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  1. Your face. I have now caught up phew. You are amazing. Girls lifting meet up, all the yes. I am glad you are focusing on fun, you deserve it.
  2. I do like to straddle the line between both worlds
  3. Haha, bring the offering wine! fluids...I meant fluids
  4. So week 3 is being difficult also. I have been ill still, it keeps getting better and then worse. I took a day off and I don't have 100% flex in my working hours but have been going in a bit later to try help and trying to get to bed early, roughly 10pm. 1. Yoga, haven't done any and I really need to. I am stiff. 2. Protein. I am maybe probably hitting this but I haven't been tracking it. 3. I have been drinking plenty of druids but not.enough just plain water. Achievements of the week though. Yesterday I cooked a meal, I have been making somethings but it was simple stuff like beans on toast because I have been I'll and desire all the comfort food. I have been on the forum everyday. Even if I don't write or like posts, I have still been lurking which is good.
  5. Nice find with the dress and your tasty sounding meals! Also you look great in both those pictures but sorry to hear you felt unhappy with them at the time. Glad to hear you are feeling better about things now.
  6. Sorry couldn't make it. Sounds like a nice time
  7. Slowly working through my cold, goals are going a bit meh..done yoga a bit this week and tried to keep hydrated. Eating plenty and hitting my protein goals but yeah...being a bit lazy in week 2
  8. Take care hun, sorry that you feel the need to move on, but you have to feel good about that sort of thing is obviously an important relationship and there is a lot thrown into the balance. Here if you need that hug x
  9. Now just to get over the jet lag and a cold I seem to have contracted!
  10. Back in Scotland, Yayyyy. I haven't adjusted to the time difference...woooo. I also feel like I have a cold. But I am home and there is good tea.
  11. You took a new experience and it didn't work out, there is a nothing wrong with that. Also connecting with someone on a emotional and intellectual level before you find them sexually interesting doesn't make you broken, even if you feel broken, guess what? That is a pretty normal human thing, that isn't to belittle your feelings just to say, you are not alone. Also, your internal mental war in your body is an ongoing thing. I really feel you on this, I have been targeting my own body hate. You know you are not hideous I don't think anyone here thinks that you are, I know it doesn't fix it but let the nerds give you their perspective, we are much more trustworthy.
  12. Mostly end of week 1, I started Monday not Sunday. Gonna make a big effort on my goals. So I have included my successes today in my counts 1. Going to be honest my yoga goals are not going super well. I normally I am so on top of it. I am gonna remember to do some plane yoga tomorrow and try do some today. I think I managed 4 of 7 days this week but only 1 was a longer than a few minutes. 2. Protein has been mixed, I generally either haven't been feeling as hungry or haven't eaten enough. I am being a lot less active though, I haven't walked a great deal ate good bits of protein with my main meal, probably hit the 100g target, 4 of 7 days but got close on all the other days. Once I am being more active back in Edinburgh I am sure my appetite will pick up. 3. Early in the week I didn't get quite enough water but rest of week was fine. 5 of 7 days. Also this is what I did yesterday and will be doing more of today.
  13. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBBSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Some one had to do it. Sorry, anyway....awesome costume. Samhuinn is always good times I miss drumming, hopefully I can take it back up soon.
  14. Nom nom nom awesome sauce! You sound like your treat indulges are pretty well thought out and you are eating hesktht otherwise, good jobbbb
  15. Yeah. I guess I took the risk and stuff and ended up having a nice enough time, I think I click with NF people most of all, I can be more myself. Yeah I think past experiences have made me very much selective about my social circles. I went to Scotchies last night yeah the women I was with mentioned it was a chain. It was really good people say it is best in Kingston. It was good and peppery. I seem to be going on an overnight stay to Negril at the weekend so should see some pretty beaches and enjoy my last couple of days without work stress. I also took an adventure to a supermarket and bought some bits and pieces to take back. Treated myself to some Jamaican dark rum as well so look forward to trying it when I get back
  16. Apart from goals, I am doing OK, I have mostly gotten past feeling completely introverted and can mostly function but I have to be so ON at work. As much as I am glad of the opportunity I am am glad that I have 4 days until I set off back home. I met with a nice lady of couch surfing today, she told me about her adventures around the world and stuff, she even gave me a lift back to the hotel. It was a decent night, I am learning though that I am picky with my company, I didn't really click with her in some ways which wasn't bad but it wasn't great either, it made for a decent time rather than a great time. NINJA OVER ANALYSES EVERYTHING Yesterday, I barely ate so probably didn't hit my protein goal, didn't do any yoga but did drink enough water. Today, I ate lots of meat, has a 1/4 chicken, some curried goat and some a chicken ham sandwich, I might be a bit short but overall I am pretty happy with my protein consumption. I am looking forward to having more control over my meals, more vegetables, I have hardly seen vegetables since I have been here apart for poor excuses for salad. Yoga, I just did a couple of poses as I hadn't done any. I drank 2 litres of water.
  17. Just caught up, good look with thr cutting ans sounds like you are doing well at doing your reps etc. Also for avoiding all the Halloween based treats! Commendable.
  18. Thank you, I remember talking to you around this time before Nerd Up, I really appreciate it. Murr. Thanks Elastigirl, I was really a mess when I wrote this, I had had the post sort of bouncing around my head for a few months and when I got to that breaking point the words kind of just came tumbling out. I am very reflective perhaps too much at times but this was constructive and helped me draw out a lot of the venom and then the Nerd Up kind of helped me reset a bit.
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