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  1. Doing good so far rogaecia. Every week you don't fail your goals is a step of progress. Every week you don't ace your goals is a lesson for learning how to improve and be the better you of which you dream. You have a strong group of supporters who are happy to hear of your successes. Looking forward to your next week.
  2. I had a thought about doing Yoga poses for the mini-challenge as well. Just checked and found out about it. I have never done yoga either, but have a passing interest in trying it. As for your Pizza order, do not beat yourself up over it. Quite a few lifestyle plans actually call for a "cheat day". They stress not to go overboard, but by having that day once a week or twice a month to treat yourself (moderation is key) then you do not need to feel guilty, nor do you need to feel like you are denying yourself. In the case of your pizza, if you ordered a large, next time order a small. I
  3. Tateman, I wish I had your willpower, and ability to self-reason. I will eventually, but I wish I had it now. It is good to see you are making such positive strides in your life! Don't underestimate the power of pictures. Like you are recording your bowling, take a picture of yourself each week to track your progress. I bet you'll be amazed at the change in the end, especially with your motivation!
  4. LegoLady, it's okay to have a setback or two. This is your life, and you should enjoy it. But think of how much more you will enjoy it when you are able to look back at the choices you have made, admit there were some you were not happy with but see how you have grown and improved who you are. Rebelling against change isn't always good, but it isn't always bad either. It's about choosing which change benefits you. Times are tough when you fight against the establishment, but sometimes the establishment needs to be brought down. You aren't changing who you are, but you are. You will sti
  5. Remember OmHawk, lift with the knees. You can make your moving in to be a workout, and count it toward your goals, if you fit it into your routine. And all things in moderation. You can fit in study time, just plan your time out. Don't have to be completely rigid with the plan, but stick to it as much as you can, to fit in your goals. You retain the most knowledge during the first and last 10 minutes of study. So why not fit in 15 minute study breaks between moving in?
  6. If I had an iPod, that would work. I admit, I've missed a few days, but I'm picking back up. Not going the full two weeks I did last time. August 5 - Day 1 Week 2 Goal 1 Circuits Started a second circuit today. I made it up to 5 pushups, then was unable to continue. My left knee still burns initially when doing my body weight squats. Beginning of a knee problem? Beginning arthritis? It went away as I continued. It definitely burned at first though. Will edit in further goals as the day progresses.
  7. August 1 - Day 4 Goal 1 Circuits Was able to complete a circuit again today. Due to a intense burn in my left knee, I did not start a second circuit. Don't want to cause any permanent damage. This wasn't the normal muscle burn, but it only affected me when doing my squats. Will see how it feels tomorrow. Goal 2 Bicycle I did not ride today. Thought about it twice, and never acted on it. I've got to figure out how to stop this spectator mentality when it comes to what I should be doing instead. Goal 3 Cook I wasn't that hungry tonight, so I heated up some frozen egg rolls. It
  8. If you wish to have energy and do not want to have coffee, try an apple.
  9. Habits you make can be the hardest change you ever make, or the easiest one. It all depends on your overall mindset, level of conviction, and ability to recognize the habit and its triggers. Sometimes you know a habit's triggers and being able to change the habit is very simple. Other times the trigger is not what you thought it was, or is a complex trigger with multiple triggers, or if/and/then triggers. If you don't know the trigger at all, then it all depends upon learning what you can to correct the behavior. Is it possible to change a habit without knowing the reason why you do it?
  10. You can do this LegoLady. And remember, when you use the excuse you don't have time, think about if you really didn't have the time, or just didn't make the time. Continue to be awesome, and I'm here if you need me.
  11. Life is full of opportunity costs, Tateman, just a matter of making sure the opportunity is worth the cost in the long run.
  12. Tateman has better advice than I can give this time. You can do it. Frustration is good, because it means you have not yet given up. Frustration is always preferable to apathy. Fight through the frustration and find your solution. You'll learn something new about yourself, and have more information to beat that last imp to level up!
  13. Take a page from Thomas Edison, first invent 1,000 ways to NOT ride a bike or swim. Seriously though, both tasks are easy enough, if you get over the hardest part of it. Fear of something new. First step will be to try and balance on a stationary bike. It will not be easy, but you are much less likely to hurt yourself by getting a feel for how the bike leans. Then walk the bike. With you on the seat, feet barely touching the ground. This will further provide working experience with the way it will balance. The further you can go without pushing yourself again, the closer you will be
  14. Okay. I was only able to push out a 10 minute bike ride. I am spent. I forgot I had to take Mom to her doctors today, so I'll be up for a few more hours. I hope the plumber comes by today. After that work out + bike ride, I want a shower.
  15. July 31 - Day 3 Goal 1 Circuits I forgot to do them in the morning. I did them before bed so I wouldn't miss a day at least. I was able to complete 10 very shaky pushups, which translated into one very shaky plank. I'm wiped out, but I completed a circuit today. It's a start. Still breathing hard as I type this before bed. Goal 2 Bicycle Did not ride today, but I should change that. While I am still wore out from my circuit, to reinforce it. Goal 3 Cook Cooked a ramen soup for dinner before bed. It's a start, I'm going to cook a hamburger or chicken tomorrow. Goal 4 Study
  16. July 30 - Day 2 Goal 1 Circuits Got in one extra pushup, and realized I completely forgot about lunges yesterday. The body weight squats and plank were very difficult, and I was glad to get them out of the way. This is definitely not going to be easy, but will be completely worth it. Goal 2 Bicycle I did not ride today. Will have to get in a ride tomorrow. Goal 3 Cooking Burger King. Completing this goal is going to be as challenging to me as the last one was for cutting out soda. I'm learning that my sedentary lifestyle was out of laziness... Goal 4 Study The books have n
  17. j_addict, don't trust the scale. Muscle weighs more than fat. Check out dead lift lady under the site superheroes. Your best bet is to go by how your clothes fit and how you feel. Oh, if you like mystical fantasy books, I recommend Mercedes Lackey. First book in her Valdemar series is "Arrows of the Queen" I was utterly addicted and ended up reading the entire series of about 25? books.
  18. Tateman, sounds like you have been doing your research. If your interest is high enough to look into it, I'm sure you will do well. You have some good goals, and I look forward to being supportive if need be, but to otherwise just see your progress, and know it's possible for me to succeed as well.
  19. You have some great goals. I remember when I was stuck on public transportation for work. Here in Florida the Public Transit is passable, but you have to give yourself hours ahead of time to make the trip. I picked up a bicycle to get to and from work (no longer feasible but back then it worked) and I cut my travel time in half. The routes were busy enough that the bus would stop every other stop, and then there was the long interchanges because the bus would arrive right after the interchange left. Was a very good stamina building exercise.
  20. July 29 - Day 1 Goal 1 - Adventurer's workout I was able to complete only a partial circuit as I was unable to complete the pushups. I did all the other reps in the circuit. Just something I'll continue to work on, until I can complete the listed beginner workout of 3 circuits. If my success in sit-ups last challenge is proof of anything, it's that I will be doing 3 circuits by the end of this challenge. Goal 2 - Ride my Bike I did not ride my bike today. I won't make any excuses. I just did not make any time for it. Goal 3 - Cook for myself Again, I took the easy way out. Pi
  21. Nice specific goals. I am looking forward to hearing your progress, and I'll try to be motivational if you start to falter. You can do this J!
  22. These sound like some pretty firm goals, OmHawk. I'm looking forward to hearing your success, and will offer moral support along the way.
  23. Your social goal should be amended. Getting out and being with others is a two way street. You can reach out all you want, but if no one accepts you shouldn't penalize yourself for having made an effort. By all means, be honest. If you don't get a social outing organized the first try, definitely try again. You will know if you have been trying or not. This one is honestly one of the most complex goals. It's a very gray area type goal. Hell, if you can't get a social outing planned with someone, take the kids out to miniature golf or something along those lines. Strike up a conversati
  24. After failing my initial challenge, I've determined for this challenge I will focus on building a routine. My goals for this challenge shall all be centered around something I can do every day to improve my overall fitness. Goal 1: Fitness Perform the adventurer's beginner workout upon waking up. +1 STR +1 CON +1 WIS A:Every day within an hour of waking. B:An average of 5 days a week, within 90 minutes of waking. C:An average of 4 days a week, within 90 minutes of waking. D:An average of 2 days a week, within 90 minutes of waking. F:Better not happen, under penalty of losing 3DS privileges f
  25. My point isn't that you should take up dead lifting, it's just that you shouldn't sweat the scale. If you are in better shape, both physically and mentally, then the scale doesn't matter. In fact watching the scale can do more mental and will harm than good. Remember, it fluctuates on a daily basis depending on the contents of your gut, not just as a way to weigh your gut.
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