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  1. Day 2 Think positive - i was just plain feeling better about things yesterday Exercise - 3x10 chin ups, 2x10 push ups, 10 squats (this probably shows my preference of training is pull push legs) Limit WoW - i did lots of work at home and worked WoW around that.... and then did a Gnomer run at night
  2. I tried to fight off my work buddy telling me to come back... but I was weak! --- Day 1 - success! (thanks to some low achievable goals) Think positive - just that small 5 mins has given me a much better mood already! Exercise - 10 chin ups, 10 push ups, 10 squats. Limit WoW - err... I played less than I wanted to I will push harder on day 2!
  3. I have been procrastinating about starting a thread... maybe waiting till a fresh challenge starts... but I decided this morning to just start with some easy simple no frills goals. Starting now! (1) Spend at least 5 mins a day reflecting, and trying to think positively (2) Do some exercise everyday and document it in this thread (3) Don't let WoW Classic take up too much time! And... go!
  4. Ugh... another crash and burn on the exercise front. So my wife was readmitted to hospital. This time she was not allowed to have our one year old stay with her. So I became a single parent with a 4 year old and 1 year old, plus needing to visit and support the wife. Positives: I can say that everyone is still alive. Negatives: Sometimes it is difficult to get time to go to the toilet/use the shower/insert previously taken for granted activity here. Let alone do my work to keep earning an income. And exercise just went straight down the drain. I have managed to kee
  5. DAY 4 Sun 26.8 LEGS Lunges 50 CORE Sit ups 50 PULL Chin ups - rest PUSH Push ups 50, Dips STRETCH Glutes 50s ea side DAY 5 Mon 27.8 Rest I was feeling a bit sore on day 4 so cut down the load. But then being more sore on day 5 (and after a long day at work) I was more than happy to have a complete rest day.
  6. Oh no... you hurt your finger too! I will have to catch up on your thread to find out the details! Just to the local ski resort (Thredbo) for a vacation. Compared to US skiing options, there is no comparison... Australia is NOT a snow destination. But it is relatively easy to travel to for a first family foray into snow related activities ---- DAY 3 Sat 25.8 LEGS Squats 40, Lunges 40 CORE Sit ups 40, Ab Roller 10 PULL Chin ups 18, Pull ups 13 PUSH Push ups 40, Dips 18 STRETCH Glutes 40s ea side, Hamstrings 40s ea side
  7. Yuen

    Hufflepuff this

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend However on a much happier note... you have some very impressive skills in your videos!
  8. Day 1 did not cause much soreness. So day 2 was slightly less cautious. DAY 2 Fri 24.8 LEGS Squats 30, Lunges 30 CORE Sit ups 30, Ab Roller 10 PULL Chin ups 17, Pull ups 12 PUSH Push ups 30, Dips 17 STRETCH Glutes 30s ea side, Hamstrings 30s ea side Also, I feel significantly happier just from getting back into some exercise again!
  9. DAY 1 Thu 23.8 LEGS Squats 20 CORE Sit ups 20 (pretending that I'm lying in the snow, then sitting up to tighten/loosen my bindings) PULL Pull ups 16 (20 seemed too hard today) PUSH Push ups 20 STRETCH Glutes 20s ea
  10. So my last challenge fizzled out pretty badly. There were multiple reasons... My wife was readmitted to hospital for about 2.5 weeks. One of my favourite aunties died of metastatic lung cancer. An 80 year old who shouldn't still be driving T boned my new car when he didn't stop/look when coming out of a driveway. I ruptured a finger pulley whilst at the climbing gym. I watched as a really nice and hard working work colleague was bullied by her boss. I finally acted in her defense when things got so out of control that even in my fatigue induced state I couldn't stand it any
  11. A bit late but.... huge congratulations The first of many I'm sure
  12. The last 2 days weren't so great on the exercise front. I was helping get things ready for my wife's readmission into hospital, I had to finalise the car before I got locked out of making any changes, and also my neck was kind of hurting from a long morning of leaning over at work on Saturday. I only did 2 sets over 2 days. And they were light and mostly aimed at relaxing my sore muscles rather than pushing anything. Today the wife was readmitted without too much stress. I miss her already. Will probably visit with the 3yo daughter tomorrow. Also today the car has had i
  13. 3 sets done. Kept everything very light as my left upper traps were annoyingly stiff and painful due to an extended time period leaning over at work this am. I've gone way over 10mins on car stuff, but it is acceptable as I have less than a week to make final changes to the options, and I want to be sure since so much time and money is invested. Also i feel like my overall theme for this challenge is a resounding success - ie exercise is no longer a 'chore' that I must complete, and is instead fun again
  14. 3 sets done. Exercise-wise I'm in quite a good headspace atm Car-wise, my dealer has been off for over a week, and the last email he sent was last Friday saying that there was approximately 2 weeks left to modify the order. Getting a bit antsy I can't make my final option modifications. Supposedly he is back on Tuesday. Hopefully that is enough time to make the changes.
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