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  1. I will probably give it color eventually and I don't mind playing with it, but I have decided on the next tutorial and I know if I continue to play around with my giraffe I'll end up seeking perfection which, as we all know, is the enemy of the good. I'll come back to it after I try my hand at something else, so that I can continue learning.
  2. Thanks for the feedback So for the neck, it was difficult for me to do with such low polygon counts, so I added a boat load more faces and used the sculpt tools to make it a bit more gracefully neck like Here's a side view, and I tried to play with the hind legs a bit to give them more of a multi-joint system. Also, you can see the different between low poly boxy look and the high poly more sculpted look. There are still some artifacts on the neck that I haven't gotten rid of that are causing the render to have a sharp line in the middle of the neck.
  3. So work has absolutely been kicking my butt the last two weeks so all goals have really fallen off the rails. I took some time this morning to disconnect from work for a bit and work on my 3d giraffe. So here you go: Looks like a passable animal. I also learned that the horn thingys on a giraffe are called ossicones. i haven't lifted in forever and my body is feeling it. My ankle is mostly fine I just have to get over the mental block of putting weight on it. I have work until 8pm or so tonight so I am hoping tomorrow morning to find some time
  4. True, it's not about abusive individuals more along with corporations. And also governments too, using these data collection methods to suppress dissenters or political opposition to those in power. China, Russia, North Korea have a history of using nefarious internet data collection to target people they don't like. For abuses towards individuals, I highly recommend this article by the NYT which covers smart phone tracking. The journalists were able to get a large data dump of phone location data, and, well, here's an excerpt: " In one case, we observed a change in the
  5. I miss going to drive-ins. There was a nice big one an hour or so south of where I lived in Texas that played double features for a $10 entry fee per car. Such a great time when you pack a picnic and drinky drinks.
  6. Oooo I can put on my tin foil hat now! It's not even tied to every site you log in or link from FB or google or whatever. You see all of those social media icon buttons on a blog or other webpage? That's FB/Instagram/Google already on the site and tracking things. The javascript that runs those buttons sends a bunch of data back to FB so now, even though you aren't logged in, and even though you typed the address into the browser, FB will know that some accessed their share/like button from your IP address. Which that IP address lives in a giant database of other connections to you
  7. It was a slow weekend Updates: Week 1 Day 1 Okay, starting off the official challenge with a whimper. I woke up Sunday achy and sore and couldn't stretch any of that achiness out. I blame 5 days of vacation drinking and eating catching up with my old man body. Delayed onset soreness due to poor life choices. So I didn't do much except a few chores around the house, and got groceries for the week. Ankle was okay but still weak outside of the brace. Week 1 Day 2 Today was better! I actually touched a barbell, which is the first time in wee
  8. In my few years out here, I am convinced west coast people are part plant. I shall be silently cheering you on during your burpees.
  9. Yeah, I definitely need to build up a folder for reference materials. I keep having the (false) impression that "true artists" draw only what is in their mind's eye or from memory. But the video series on using Blender has been helpful to kinda break that habit. I've come up with a simile to help me remember "Bigm, drawing brand new art from memory is like designing a computer starting from Maxwell's equations" Sure I could eventually get to the point of making a computer if I started with those 4 equations but holy shit the journey would take about 100 years. My engineer brain lik
  10. South Bay are nerd checking in. Is it sad that I no longer panic when there are forest fires ruining everything? I'm in a place of resigned acceptance. Every month is squat month. We just finished off a heat filled Squatgust and now we're beginning the glorious Squatumn season!
  11. It is satisfying. I am terrible at drawing stuff by hand, but this allows me to create something with a bit more precision. Like, if I mess up a polygon, I can just grab a vertex or edge and place it where i think it should go. Also Ctrl-Z for undoing mistakes is way better than an eraser. I don't know what's worse: ankle issues or shoulder issues. Stupid joints, why you gotta break so easily? Here's some lunchtime 3d updates for ya: The well is now mostly complete. Probably going to add a bucket handle, and maybe some grass clumps if i figure o
  12. But there are so many tasty food options out there in the world!
  13. Ummm, it's the stay-off-it-until-it-feels-normal plan? Last time I hurt my ankle I did a bunch of one legged standing to build back the stability and strength. This time I'll probably do a lot of Tree Posin' along with some banded mobilility work to get the range of motion back. It's all three really. Here's a basic scene I modeled from a tutorial: Without all the lighting: With some spooky night time fogginess Here's a more mechanical 3d model of the desk I want to build, where all the pieces are the correct dimensions.
  14. I'll edit this better later but for now here are the goals: Heal my ankle Goes without saying this is priority number 1. Restart The Smolov All depends on the ankle Continue to plot and plan the office desk Since work from home is now the new normal, I spent a lot of time over the last few days planning out my ideal office desk. So I am going to build it over the fall season but I need tools and I need materials and I need to probably practice so I don't screw it up too badly. Continue learning 3d modelling
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