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  1. Oh, sometimes the jiggly thing is caused by water retention. I do not know how to successfully get rid of excess water. I've tried various approaches (drinking more wather than needed, drinking small amounts of alcohol -for the dehydration factor-, eating more -to get rid of metablic excess water-) and saw no results. After that, I just focused on getting stronger and stopped stressing about being a bit puffy from water retention. It has been better since. Imho, Vintage gave you the best advice you can get. Try to be stronger, fitter, and eventually you'll achieve that look you are afte
  2. If you ever travel to Bilbao, give me a shout It is all way to the north of Spain though!
  3. Indeed! One has to accept life as it comes and not stress too much about trivial stuff like "oh, I missed 3 workouts". It could be worse! You just have to keep the good habits when the stressful situation finishes. Anyhow, time to recap and grade this challenge... 1) Let’s lift!: lift like someone else's life depended on it (4 STR, 1 CHA) I missed 3 workouts out of 18, not bad at all! This one is a B. Even though I suffered a "lifting plateau" and last week was a mess, I am satisfied with the progression so far. I increased the weight I lift in every exercise (Squats, Deadlifts, BP,
  4. Yep, totally agree. Actually, I'm going to skip net challenge. Will keep with the habits, I just want to keep doing what I'm doing now and getting better at it. But I can't consider it a challenge. Most probably will open a daily battle log to have data to work with, but nothing else until I finish my PhD.
  5. This last week has sucked... a lot. No workouts, crappy sleeping, crappy eating, not much fun. Just work, work, work, 14 h hours of work everyday... Not a good way to finish the challenge Will measure and weigh in on Sunday, see how disasterous this last week has been....
  6. I've found that BP with the bar feels a lot like arm work, as well. At first I thought that maybe I didn't know how to engage chest mucles properly, but now you mention it... I don't know. I was planning on talking to a very good instructor here at my gym (he used to compete in lifting for the Basque Country, very experienced and helpful guy), see what he recommends. I'll post any advice I get! Thanks It is very rewarding to see the numbers go up!
  7. Weeep, writing is keeping me super busy, so I always forget to update.... Last week was a bit weak: I got a cold, and I gathered strenght to go to the gym too late everyday. That meant that I was lifting stuff at 21:30 ish, and not so motivated as when I do that in the mornings... Anyhow, lifting is "almost" going as expected. Bench press: 30kg (66-ish lbs). Squat: 40 (88 lbs) Push press: 28kg (61-ish lbs) Deadlift: 35 kg (78 lbs) Asisted Pull-Up: 15kg (3 reps), the rest with 30kg I'm stuck with BP. I've been increasing weights by 1.5 Kg every week, but with bench press is like...
  8. Gratz on getting classified for Brazil As for the jeopardized quest, how about you tell us which room you want to change this week, and we ask about it endlessly? You might work on it just to shut us up
  9. I've found that writing down the weights of my lifts on my arm so I can see them while at the gym makes a huge difference...Yesterday I was checking them and thinking "just one little disc more and I'll make that 30 kg turn into a 32..." How weird is that for motivation
  10. Ah, but you travelled! Tapas (or pintxos, as we call em where I'm from) are not the healthiest but they are really, really good! I think it's okay to try local food when you visit other countries, even if that messes up a bit with your goals... Not like it happens all the time!
  11. How did it go? Lifted all the heavy things and moved towards your goals?
  12. Gah, I wanted to. But I am so broke at the moment (not that I think it's expensive). I'm considering joining at some point in the future, tho
  13. Oh, that Molly Mac Pack may not look sexy but might be one of the more clever pack designs I've seen to date!
  14. Hehehe, you could get a net hammock and wrap yourself with a military blanket Anyway, if you get to experiment with different set ups let us know!
  15. This thread could use a little bit more updating! I'm doing fine, I just can't find the time to update this, I'm such a mess... Anyhow, small sum up: The Lifting: Cool stuff, a always. Progress has been slow but steady, I like what I see when I compare the starting and current weights. Bench press: 22 kg (50.7 lbs) --> 30kg (66-ish lbs) Squat: 28 kg (70.5 lbs) --> 38 (84 lbs) Push press: 18kg (39.6 lbs) --> 24.5 (54-ish lbs) Deadlift: 25 kg --> 30 Asisted Pull-Up: 30 kg --> 15kg (only 2 reps, but I'm sooo happy about this) The eating: I've been neglecting this part
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