not more than a gallon for an all-day trip unless it's particularly strenuous. I feel like hikes give you a better appreciation of all those fantasy books where they walk dozens of miles a day.
  11. Quest 1 Status Update: - 8 August: This was my last day of trying workout A (Squat, Bench, Row) at that weight level before needing to deload. I did 2 full sets of squats (125lbs). For whatever reason, I felt absolutely exhausted from the week, and settled on doing 3 good reps for the remaining 3 sets. Bench (95lbs) was about the same, 5/5/4/3/3. Before I started, I decided to test rolling the bar off. It's certainly do-able, though a bit painful. Still, I don't doubt that I could get out if alone in a pinch. The last set was a little scary . I'm glad the bench I use has 3 sets of pins which makes it easier to rack even if you're failing. Rows (95lbs) were also the same story, 5/5/4/3/3. Maybe I was just tired? I don't know, but I've accepted that I probably won't be able to progress day to day anymore. - 9 August: Went to Barton Springs in Austin! If you ever get the chance to go, take it. It's beautiful, clear, cold, and absolutely refreshing. It's a 3 acre, natural, spring-fed swimming pool. Swam and played around with friends. Probably did about a quarter mile, in all. Lots of treading water and playing catch since we didn't want to hit unsuspecting strangers congregated in the shallows. - 10 August: This was also the last day of trying workout B (OHP, Deadlift) before needing to deload. Squats were deloaded to 115lbs, which was manageable. However, since the CFT is in three days, I didn't want to risk being even a little sore. I did 5/5/5/3/3 which was fairly easy. The OHP as 75lbs was 5/5/3/3/3. The third set was still in good form; the last two sets were push presses. Again, I only pushed for 3 because I didn't want to be sore for the CFT. On the other hand, the Deadlift is the only lift that I seem to be progressing in still. I did 165lbs, which is 125% of my weight. I'm pretty happy. Definitely had to dig deep and my grip started to fail on the last rep, but I didn't drop the bar. I think I would really like some chalk for this lift. As a side note, I've stopped supplementing my 5x5 workouts with other stuff, mostly because of time. Before, when I was only resting 60s between sets, I could blow through the workouts pretty quickly. Now, however, I'm usually resting the full 3 minutes (or more, if I fail) between sets. Instead of only taking 30 minutes, It's taking closer to an hour. Thankfully, unit PT still introduces running and other variety into my routine. Quest 2 Status Update: - Didn't overindulge with drink (mostly since I had to drive), but I might have overindulged with food. After swimming, which always leaves me ravenous, we got fried chicken from Lucy's and it was some of the best fried chicken I've ever had. So good. Afterward, we saw Master Pancake Theater do Jaws and I ordered a chocolate chip cookie. Chocolate chip cookies (particularly my girlfriend's, since she's a kick-ass baker) are my weakness (along with ice cream), and I haven't indulged in too long. Still at 132lbs, but I'm not so worried since weigh-ins aren't imminent. There's a Body Pod on base that can accurately measure body fat. I think I'll go try this later this week. I'm going to try and eat well and very clean leading up to the CFT. Quest 3 Status Update: - Got a deep tissue massage today to try and attack that awful knot near my left shoulder blade that keeps flaring up. She dug in there really good, but I'm thinking my 3 hour drive and lifting probably didn't help the muscles stay relaxed. But considering the fact it didn't bother me on a day to day basis and only flared up under a lot of stress/physical strain, it's probably not going to go away after just one massage. Sad.
  12. Congrats on the running! 2.5 minutes is more than what Week 2 of the Couch to 5k program even calls for! It seems like you're doing really well sticking to healthy living. If at some point, you want to take on running more directly, the C25K program might provide the right amount of structure. Each week consists of 3 workouts lasting about 20 minutes. The first week is just to alternate a 60s jog with 90s of walking. Keep kicking ass
  13. I totally forgot! As of this Wednesday, I've been doing StrongLifts for 6 weeks! Ding! STARTING STATS Squat: 45lbs Bench: 45lbs Row: 65lbs Overhead Press: 45lbs Deadlift: 95lbs CURRENT STATS Squat: 125lbs (+80lbs) Bench: 95lbs (+50lbs) Row: 95lbs (+50lbs) Overhead Press: 75lbs (+30lbs) Deadlift:155lbs (+60lbs) As an added bonus, my name didn't end up on the final roster of Marines to report to the MAP board. I don't know how or why, but I'm quite happy. Hopefully, this means I can lift and eat with impunity until October! My body is still quite sore today from the week's activities. I'm feeling that core workout which tired out my hip flexors too. My hamstrings were also the tightest they've been since I started. We played touch football this morning, which was probably just enough movement. Thankfully, I didn't get taken down on accident this time. I didn't do an extra afternoon workout to supplement this time, though I did do a bit of jump roping to warmup in order to stretch. I spent a good 30 minutes stretching and rolling out my lower body. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, I'll feel well enough to lift again. CFT for score on Wednesday. I'm driving to Austin to visit friends over the weekend. I'll be sure to lift tomorrow and on Sunday. Though, I might take it a little easy on Sunday to make sure I'm fresh for the CFT. I'll also take it easy this weekend and not totally overindulge in food and drink. Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  14. Quest 1 Status Update: - 6 August: Today for morning PT, we did a core workout, thank God. My body is still feeling the pullups from Monday and run from Tuesday. We did a number of exercises, some of which were new to me, particularly planks with hip dips. I don't remember the whole thing now, but it took about 45 minutes and was probably exactly what my body needed. I didn't do the 5x5 program again today, given the fact that I am still quite sore. I still did squats, overhead press, and deadlifts, though not in the prescribed sets. With squats I started with an empty bar like I usually do to warmup, and did sets of 5, increasing the weight by increments of 10lbs with only short rests between. Once I got to 125 (what I was supposed to lift today), I did a set of 5 and a set of 3. I didn't push, as I feel rather sore and just this side of injury. For the OHP I also started with an empty bar and increased by increments of 10 to my current max of 95lbs. By then I was already fairly tired, so I only managed to do a single rep twice. Deadlift went better. I started with 135lbs and did a set of 5. Then I did a set of 3 at 145lbs and a set of 3 at 155lbs. Technically, I was supposed to try for 165lbs today, but I didn't want to push it. Quest 2 Status Update: - My weight is back to hovering around 130 or 131. I'm still eating smaller breakfasts, skipping lunch, but eating good dinners. Today the chow hall had swiss steak. I had that and sweet potatoes, a spinach salad with baby tomatoes, and a vegetable medley with lentils, eggplant, and tomatoes. And a slice of watermelon which was delicious. I am happy and full. - Still no word on when the MAP Board is supposed to convene. But the CO has seen me squatting multiple times and the Master Guns commented on my deadlift today. So hopefully whenever it does happen, they'll already be amenable to the idea that I'm not actually fat. Quest 3 Status Update: - Perhaps the activity that has consistently given me the most injuries is distance running. Stress fractures, fucked up ankles, tight IT bands, messed up hips, so on and so forth. We only did 3.5 miles, but I haven't run anything longer than a mile since May when I took my PFT. I warmed up and stretched before and after, but my left hip is still quite tight and I can vaguely feel my old injuries in my right shin. I spent extra time rolling out my lower body yesterday and have been trying to stretch out my back and shoulders all day today. I got a good night's sleep last night and hopefully with another one tonight, I'll feel good as new in the morning. Overall, I'm still feeling good. Even if I'm not 100% on track, I'm still very much in the game. Hope my fellow Rangers are faring well too.
  15. PT was okay. Thankfully it was a self-pace run and not a formation run. I'm hardly the slowest person, so my biggest gripe with formation runs is that it's usually embarrassing for the slowest person and about half the people get nothing out of it. We did 3.5 miles and some change, plus I jogged to the starting point. Putting that at 3.75 for the mini challenge! In other news, I woke up and my back was stiff as fuck. Time for a hot shower before hustling to work.
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