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  1. I yoyo'd between weeks this time. Lets see, I recorded majority of my workouts with my fitbit since the beginning of February- Feb. 1 - 7: I made it 6/7 days with at least 30-minutes of activity Feb. 8 - 14: I made 3 days with 30-minutes and 2-days with at least 15-minutes Feb. 15 - 21: I only managed 1 day with a hike - it rained all week and motivation was 0 probably because I was busy with work Feb. 22 - 28: I managed to do 7/7 days with at least 30-minutes of activity, but forgot my fitbit for a couple of walks and today's strength training. Food... I cannot remember how it went for the first 2-weeks of Feb. I think it was about 80% on top of things Feb. 15 - 21: stuck really well to the diet if not to the exercise Feb. 22 - 28: We shall not speak of the failure that was sticking to the menu this week mostly not wanting to cook and not wanting the menu we made up - we need more flexibility and prep to make it work?
  2. Hmm, I get the hype for about a week and then peter out a bit week by week. I may be trying to do too much at once? Why be healthy? Be pain free and able to do (almost) anything! Hike Kayak SCUBA Dive Wetland delineations...>.> Honestly if I could figure out how to SCUBA every day and still get my work done I think I may find happiness... Haven't figured out how to get paid to do this where I can have retirement benefits and health insurance... 1. Do some exercise - 30-minutes each day walk, strength train, yoga, stationary bike, hike, kayak, SCUBA, Swim red is not really temperature dependent... <.< 2. Eat some food each day (just not too much)- 2 servings fruit 2 servings dairy/alternatives 4 servings grains/breads/pasta 2.5 servings proteiny things 5 servings of veg 3. Use the metric system.
  3. Exercise Tracking 10 x wall push ups 10 x assisted squat 10 x leg raise 10 x at 40 lb resistance band overhand rows 10 x at 40 lb resistance band underhand rows 10 x at 40 lb resistance band triceps extensions 20 x alternating high knees 15-minutes on the exercise bike 10-minutes static stretching 2021/01/01 | 2021/01/02 | 2021/01/03 | 2021/01/04 | 2012/01/05 |
  4. I did spring for a rowing machine, however I found the one I purchased was very awkward and uncomfortable to use so got rid of it. I don't quite have the desire to buy anything more expensive right now :$ I tried sitting on our stationary bike and pulling my resistance bands as a proxy too. It was a lot unstable, I don't recommend. Cheese does melt on vegetables, it's a great hack to get people to eat their vegetables - my problem is not the eating of the vegetables, it's the wanting of the soft ooey goey package of meat, bread, and cheese - veg doesn't do this and it is incredibly unappealing when softened - better for me to find ways to avoid it altogether, especially with the mild lactose intolerance I seem to be developing as I get older. Podcasts are great - usually I start my day either listening to an audiobook or podcast - the problem is remembering to restart them after I've had to take a call or attend a meeting. Some days those back to back meetings with a free hour right before the end of the work day are the worse - I don't have enough time to do anything and I can't focus one what I need to get done.
  5. Meal Plan Week 1 (Jan. 3 - 9) - changing this up a bit since I 100% forgot to take into account that this week is the week my uterus must shed it's unfertilized lining - it's also going to be chilly. Breakfast: Cereal (bran flakes or other low sugar, high fiber type), banana, non-dairy milk, dried cranberries Coffee with a splash of cream (so far does not upset my digestive system and makes me happy) Lunch: Leftovers! Omelet with tortillas and salsa or turkey arepa with roasted carrots on the side or turkey noodle soup optional to try with small amount of shredded cheese for flavor as a test Dinner: Gumbo - shrimp & ham with the trinity over rice Stroganoff - mushrooms and turkey with yogurt based sauce Stir-Fry - eggs and Chinese sausage with carrots Huevos Rancheros Giant Salad & Spaghetti - Turkey and Eggplant Red Sauce Pho - Turkey wings, broth, all good things Giant Salad & Pizza Night Chipotle BBQ Turkey with roasted chili potatoes and chayote squash Peas & Pasta with Ham x2 Pecan Butter Turkey with Greek style baked potatoes and roasted green beans Stirfry Garlic Sauced Turkey with roasted carrots & broccoli over steamed rice x2 Miso & Five Spice Shrimp Tacos with cabbage slaw and bell peppers (might need to sub something for the bells, out of season) snacks: corn muffins chips & slasa dark chocolate nuts
  6. I am very excited about 2020 burning in a dumpster. Yes, I totally understand that a new year will not make everything that continues on from 2020 disappear, but there's just something about the prospect of a fresh page that is hopeful, slightly daunting, and over all, an up tick of not being in the previous moment. I did a lot (probably too much) of introspection yesterday: I have returned to my undergrad habit of eating fast food all of the time (with a 33-yo metabolism) I have returned to my love affair with Mt. Dew (ambrosia of the gods) I really hate exercise (except swimming, but I need warm temperatures and 80% of the local population vaccinated) I do love to hike and kayak and SCUBA dive, but I need time and light to do these things which is not feasible with the prepackaged 8-hr a day (really 9 when you include the lunch break) 5-day a week work schedule My first challenge of 2021 will be geared towards managing my anxiety - something general, non diagnosed, but pervasive. First to tackle - curbing the fast food cravings My Trigger Foods Steps to success Second to tackle - get those sweet, sweet zzzz's Steps to success Third to tackle - stress and anxiety Stress Triggers Stress Indicators Steps to success
  7. Hi Xena, I do not have a fancy swim trainer, though those are pretty awesome. I use a 40 lb resistance band at the moment for each of the arm strokes. I took some video of the movements this morning. I t is not 100% analogous, and I have to adjust a good bit on fly especially. I will see if I can get it uploaded to the site and link it back
  8. It actually seems to be helping me keep on top of it this time around. Not sure if it is something for everyone. I think Talos did this kind of thing, but weekly rather than by day if I remember correctly.
  9. Similar goals. Might try out your point system, it seems more of a happy place than my self beratement.
  10. I too would love to be efficient at the productive adult task cheers!
  11. On the 23th day of December, my path to health granted me -- significant otter has a fever. Oddly no other symptoms that he mentioned. Took a couple of walks trying to get some sun, went for pub subs for lunch, risotto for dinner. working on a new meal plan for next week.
  12. On the 22nd day of December, my path to health granted me -- today we went for a couple of walks (best thing about your boss leaving work early is that they don't ask you to do anything at the last minute of the day!) We grabbed lunch out again, this time from the Greek restaurant up the road rather than Wendy's -.- I need strategies for helping with the impulse to "I want French fries."
  13. On the 21th day of December, my path to health granted me -- happiest of Yule tidings! I rode the bike, and I, with a large discretion at lunch though due to poor planning, stuck to the menu -- in hind sight, I should have just made nachos...
  14. On the 20th day of December, my path to health granted me -- we did all the food prep today -- I've also been feeling off and kind of tired today so I have not worked out. Racked the cider we've been brewing Processed a pork shoulder for tacos, tamales, and what have you Made all of the pickles Made a bunch of stock Had stir fry for dinner with the last of the Turkey we had bought the week of Thanksgiving (freezer's are the best)
  15. On the 19th day of December, my path to health granted me -- so we got "breakfast" from Popeyes and hit up the Asian market for food this week.. Eventually we went out for a walk and managed to make food for early dinner -- homemade pasta with kitchen sink pesto, bacon and spinach.
  16. On the 18th day of December, my path to health granted me -- didn't do so great today -- took the kitties to the vet today -- drop off appointment -- poor kits were stuck there all day and we picked them up a little after 6 pm. Picked up some fried chicken on the way home. Decided to cuddle over getting up to exercise, so no exercise today.
  17. On the 17th day of December, my path to health granted me -- vaguely feeling the whole I think I'm done with tasks at work, at least the immediate and big ones. Rode the bike after and stuck to the meal plan!
  18. On the 16th day of December, my path to health granted me -- Played some Beat Saber this morning -- couldn't sleep because we had a public meeting, the reports I worked on the night before needed to be posted, all of the technical difficulties of the morning, yada yada -- at least I could work out, most of the time that gets put to the wayside in my panic -- I hate it -- I'm not even procrastinating! Ok rant over Did request my significant otter pick up Greek food for lunch, so now we are deviating from the meal plan by making pho tonight.
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