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  1. Bridgewalks across the gym... sound so fun!
  2. Final Report Goal 1 Distance Run 25 miles per week 75/100 Not my best month of running. My excuse is that I needed about two weeks to recover after that half marathon. Will try harder next challenge. Goal 2 Strength Yoga class: 1 per week 1/4 Pushups: 3 x per week 10/12 Squats: 3 x per week 9/10 Feel great about my progress with squats. Initial max was 20, and max in the last week of the challenge was 60. Very happy with that. My progress on pushups has somewhat leveled off. Having trouble breaking 42 pushups in a day, or doing more than 10 in a set. And yoga... did not happen. Lol. Goal 3 Diet Track calories using MFP, 7 days per week 18/28 100 g protein per day... Perfect protein 20/28 You may notice that I missed a few in there. Not the best diet month. Haha. Goal 4 Meditation 10 minutes of meditation, at least 5 days per week 16/20 Slacked off a bit in the final week, but otherwise did pretty good! Flying to Japan tomorrow and feeling a bit unprepared. I will be in a big group of people from America and Belgium, so fairly insulated, but it's going to be different. Doing a bit of last minute cramming via youtube, getting the last etiquette tips. Basically going to have to smile and follow what the Japanese do. Hopefully will not make any major errors.
  3. Wow, look at that weather!
  4. Never saw that TED talk. Thanks for posting! Pretty inspirational.
  5. That looks "not too bad." You should do it!
  6. Wow, tough day at work! I'm sorry it's hard right now. Keep chin up. *hugs*
  7. Biking 6 days in a row is amazing! And the points... they are real.
  8. Way to avoid the donuts! Good going.
  9. Glad you are feeling better! Still sounds like a bit of a rough time. Thinking about you.. *hugs*
  10. I'm glad you have good coworkers who are there for you. Take good care of yourself... it's only work, right?
  11. Something strange has happened to my ankle. Definitely a stress injury, maybe having to do with going from high heels to running in zero drop shoes. I've been trying to do low-impact activity to build miles while it heals. Yesterday went for a 1.8 mile walk, today 5.5 miles on the elliptical. On track so far. Work has been super-stressy, relating to the prez being in town and paying special attention to me. Yes, yes, I know, I am fabulous. My manager is starting to be perceivably annoyed. It's a problem, because she controls things like where I sit, my bonus, and future projects, so I generally try to stay on her good side. Guess I just have to try harder. I hate office politics! Yarg!! Been watching lots of car chases in LA on Youtube. Some are fast and scary, and everyone gets hurt. Others are just funny:
  12. Thanks Madhat. That's a nice way of looking at it.
  13. I go to a lot of conferences, and it seems even the lesser ones offer some ability to expand the social network. If not... Chew lots of gum? Sent from my KIW-L24 using Tapatalk
  14. Hope you are successfully getting back on track! But it looks like you're doing well from here.
  15. Crack the whip, Fuji! Tell em who's boss. You can do it!
  16. "Without struggle, there can be no progress." Work! Looks like you're doing great, by the way.
  17. It's always a good feeling when you realize you've over prepared for meetings. Congrats on getting your daughter the right level of support! Otherwise, looks like you're doing good, consistent work over here. Nice going!
  18. Wow! That is serious squatting! Really impressive lifting!
  19. "It is time. Beam me down." In the remaining moments aboard her ship, Primeval the Borg Queen listens carefully to the familiar voices of the collective, whispering the details of the map stolen from the Scout Leader's base camp. She holds the map in her mind's eye one last time, carefully memorizing the lay of the land. Suddenly, the voices stop, the map disappears, and she finds herself in a clearing on an alien planet. She looks around and sees a half-eaten jar of pickled cabbage labeled in block letters @Nomad Jay's Home Cooking. "This looks delicious! Too bad I don't digest food," she thinks to herself. She hears a noise. Behind the trees, the thud of boots comes toward her. She looks around for a weapon, but only sees the jar of cabbage. "Where are the drones when you need them?" she asks herself, but a second later the legion begins to emerge from the trees. Only one thing to do now- Run! Bionic legs, at atomic speed, carry her away. Faster and faster she travels, turning on Rush's "Subdivisions" in the mP3 player she had programmed into her exo skeleton earlier that day. The scenery blurs around her, until suddenly she stops at the top of a hill 3 miles away.
  20. Thanks to you for that... Thank you... Thank you! Yeah, lots of happy times.
  21. Glad to hear your job is better. That can make a huge difference. Will you still look?
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