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  1. Just found this thread. Saw some posts about Krieg in Borderlands 2. I'm finally playing as him on my 4th or so playthrough. Totally different mindset to play and any air bosses or badasses are a pain. However anything on the ground is dead in a few hits. I've also been on and off with Civ 5 and the borderlands telltale game. Considering getting the Game of Thrones telltale game, anyone tried it?
  2. Hello and welcome! Sounds like you are trying to be accountable for going to the gym? I'd recommend finding a friend to workout with at your schools gym or if you can't find anyone you can always post on here and find someone to keep you honest. In regards to having time to get to the gym I recommend setting it up like a class. I managed to stay healthy and earn my engineering degree this way by having 3 'credit hours' of strength training on top of my course load. Hope you like it here!
  3. I'll be spending 3 months in San Diego starting in January, any rebel meet ups then or should we get one going? I'd love to make some new acquaintances while I'm in the area for work!
  4. Hello rebels across the sound! I recently moved up to the Bremerton/Silverdale area and would love to meetup with some fellow rebels from the area! I don't know the area well but I'd be willing to take the ferry over to the big city.
  5. Hello Rebels! I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for a workout buddy who lives in Kitsap County, WA. I workout onbase at Bangor but wouldn't mind meeting up at Naval Base Kitsap. Let me know if you're in the area and interested
  6. Welcome! Your at the right place since most people here will get the Romanov reference! When you say you want to be healthy what does that look like for you? Do you want to eat better, exercise more or start exercising? Once you have a more specific goal getting there is much easier. I still struggle with setting good goals myself so I realize it's easier said then done. What kind of writing do you do?
  7. Hello fellow rebels!!! Where to start... When I first joined the rebellion in 2011 I was a senior in high school. I have since gone to college and earned a degree in mechanical engineering last May. In June I moved up Washington for a job and to try out a new state and life since I have only lived in NM until now. I'm 22, single, and in a brand new area that's a hardcore Navy town. I don't have any family up here and there isn't much to do here without driving 30+ minutes away (Seattle is an hour ferry ride away). I've made some friends through work but meetup.com doesn't have much for t
  8. Burque/Socorro resident here. I've never been to Hooters or Twin Peaks but I was in Denver a couple of weeks ago and wandered into the tilted kilt expecting a pub or something and was most happily dissapointed!
  9. This ammo shortage is still a killer. Now that everything has gone to production I can find .223 at on ok price now and then. On the other hand now that everything has gone to production I cannot find powder to reload with which is a real killer since I can reload .223 for about $.20 a round instead of buying it for $.40
  10. haven't been on here in a year or so... O.O

  11. Anyone here shoot service rifle or smallbore competitions? I've never hunted but do a fair amount of rifle competition shooting and will be looking into getting a pistol after I complete college.
  12. Anyone here ever had a back injury? I think I overtrained and/or had bad form with squats last semester and after resting during finals week I could no longer get through my warm up set on any of my lifts without pain and loss of energy stemming from my mid back around the spinal region. I am going to see a physical therapist in a month and will wait to see what their diagnosis is but I was wondering if anyone had any stretches or remedies that might help out here?
  13. Found it and subscribed. We probably should establish where the subreddit should go and what the Rebellion wants from its own subreddit
  14. What's on my mind? What is this, Facebook?

  15. Right now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Trying to balance school with healthy lifestyle and personal stuff is getting to me. It wouldn't be so bad if I could get my head in the right state of mind but my thoughts keep wandering to random places that aren't helping me get stuff done.
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