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  1. Mike D builds a batcave

    Oooo a huffy... Was it pink? Sounds like A+ sheeeet.
  2. The Borg Queen Runs a Diagnostic

    Challenge 21 Could be the weather change, or routine change, but I've been feeling a little off recently. To attempt to fix this, I've been been doing a lot of yoga and writing in my journal. This seems to help. In addition, I'd like to incorporate more fresh food in my diet, and smoothies seem like the easiest option. Moreover, I want to continue with the cleaning schedule I worked with last challenge. Goal 1: Follow the workout and cleaning schedule. This schedule is a work in progress, but I'll post it here as a starting point. Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Workout Bikeride Run/Gym Run Run/Gym Run Run/Gym Yoga BW-Lower body/core Yoga BW- Upper body/core Yoga Yoga/Run/Rest Cleaning Laundry Litter Box Kitchen Litter Box Trash Laundry Vacuum Cleaning: Other Vacuum Vacuum Bathroom Bathroom Litter Box Kitchen Trash Goal 2: Track food in MFP. Drink one smoothie a day. Goal 3: Write in journal, ideally every day but I'd accept 5/7 days. Goal 4: Other self care activities-- Acupuncture, sauna, dancing, tea, kirtan... Do once a week, at least. No strict grading this time. I will report back to keep a log of how it goes.