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  1. In my head I imagine you going around and hugging all of the barbells and chatting with the dumbbell rack as if it were a long lost acquaintance.
  2. Instead of flowy robes I decided to move everything into the kitchen. Lying on the cool tile floor with the fridge open is a joy. I can still pretend to be a wizard even if I've become a puddle My frugal nature has yet to succumb to the idea of creature comforts. And yes, sleep is ass right now. On the brightside I am thankful for being single. I cannot fathom the idea of being next to another heat generating organism right now, let alone sleeping near such a thing. I just pointed the fan at me on high speed. Makes me think I am bombing some downhill streets like a Tour De France pro. Also, I did not realize I can sweat so much in so little time. If I did have roommates, I would have had a no-clothes-above-90F agreement in the lease. We're all adults here and a little nudity can be tolerated for the sake of comfort.
  3. Quick update: It's been well into 90+ degree F territory the last few days. I don't have AC in my condo. Not usually a big deal since normally I would be at work all day, but not this summer. I have basically surrounded myself with fans and given up all pretense of putting clothes on. Sleeping has been awful as has pretty much everything else. Damn near shaved my hair off because it's soooo hot right now. Just plain irritable. On the workout front, I picked up a used bike trainer to add some cardio to my days. I hate running and biking around my neighborhood isn't great. At least my legs are moving and I count that as a win.
  4. So last time I was here, I had just hurt my back lifting, spiraling into an ego bruising pity party that included too much drinking, bad food choices, and overall self indulgent whining. Luckily it is a new challenge, and despite my poor mobility habits these last two weeks, my back is better so it's time to get back to the barbell and start building up strength again. Goal 1: Pick a Program Given I hurt myself I am going to switch from the low volume 5/3/1 in order to get some lighter weight higher volume work in to strength my weak points. Leaning towards a Smolov Jr run for bench and squat, and a Cube method for some lightweight deadlifting. Goal 2: Accessorize! I need to focus on some back and joint friendly accessories. Good mornings with an empty bar felt fine last week so I'll try these out, along with some superman holds to strengthen the erectors and add in some upper back accessories like pullups and rows. Goal 3: Mobilize more throughout the day Back when lockdown started I was doing okay at getting up and moving every few hours and working on pullups and KB stuff. So I'm going to pick this back up. This time it is a bit easier since I have the GMB Mobility program all loaded on my computer. So I should, at the very least, be able to mindlessly follow the videos to move better. Goal 4: Handstands and pullups Thisis a stretch goal but man I really want to rededicate to getting my freestanding handstand as well as get back to 8 pullups in a row. I was close about 6 weeks ago, so I just have to carve out some time to work on them daily. That's it. Let's go.