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  1. Congratulations on the excellent progress Keep it up!
  2. Sorry to hear about the sore feet stopping you from walking. I like your idea of starting weight lifting again. That way when you have sore feet, you just do upper body stuff instead Counting calories is definitely tedious but it does work! Catching up post lockdown ending sounds good There is a great walk around Narrabeen lake ~8km.
  3. Any updates? Have you done the 5K yet? I saw on the website you could choose any date in September to do the run. I hope you haven't fallen off the wagon too much! Hopefully I'm just reading too much into you not posting for a while
  4. Snapping your Achilles tends to be much more common from a sudden increase in force. The stereotypical thing is a middle aged guy trying to get back into soccer/squash/tennis/basketball. Basically something that has lots of sudden stops and starts, and wants you to explode/accelerate into action. They try a sudden acceleration, but their deconditioned Achilles can no longer withstand the force and snaps on their first day back to the sport. Steady pace running is much less likely to cause an Achilles tendon rupture. If anything, the constant low level force will cause your Achilles to become stronger so you can more safely return to more explosive activities (in a gradual fashion). In summary: I would only stop running because you are worried about your Achilles, if you are constantly getting Achilles pain that is being exacerbated by running. Don't lose motivation. Keep up the C25K practice!
  5. Hey man, well done! Back into double digits is a great milestone. Doing well on your C25K progress. Jet ski = fun + good exercise. Physical tasks = get stuff done + good exercise. Keep it up!
  6. Good luck with the challenge mate! Keep those regular updates coming (preferably with good news on the exercise/nutrition front :))
  7. Sub 100kg again Good start to the challenge! Keep it up!
  8. Happy New Year mate! If I remember correctly, Dawsy is just far enough West to be considered out of the northern beaches area. I can go to work now as im considered an essential worker. Doing a bush walk or another outdoorsy exercise/activity sounds like a great idea!
  9. o/ Hey Endor! Good luck with the challenge! I'm stuck in lockdown in the northern beaches at present, but after that finally finishes it would be great to catch up sometime
  10. Day 2 Think positive - i was just plain feeling better about things yesterday Exercise - 3x10 chin ups, 2x10 push ups, 10 squats (this probably shows my preference of training is pull push legs) Limit WoW - i did lots of work at home and worked WoW around that.... and then did a Gnomer run at night
  11. I tried to fight off my work buddy telling me to come back... but I was weak! --- Day 1 - success! (thanks to some low achievable goals) Think positive - just that small 5 mins has given me a much better mood already! Exercise - 10 chin ups, 10 push ups, 10 squats. Limit WoW - err... I played less than I wanted to I will push harder on day 2!
  12. I have been procrastinating about starting a thread... maybe waiting till a fresh challenge starts... but I decided this morning to just start with some easy simple no frills goals. Starting now! (1) Spend at least 5 mins a day reflecting, and trying to think positively (2) Do some exercise everyday and document it in this thread (3) Don't let WoW Classic take up too much time! And... go!
  13. Ugh... another crash and burn on the exercise front. So my wife was readmitted to hospital. This time she was not allowed to have our one year old stay with her. So I became a single parent with a 4 year old and 1 year old, plus needing to visit and support the wife. Positives: I can say that everyone is still alive. Negatives: Sometimes it is difficult to get time to go to the toilet/use the shower/insert previously taken for granted activity here. Let alone do my work to keep earning an income. And exercise just went straight down the drain. I have managed to keep some basics up. 50 push ups while waiting for the shower water to warm up doesn't waste much time. 50 lunges with the 1 year old on my shoulders keeps him entertained (unless the 4yo gets jealous). I have managed to work out some efficiencies which has made single parenting easier over time. But it went from 'only just surviving' to 'very tough'. I'm not sure what to do for another challenge. Or even if I should try. If I do I should definitely keep the goals very modest.
  14. DAY 4 Sun 26.8 LEGS Lunges 50 CORE Sit ups 50 PULL Chin ups - rest PUSH Push ups 50, Dips STRETCH Glutes 50s ea side DAY 5 Mon 27.8 Rest I was feeling a bit sore on day 4 so cut down the load. But then being more sore on day 5 (and after a long day at work) I was more than happy to have a complete rest day.
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