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  1. Hi! Took a little break but am back now, ready to get involved again! Going through some crazy stuff right now in my work and personal life, but fitness-wise things are going well. I've started a barbell routine a few times a week and it's taken things to the next level for me.
  2. Week 4 Usually at the end of challenges, people need some inspiration to get through to the end. I, Borg Queen, am especially in need of motivation. Help me!! For this mini, participate by posting a funny or uplifting meme, gif, or lol cat. 1 point/post. Special award ceremony at the end.
  3. You arrrrrr awesome!! Way to go!
  4. Good job! Work it out, tiger!!!!!
  5. Yes. Currently feeling like I'm on a non-stop speeding treadmill to no where. Hoping I can make more, doing less, while being less stressed out.
  6. Week 3 Mini: Time for Mindfulness (5 min, 1 point) Because who doesn't benefit from some mindfulness. Calm little 5 minutes of respite for you!! PS::: This is extremely easy. You just sit there.
  7. Booty booty butt butt! That's exactly what this is about.
  8. No problem! Especially that 30 min booty blaster-- that's a gem. Honestly speaking, I also need to get my a$h in gear.
  9. Been trucken along, calorie by calorie. Had Valentine's set back due to 2 lbs of chocolate via my lovin boyfriend. Dealing with career issues, as usual. Will I get a killer offer in the middle of our busiest season? Only time will tell.
  10. Week 2: Scouts Werken' the Booty Why? 1. Because we like it. 2. Hip muscles support hill climbing and contribute to knee stability. Option 1: Booty to the rescue (5 minutes, 1 point ea) Option 2: Advance your Booty (32 minutes, 5 points ea) This exercise is worth 5 points, because it's 32 mins of Ting! She will whip your booty into a nice, round shape.
  11. Don't forget to add yourself to the spreadsheet, because you get a point!
  12. You did it!!!!!! Nice going, pardner! And yes, abs of steel is just as serious as it sounds.
  13. Very cool theme! The categories work well for these goals!!!!
  14. Getting so close to my weight goal, I can taste it!! Starting to get excited. About 7 lbs away from my first weight goal, at which point planning to hire a godly trainer at my gym. Then will proceed to tone and shape the rest of it. After that, I don't know. More paddle boarding?
  15. Yes plea$e to that!!! The Cheetos I mean.
  16. I'm so excited you'll be joining us!!!
  17. I fixed!! Should be ready for you now.
  18. Day one of this challenge was primarily composed of cheezits. Not the best start, but I have stayed within my calorie limit.
  19. Week 1: Abzz of Steel Get yourself some abs, 90's style. Level 1. Good luck!!!
  20. 1) Eat, drink, sleep, and exercise. 10,000 steps, at least 5 days per week. 7 h sleep per night, with a 10 pm regular bed time. Eat at a deficit: 1400-1600 calories per day. 2) Meditate daily, 10 minutes x 5 days per week. 3) Practice Tai Chi 3 x per week. Been wanting to learn Tai Chi for a few years now, but I dislike most of the teachers that I've met. Basic plan is going to be to practice with YouTube, and read about it.
  21. Welcome to the Scout's second mini challenge of 2018!!! REBEL YELLLLLLLL!!!! We are so excited to have you heeeeeerrrrree! Rules: There are zero rules. Do what you want. Okay, but seriously... What we doin? Various body weight and core exercises for all levels that will benefit endurance athletes! Everyone welcome! I want to participate! What do I have to do? 1) Add your name to the spreadsheet, and give yourself a fun name tag! 2) I will post an exercise or sequence every week. When you do the exercise, give yourself a participation point for that week. If you do the exercise multiple times, you get a point for each time you do it. 3) The person with the highest Total at the end of the challenge WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!! 4) I will also award participation points for funny gifs, or at random on a whim! Okay, let's go!
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