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    Bigm, here, again

    Oof. Yeah. If surfing the web was considered reading books I'd have read an entire library by now. Eat less. Move more. Lift heavy. Right now just focused on those three. When I get below 210 I'll which to leangains style intermittent fasting routine which has worked for me in the past. Lightswitch rave! (warning: flashing image below)
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    Starbuck aims for routine amongst big life changes.

    Hey welcome back! I'm on pins and needles awaiting the food log of tasty German food. Yum.
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    Bigm, here, again

    Two challenges down and starting off with a hectic schedule for the third. But first, recap where the yearly goals are: The goals for the year Strength-wise Get the big 3 lifts back to intermediate levels. Deadlift - 2xBW Current is 275 or 1.25xBW Squat- 1.5xBW Current is 235 or 1.1xBW Bench1xBW Current 170 or 0.75xBW. Be able to clean and jerk/snatch again. No real progress made on this in the last 2.5months. Space constrained Cardio-wise: Run a 5k without stopping consistently No progress Body movement-wise: 10 consecutive pullups and ring dips. No progress over the last month, sadly. Hold a free-standing handstand Nope. Stop being injured Haven’t reinjured anything so far. Body composition-wise: Get to 205lbs and maintain +/-5%. I'm at 218lbs. Broke the 220 barrier last challenge Lose the keg, get a 6 pack. Starting to get some visible definition. Shoulders and back definition Looking better. Shoulders are starting to get faint outlines. Random life goals: Read 30+ books this year. Finished 7 so far.I started a non-fiction which is dense so it’s slowed down a bit but there are a few new releases this month which will up the totals. Learn the piano Tried to make some progress but it was half hearted at best. Visit the Pacific Northwest. Nope Goals for the Challenge This is a hectic challenge. Week 0 was a loss as work stress and long days got in the way of lifting and eating priorities. I’ll just take it as an unplanned rest week. I also have a week long work trip during Week 1 so access to gym and routines will be a bit different. It’s been years since I have squatted without squat shoes so I plan to modify my program to not go heavy while I am away. But once I get back it’s back to the grind. Strength wise: Chase some 5 rep maxes Time to buckle down and start the long grind back to strength. I’ve got a 4 week block planned which I’ll probably run twice for 8 weeks total. Then deload on week 9. Week 1 will get a pass as I am out travelling for work. Body-comp Continue to not eat like an asshole. Week 0 was a bit of a set back and I have a week long work trip during week 1. Add some targeted accessories for back and shoulders. Front plate raises, heavy barbell rows, pullups, etc. Cardio: Since I am travelling it is a good time to see if I can still run and how well my ankle feels. I’ve packed my brace and stuff to run outside so I should be able to wake up early get in a run and head to the office. One week of couch to 5k to test the waters.