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  1. Week 5 Session 3: Finally! Okay back on the wagon today. I didn't sleep great, but I had more energy today, and the weather was cooler, and I left the office early to WFH in the afternoon and start packing for my travel so I had more energy to lift. Back Squat: 5x4@300lbs Took about 3 sets to get in the groove again. Hips were definitely achy and I dread being stuck on a plane and away from a barbell for a few days because I'm gonna be stiff when I get back. Meadows Row 6x6@80lbs No issues here.
  2. I was supposed to lift today and tomorrow, but the exhaustion and crankiness caught up with me and I figure I should listen to my body and take another day off. The stress of lifting so much along with long days at work, the excessive heat (so hot right now) and the fact that my commutes are no longer quick have sapped my motivation by the time i get home. So. Extra day off to rest and recover before I burn out. But I do have some data for y'all nerds since it is the end of the month. I track a lot of things and some you may be interested in. First up, I wear a heart
  3. Have you considered going decaf for coffee? I gave up (my admittedly) addiction to the caffeinated stuff but i still enjoy the coffee ritual and having a warm mug of bitter water while i work. It's comforting The trace amounts of caffeine in decaf doesn't affect my sleep; it's been pretty great after I finally detoxed from regular coffee.
  4. Week 5 Day 2 First I'll post the workout, then we'll discuss Deficit Deadlift (2.25in box) 5x4@340 No issues Bench Press - Heavy Singles Day 1@ 215, 1@225, 1@235 F@245 5x3@190 Today was heavy singles day. The goal was to hit an RPE 8.5-9 single. I got to my current max and it felt good and less grindy than it did a few weeks ago. I know I should have stopped there. I know it. But I couldn't help myself and stupidly tried for a new 1RM. It failed and I did the roll of shame. I do have spot
  5. Weeeeeeeeek Fivvvvvvvvvvve is here! Week 5 for me started on a very late Friday. Again, not the best time for lifting and I definitely felt it. I need work to calm its collective horses for like 3 weeks so I don't die during training. Plz and thank you. Week 5 Session 1: Back Squat: 5x4@300lbs I liked 300lbs triples so much that the program gave me an extra rep this week! Definitely belted up for these and this was tough. Definitely had some pancaking on the last two sets. I did get every rep, but it was close on a few of them.
  6. Been a busy couple of days. Work has kicked into high gear. I've got multiple projects for my day job, and I am chairing a session of a conference so I've been sorting submissions and lining up reviewers to help evaluate all of them. Lots of paper work. Needless to say, I have been getting in my lifting time, but it has been rushed and the last two sessions I have skipped the accessories entirely to finish up and get to bed at a decent hour. Okay, on to the sessions, which is why we're all here: Week 4 Session 3: Back Squat: 5x3@300lbs
  7. Week 4 Session 2 Oh yes, it is time once again! Today's session was a long one. Lots of sets, even when I was keeping my rests short Deficit Deadlift (2.25in box) 5x4@295 Since the DL cycle is starting over, I upped the deficit and boy I am getting very close to pulling from shoe height. Bench Press 2x4@190 2x3@210 2x2@200 Gah. This is the second bench session in a row where I mis-loaded the plates. This program is making me dumber by the day. The brains vs brawn balance is lops
  8. WEEK 4 SESSION 1 Okay my mood as I start in on this week's sessions is two fold. These two moods can be summed up in the following GIFs: And: It's going to be fun because the intensity is going to be getting serious over the next 3 weeks. I'm also in danger because it's some pretty big numbers. Squat working weight has a "3" at the front of it, and bench has a "2" at the beginning of it. I have never started a bench working set with the number 2 in the over decade I have been lifting. My noodle arms are shaking at the thought.
  9. Week 3 Session 4 What is this?!? Another lifting session? But it's so soon after the last one! Yup. I am trying to finish 3 weeks of training in like 2.5 so I can travel. For today's session we have bench and RDLs only. Deadlifts aren't on the menu because of the AMRAP session on Monday. Yesterday's session below Bench Press 2x8@175 2x6@165 2x4@190 Yes, you read the weights correctly. I accidentally loaded the bar incorrectly. It should have been 165->175->190, but, uh, I don't know how to add. So I set a new rep PR b
  10. I haven't been defeated yet! It's all part of the program. It's meant as a squat overreach program, with a small incremental improvement in bench, and DL work is just to maintain strength and not hit any brand new PRs. The break down is as follows: Squat: Week 1-3: Preparation Phase - lots of reps to get the legs in shape. Week 4-6: Accumulation Phase - Increasing intensity but lower reps and higher weights Week 7: Deload Week 8: Accumulation - to get back in the groove of things Week 9-12: Peak phase. I'm going to be pushing some serious weight here.
  11. Week 3 Session 2 For this week's deadlift session we have a heavy AMRAP set today and then light stuff the rest of the week. Not a lot of volume. Deficit Deadlift (1.5in box) - A nice little appetizer 2x2@380 Easy peazy Bench Press 2x8@165 2x8@175 2x4@190 What a difference 5lbs makes! Last time I benched I failed pretty badly on 195. But today 190 was tough but not a tough struggle. I did also break out the wrist wraps for a little bit more support. Deadlifts - AMRA
  12. I've picked up the Leuchtturm 1917 A5. But I got the special 120g/m^2 paper weight version because I don't want my ink to bleed through. Plus the journal is more than just logs, I use it as a scrap book as well, with tiny pictures of places I've been or stickers/postcards I've picked up from my travels.
  13. Weeeeeeeeeeek Threeeeeeeeeeeee.... Okay, so, as with yesterday I slept in real late and it threw off my entire day since Sundays are for all the chores. And lifting of course. Week 3 - Session 1 Back Squat: 2x6@250lbs 2x5@265lbs 2x4@285lbs And now we are back in the land of appropriate reps. No more of this high rep volume stuff. Everything was feeling great today. I guess the extra sleep helped. Meadows Row 4x10@45lbs, 10@55lbs Back up to 5x10 this week. Honestly, these were
  14. 😮 I am nearing the end of my current grid lined journal and cannot wait to get a dot grid one like yours. So pretty! Shhh! Don't mention my program logs! They've become sentient and will add more volume if they hear you!
  15. You could always get crafty and make something,
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