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  1. Heeeeeeeeeeeey! I've been away too! So AWESOME to have you back... I LOVE the pole dancing pictures - that's incredibly cool. Have you been doing inversions for a while?
  2. Fashionably late B-) http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/56691-neph-arrives-fashionably-late-to-the-party/
  3. Aloha from sunny Manchester, United Kingdom! I'm late, I know I'm late (my excuse...? Timezones? Or ... something?). I've been off the forums for a while. List of excuses I could give to you, none of them particularly interested on meaningful. OHOHOHOHOH apart from going to the first ever NF camp all the way over in Atlanta which was all shades of awesome, and inspired me to refocus on what's important. My main quest is simple: To live as long as I can, as well as I can, and to kick as much ass as I can. To do this, I have three easy(ish) things I need to either start achieving (working out more), or need to continue (mindfully eating). EAT ALL THE THINGS: Fast one day a week. Generally this starts at 7pm the night before, and finishes about dinner time the following day. Although I'm not strict on time, I can eat when I really feel hungry during fast day. Try one new veg a week.Photograph everything that goes into my mouth and publish it. Take photos 45 minutes before and after food, describing how I feel. Eat MINDFULLY. I've been trying this for a few weeks, and it's really helping. I've learned that I'm eating just because traditionally, it's time to eat, and not because I'm hungry. I eat what I want, when I want, so long as the flowchart says so. (LEARN TO LIKE TO) MOVE IT, MOVE IT. Move 30 minutes a day. Don't care what, weights, running, dancing, cycling, wrestling, judo, walking .... literally anything. Average at least 7,000 steps a day. (This is an odd one. Most days I'm out working I'll easily cover 11,000. However, there are more and more days I'm working from home and barely walk anywhere). DO GROWN UP THINGS. I often feel like a kid wondering around in an adult body. As such, I've been neglecting a few adult things I need to do. Like budgeting properly, sorting my finances with work, looking into shares and pensions and OH GOD JUST TYPING THAT MADE ME FEEL SO BORED AND SAD. But it's all junk that needs to be done. So here's to doing one grown up thing per week. To keep the kid in me happy, I also dedicate to spending at least 3 hours a week playing computer games. I have a tonne of games that I desperately want to play, but never find the time. So here's to playing more. GRADINGS: A = 90% mindful eating, photography on 90% of meals, 5 fast days and 5 new veggies, 35 work outs, 5 grown up things done and 15 hours game play (WIS: 4, STR: 2, STA: 2 END: 2) B = 80% mindful eating, photography on 80% of meals, 4 fast days and 4 new veggies, 30 work outs, 4 grown up things done and 12 hours game play (WIS: 3, STR: 1, STA: 1 END: 1) C = 50% mindful eating, photography on 50% of meals, 3 fast days and 2 new veggies, 20 work outs, 2 grown up things done and 10 hours game play (WIS: 2, STR: 1, END: 1) Anything else... Well, judge that when I get to it!
  4. Cheering you on! You already know you're my hero!
  5. Cheering you on from the Nerdy sidelines! Can't wait to see you conquer it. It feels like between us we're getting much more mature in our goal setting
  6. Inoryte?! I suck at updating my thread! My next challenge will be just to catch up with everyone else and support y'all as you have me. I'm good. I sucked at this challenge because of injury. With a busted knee AND a busted ankle, I've been totally out of action for ages. Not impressed. Different news - going to camp NF. Woop!
  7. I hate not running. I'm currently giving it a rest on advice of my physio. Years of being so heavy have basically destroyed the the cartilage in my left knee. I've got a couple rounds of physio, attempting to build strength in my muscles to compensate, but I think I'll end up having an operation to repair some of the damage. As for how I can do Brazilian ju-jitsu (BJJ) works on the premise that every fight ends up on the ground. Because I'm a newbie at this club, you start the fight by laying on your back. It's basically the way in which you get from laying on your back, with someone on top of you, to being on top in a dominant position and choking them out / arm / leg barring them. If I stay in "noobs corner" as I've aptly dubbed it, I'm fine, since it's not repeated, intense pounding on my knee joint. I can officially "graduate" to "big boy fighting" in about ten weeks, in which you start standing up, take someone down to the floor, then repeat as above. Because of my knee, I'm content to stay with my fellow noobs beyond ten weeks and see how it goes. Fighting from the ground makes it sound like a cake walk. But when you have a 300lb man straddling your chest and not complying / moving in the way you'd like... it's an incredible cardio work out! Haha. I'm so bad at DIY. But I did it, and it made me so ridiculously proud since it was my first attempt! And I did it all by myself
  8. Trolololololololololololol... Manchester is a bit smokey...
  9. #100happydays - Day Eight. Stuck in the vicious circle of "Can't run, so feel sad, feel sad because I can't run", so decided to use the second 10k hole in my week to do something productive again - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Upon putting on my gi for the first time in weeks, I realised it had shrunk, considerably. Thinking I might have put on weight, I put on my gi trousers, which were a full 6 inches too short, and looked like the worst pair of white-skater style trousers ever. Why's this happy? Here's to turning up to something, in the wrong gear, looking like a complete nub, and getting sat on, strangled, bruised and hip-thrown, and loving every minute of it... despite looking like a tool.
  10. #100happydays - Day Seven. I'm still not allowed to run. Not for the next two weeks at least, which means I have a big ol' hole in my Sunday where a 10k used to be. Having just moved to the area, I decided to use this time instead to go out and explore. I found this beautiful park, with an amazing trail attached to it. I had no music on me and the only soundtrack was "early morning nature". There was no one else around that time of the morning and honestly, with the warm rain and beautiful foliage, it reminded me of Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Since there was no one else around, I decided to go on the swings and down the slide (obviously). It would of been rude not to. Later today, to celebrate Fathers Day, I decided to do some DIY. We have this flimsy old wardrobe, broken and worn down, and we need a new shoe rack. As much as James wanted to throw it away, I've spent my afternoon drilling, sawing, sanding and using the lathe ("lathing"?!) to create a new type of storage. Don't really know what it is - but it's genuinely is a labour of love at this stage!
  11. #100happydays - Day Six. Todays happy is incredibly simple. Before today, this room was full of boxes, clothes, boardgames, guitars and amps, all in disarray. Furniture was strewn from one edge of the room to the other. It was the dumping ground for "things we don't know what to do with" during the move. We couldn't really even open the door. Five hours of labour, I now have a fully functioning design studio, weights room, yoga station and cardio corner. BJJ gi's have all been hung up, and there's a cold beer for me on the window ledge. Finally organising parts of my house makes me so happy. Feels like a weight has been lifted, and no beer tastes as good as one that has been earned.
  12. Thank you - I don't think my photos are beautiful, I think the colour comes off as a little dark! I've become really rubbish at catching up with people on here, but I do consistantly fill out my spreadsheet, even if I don't do write up's here! I will go on a hunt Wednesday for everyone else's thread! I Loooooooooooooooooooove honeycomb. Omg I love it so much. I totally shouldn't. But oooomg. Lmao, I wish! I would be earning the mega-buckz. The Island is the program I applied for. Being stranded on a desert island for 30 days sounds like awesome fun. SO MUCH HAPPY OMG. Thank you. I really like my point system, no idea why I haven't thought of it before! Ahahaha! The walk was nuts. Considering I did practically no training, it was hard.core. But do-able. You should totally do an endurance hike! OMG so much happy! I cross-post my happy from Facebook, literally what I'm here to do now!
  13. #100happydays - Day Five. I dislike most TV (apart from 24 and Game of Thrones *tips hat to modern pop culture*). The only other thing I've watched recently has been The Island with Bear Grylls and I loved it. Stranding 13 men on a deserted island after a single days worth of survival training for a full 30 days. There's a huge part of me that craves the disconnection, the mental and physical challenge it brings, along with the philosophy of stripping humans back to the very core of what it means to be human. So today's happy, is the application I made to appear on the show. I seriously doubt I'll get through, but it has to be worth a shot.
  14. #100happydays - Day four. Work has been tough this week. So today, I took to sitting for half hour in my favourite airport (Dublin, thanks for asking) watching people and planes, eating raw, dried honeycomb. Surprisingly peaceful and unsurprisingly delicious.
  15. #100happydays - Day Three. It's been a long few days. Up at 0500 this morning, traveled to London, started work at 0930, eventually getting home at 2000 this evening. Still facing a couple hours of work ahead of me, I turned on my laptop, flopped on the sofa, and switched on the TV for some background noise. By some miracle, someone in my house had accidentally paused it, just 30 seconds in to the latest David Attenborough visual feast, Micro Monsters. He makes even creepy-crawly bugs look visually stunning, and gives you a real perspective of the hidden world that it's so easy to lose sight of in day to day humdrum. Why does this make the happy list? I hate bugs. But something about the way he and his team shoots his subjects is simply art. He shows genuine love towards the creatures, and provides a fascinating insight into an ordinarily inaccessible world, right below our feet. Secondly, if you ever think you're having a bad day, there's plenty of other creatures out there that are having a considerably worse day.
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