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  1. I've heard from native Spanish speakers that learning Japanese is easier than learning English for them because of this! I've only skimmed bits of Tae Kim's guide but from what I've read it's very good so it doesn't surprise me that the explanation is better than in Genki. It seems to explain things in a more logical order whereas Genki feels more like it tries to get you speaking politely to people as fast as possible without worrying itself with whether or not you really understand why the grammar is a certain way. Learn all of the polite forms of the verbs first so you can speak
  2. English (I can;t speak for other romance/ germanic languages but its probably similar) seems to be very *I* or human focused whereas others, like Japanese are very comfortable with non-human-things being the focus of the sentence (possible a Buddhist/ Shinto 'de-emphasis on the ego' sort of thing) so they can be described as having their own qualities rather than what the speaker ascribes to them. I've only just touched on this with my studies but it seems that it's acceptable to talk about your own feelings and thoughts, but when describing someone else, you have to specifically state th
  3. In the past, whenever I've injured myself through exercise it's been because I've tried to do something way beyond my capabilities! It's good to push yourself a bit, because that's where the growth happens, but muscle ups are a little too far from my reach right now so I just need to work harder on getting to that point rather than being an idiot and attempting something I'm not ready for yet. 😃
  4. My apologies, I've not updated for a while as life got in the way! We've just had a long Easter Bank holiday weekend so it's been harder to stick to my daily routines so things have slipped a little. I've missed a couple of meditation sessions and I did gardening at the weekend and got a blister on the palm of my hand! Consequently, gym-ring workouts have been put on hold for this week as that's just a recipe for pain! Instead I've been joining my wife and daughters for the daily Joe Wicks workouts (today was fancy dress Friday) and they are more challenging than you'd expect!
  5. Update from the last few days then. Goal 1: handstands. Been going well although I did end up skipping yesterday as I spent the whole day painting some decking in our garden so I was exhausted by the evening and really didn't feel like I had it in me. However, as I've been creeping closer to multiple 1 minute holds over the last few days, I don't think 1 day off will destroy my progress. Goal 2: Meditation. managed 10 minutes a day of some sort of meditation even if it's just been lying in the dark concentrating on my breathing. It's so much harder than it used to be wh
  6. Ah, that totally makes sense! There is always a logical explanation in 日本語, even if it's not evident at first glance!
  7. Thanks! I've made several ill-fated returns in the past and not actually kept on top of my challenges but I'm determined to stick with it this time!
  8. Thanks for your post. I'd not heard specifically of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis however some of my preparatory reading I did on language learning before I started on Japanese did hint at it. Rather than being about linguistic relativity, I did see it mentioned several times that with languages that are quite different from your native tongue (such as Japanese for me) you do have to re-arrange your thought processes to better accommodate the ways that grammar is different. *BORING ELABORATION ON JAPANESE GRAMMAR FOLLOWS- PLEASE IGNORE UNLESS YOU LIKE NERDY OUT ON LANGUAGE
  9. Here is my first draft for my new workout: However, when I actually attempted it this morning, I made a few revisions. In the warmup I also added some shoulder dislocates with an exercise band, and super set the skin the cats with some leg extensions with the exercise band too as I found in the past these really help with my flexibility for doing L-sits. I also only did 10 burpees- I'll build up to 15/ 20 over time (I hope). Skill work went well so I don't think I need to adjust that. The training part of the workout (and subsequent cool down) takes a bit too l
  10. After years in the wilderness (lifting weights in my local gym), undergoing countless horrifying ordeals (queuing for the one decent bench press, getting annoyed as the awesome gymnastics rings setup is used for crossfit classes), as the outside world burns I have returned to my spiritual home: The Guild of the Assassins. Whilst others may be lamenting their lack of a squat rack, the assassins know that all that one requires is the weight of their own body (plus maybe a pull-up bar and a few other bits of equipment) to maintain and even increase their strength. Solitary confinement
  11. Handstand kick ups: 3x5 hamstring flexibility: 4x5 ring dips: 5, 5, 4, 3.5 pullups: 5, 5, 4 wall handstands: 40, 30 false grip ring rows: 7, 6, 4 close push-ups: 10, 6 L-sit extensions: 5, 5, 5 hip flexor strength: 3x5
  12. Handstand kick ups: 3x5 Hamstring flexibility: 3x5 ring dips: 3x5 false grip ring rows: 10, 9, 5 l-sit extensions: 2x5 hip flexor strength: 4x5
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