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  1. When does running become enjoyable? I know this is subjective between people; does it become enjoyable because it becomes easier or does it become enjoyable because of habit? With either what is the benchmark? Easier = 3 minutes of running with no 'out of breath/stitch' feelings, or habit = 4 weeks in? I guess I am still in the "...it hurts, this sucks, why am I doing this…." stage :/ and not to repeat myself but it sucks. <\end whinge mode> Running will be interesting this week, I spent all my fuel money on the damn Steam sale :/ so now I have to cycle into work (20kms each way)
  2. So I tried the GMB plank alternative, and I cannot lift my legs off the ground :/ I am sure I managed to briefly last night but haven't been able to do it again since, so I guess it is something i need to work on. In the meantime I will do 20 of these knee to chest things and at least once or twice a day try to lift my legs off the ground in that hold.
  3. Teirin - that is excellent! This is exactly the kind of thing I need to progress towards the L-Sit handstands. I will give it a shot tonight and see if I can do them/how easy they are so I can then work on how many to do or how long to hold for.
  4. Goals update Pistols are going very well. My first attempt got me 3 on my right leg, then after a rest the last 2. The left leg managed 2, 2 and the final 1 (damn left side always weaker). Now I can do all 5 pistols on the right leg and 4 on the left. I will work this week on increasing them to 10 each leg. Once you get the hang of them and do a few you improve dramatically; at least at the start. In my experience that initial first rep elation followed by a 500% improvement quickly drops to a grinding struggle; but here's hoping pistols will buck the trend. Push ups are getting easier, thou
  5. Revolter, I agree we are born to run, but somehow I am pretty bad at something that should be an intrinsic movement. I have been googling how to run videos, I looked up the chi running on your mention. It looks interesting. I am still unsure if I can learn to run faster/better or it is something that only comes with practice. In the meantime I will be looking up peoples advice videos and then seeing how much of them I remember come the next run. Kishi - yep full depth. Glute to calf. Teirin, do you have a suggested harder plank? I see ones with one leg raised, some with one arm raised. I
  6. I will admit Kishi, that I do judge a persons fitness on how well they can handle running. It doesn't matter how many squats they can do, how much they can lift or even how chiseled they look, if a short run leaves them heaving they become 'unfit' in my eyes. Unfortunately that makes me unfit by my own standards, hence the push towards running. I do not have the build of a runner, I will never break any speed records, it's all about being able to handle cardio like a boss. I am hoping I will grow to like it once I develop some skill in it. My other goals are going well Teirin, I went fro
  7. Thanks for comments. I am glad I finally came to throw out BMI, it did help me lose weight, but then became an enemy of progress once I reached my goal weight. My first run was Monday, I didn't give myself enough distance for 20 minutes of running and had to do laps around the campus. The sun was shining, the weather was perfect and the terrain great but I wouldn't say I enjoyed it. I am really not a fan of running. I didn't do so badly, 60 seconds of running, 90 of walking. I was able to catch my breath after 40 seconds of walking. I was incredibly tired 2 hours later though; which was a pr
  8. "Whether it be the sweeping eagle in his flight, or the open apple-blossom, the toiling work-horse, the blithe swan, the branching oak, the winding stream at its base, the drifting clouds, over all the coursing sun, form ever follows function, and this is the law. Where function does not change, form does not change. The granite rocks, the ever-brooding hills, remain for ages; the lightning lives, comes into shape, and dies, in a twinkling. It is the pervading law of all things organic and inorganic, of all things physical and metaphysical, of all things human and all things superhuman, of all
  9. OK, long neglected. Results: Achieved: Crane Stance for 5 minutes20 Roundhouse Kicks200 overhead squatsSide Splits - Groin to Ground200 Speed Ball20x Thrown Ball100 Hand StrengthenerWalk 5 Steps on handsFailed: Front Splits groin to ground (heaps of improvement but not groin to ground)80 consecutive pushups (maxed out at 74)5 Different arm holds (2/5, fail)Hold 15 second handstand (5 seconds is my best and it's a fluke)5 vertical pushups (still stuck on 2)Flips and Tricks (got headstand, star cartwheel and over sideways land together. Didn't get handspring, 3/4)No Handed cartwheel (LOL)L
  10. Ugh, neglected to post for the last few weeks. Everything got messed up with my Black Belt Compliancy and then a surprise Brown grading in Karate. (Passed both :} ) I held off on the squats because I couldn't afford for my legs to be in pain and less responsive. Long story short, I did my 150, but haven't done my 175, still going to attempt 200 this week though. Dreading it already. There are definitely parts of this challenge I am going to fail I am projecting 10/16, which is a good number and leave enough for next year to work on. Hope everyone else is doing well with theirs, the holid
  11. Week 3 schedule. Officially mid-way through! Update on how I am going: Splits - I am ready to use blocks/props for the side splits, because I don't think I can get lower than I am now without stretching past 180. I am not ready for props for the front splits yet though, on either side :/ patience is key. Pushups - Going very well! 50% more than I could do 3 weeks ago. Awesome progress. Hand strengthener - might have hit my limit here. I can get 50, just, but 60 causes too much cramping. Which is even worse with my left hand than it is with my right. Crane stance - Is going well, although
  12. Hahaha, no. I am doing the vertical push ups with a wall behind me, I think doing a free standing vertical pushup is for another challenge. I managed to walk some 7 steps on my hands over the weekend, trying to do a handstand. Turns out walking on your hands is a lot easier than going into a handstand and holding it still. It's all super fun though!
  13. Week 2 schedule. Still working on the 5 second handstand, buuuuut 1st Vertical pushup achieved!
  14. All I can say of yesterdays morning task, the difference between 50 squats and 100 is a LOT. My legs wanted to stop at 40, it was quite a teeth-gritting challenge to just keep going. My quads are still a little sore today ... So far this challenge has taught me that I have never really pushed my limits. I doubt doing 50 squats last week allowed me to up it to 100 this week. Which means, I've always stopped when my legs started to quiver and never kept pushing. I assumed I could get 5-10 more past quiver point, and yet yesterday I managed at least 40 more than that. I am amazed at how much fu
  15. I am not so sure if that is real or not. If it is, he must really trust those truck drivers!
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