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  1. 1) Get my license -- Got to reschedule road test. Have to go talk with Arkansas DMV... (Aug 2017) 2) Get my credit back into shape -- Working on with wife, large chunks of debt will be paid off within a few days/weeks/month. -- Getting better (2021) 3) Get rid of my debt (Works hand-in-hand with 2) -- See 2 4) Do some travelling to where I dunno (Counting this as of July 2016, I have been to VA (2015), PA (Gods... 1990s), MD (2015), Canada (2005), AR (2016), OK(2016) -- Counting it due to the move) 5) Own my own house 6) Go on a honeymoon, been married since 2009 7) Get a full time job in Software Development - Got a six week training session then hopefully a new job =D (Update 8/2015) - Six Weeks of training done, working on getting the job now =D (Update 10/2015) (July 2016, my start date at Walmart -- left Walmart in 2018) Get my Bach Degree in Software -- On my last semester of classes 8/25 (May 2015) 9) Move out of NY (Feb 2016) 10) Get on the NY Times Best Sellers List (I completed Nanowrimo 2020) 11) Code, finish, and go live with an Indy RPG Computer Game (still on going, recent iteration was started August 2020) 12) Learn to drive Stick Shift 13) Own a Truck 14) Meet Nerds (August 2015) 15) See the Beach (August 2015) 16) Enjoy the Awesome Water (August 2015) 17) Fly as a Consumer on a plane (August 2015) 18) Go see JFK's burial site 19) Go see the Smithsonian Musuem of Air and Space (October 2015) 20) Go Rock Climbing -- This may be doable though depending on the gym/center lol 21) Visit NASA (Do they even do tours?) 22) Run a 5K 23) Run a 5K again -- beat first 5K's time 24) Run a 10K 25) Run a 10K -- beat first one's time 26) Run a Half 27) Run a Marathon (Boston maybe?) 28) See a 49ers game in person 29) See Izzy graduate college 30) Hold Grandkids (if applicable) 31) Visit Union Station(October 2015) 32) Deadlift my body weight 33) Squat my body weight 34) Deadlift twice my body weight
  2. Been super busy with work stuff lol... So goals: 1. I haven't really been tracking my sodium as I been wanting to, but I been doing pretty good. I been staying under 2000mg most days, 2. Anger is no fun, I started a new therapist in conjunction with my first one so hopefully progress will be better, I hope. I have my days 3. Activeness has been... haha not really existence. I use standing desk for 90-99% of my work days so there is that, right?
  3. For breakfast/lunch I had 2 McDonald's sausage breakfast burritos and a small coffee should have only at one of them. Whoops. At least I didn't eat the hash brown that came with them lol. Dinner is a sweet potato and Italian sausage hopefully dinner is better.
  4. Getting back to the grind so to speak... Goals are simple: 1. Keep my sodium to around 2000mg, I was never given an exact number but I am personally aiming to keep it below 2000mg a day, I will need to keep myfitnesspal tracking again I stopped recently but should prolly make sure I am still within my desired range. Max I am allowing myself a day is 2300mg. 2. Keep my anger in control, it has been bad and I need to curb it good luck me. Going to therapy for this. 3. Get more active, we bought the ringfit game for this, so hopefully I get around to doing it more and getting better. Go me?
  5. I plan to somehow restart next challenge. Nothing drastic. Stay on track with diet Do more ringfit... lol Get my anger in check better Do better at work Goals
  6. I been fine for a long time. But I am back ish... lets see how I do. Lol. A lot has changed since last time. Have a 2nd kid, got high blood pressure, on meds for that + finally going with the low sodium diet the doctor wants me on. Uhh yeah life lol.
  7. So I finally migrated my Epic List (see the link below in my sig) to the neat Epic Quest setup NF has for characters, I just can't figure out the link.... Eh I will get there eventually. Today we tackled laundry and some of the packing for our trip. Still not completely finished with laundry, but getting there. There is a bunch of clothes put away, a bunch of clothes stacked and piled on our couch futon, a load in the dryer and a load in the washer. This has not been an easy process for us and we are slowly getting it finished. BUT I am glad that we are getting time to finish things. Also, we worked on cleaning up Izzy's bedroom, but it needs to be finished. SO there is that.
  8. What the others said, also you have your head tucked downward into your chest, this is pulling your back into an arch. Keep your whole body straight. Imagine a rod going from top of head through your body and keep that line.
  9. This... Sounds like it would suck: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FMlBUcujpw0
  10. Gods this house cleaning thing is kicking my ass. lol Well here it goes, I got until the end of this FRIDAY to have the house clean before we go on vacation and be gone for a week. We don't want to come home to a house that smells like rotting garbage and dirty dishes and clothes... This weekend has started with a wake-up call in that perspective.. So my week 0 is going to be completing the house cleaning. Cause there is A LOT is also prepping for the vacation we been planning for a year... I should say "planning" as we dunno what we are going to do besides going out of state to see family. So the first full week we will be in NY and I won't be around. No idea what I will be getting into. After that who knows what my goals will be. I am sure I will come up with something.
  11. I am a dude, but I had this issue with shaving my beard and neckline. Same concept though. These are things I did and it helped remove my problems. 1. Echoing the sharp razor. 2. Wash thoroughly. Dirt will clog the razor super quick. This does a few things: removes dead skin, softens the hair, etc. 3. WET the area. Seriously, saturate the hair 4. Shaving Creams are okay -- I use a shave butter -- Use a thin layer and let it sit for a few seconds, let the hairs get loose. 5. Short strokes. LIGHT touch, do not just push the blade into your skin as you shave. Long strokes actually clog the blades of the razor and require you to go back over it again and irritate it more. 6. Keep the razor clean and the area to be shaved wet. Allowing it to dry is a huge reason for chafing and such. Keep it wet and apply shaving cream as needed. Repeat 4 to 6 until hair is at desire length/removal. 7. When done, use cold water to rinse off excess cream and loss hairs this closes up the pores. 8. Pat dry -- Rubbing causes chaffing and could lead to bleeding in some cases as the skin is super sensitive and actually pretty thin at this point. 9. Lotion with something unscented and apply a deodorant stick to the area if need be to prevent chafing and such. This area will still probably irritate if not use to shaving. Here is a decent Youtube related to shaving faces, it mentioned preshave oil, this is actually not required but if you have it it wouldn't hurt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G__lySaTeNM From the Art of Manliness, they talk about using a Safety Razor, but the info is still good: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2008/01/04/how-to-shave-like-your-grandpa/
  12. Well this week has been... Well not fun. It started with Monday being hectic trying to get things done. Tuesday was a meeting I could barely do anything on. Wednesday I spent the day home with my sick daughter she woke up at 2AM and vomited nonstop until 6AM, so yeah. We finally got the car back AND it is still stalling out like it has been gah. Today has been... Crazy trying to catch up. Tomorrow is going to be nuts. This weekend is going to be rough.
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