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  1. I have a gluten free vegan friend, who eats a lot of raw. Her food is amazing. But yes, it's difficult to do well, especially if you are so busy... Good luck on all of the work you are doing, and take good care of yourself! Failing exams sucks, but it might be par for the course... it sounds like you are making a lot of great progress making the thesis (theses?)! That is very impressive.
  2. I have been stuck in the 150 lb range for about 1.5 months, and I've finally broke to 146 lbs. I am so freaking excited. Woooooot! My weight bounces around quite a bit, so I'm not going to get too attached to that particular number, but it certainly is nice to see new lows.
  3. I'm stuck on day 2. Not building very quickly! I probably need to change approaches...
  4. Hey, thanks gang. I'm going to assign myself a couple of attribute points for completing this challenge, because I'm a nerdy nerdy nerd. For Goal 1 (strength challenge): +2 str For Goal 2 (running): +2 stamina For Goal 3: +1 con +1 wis Also, I think I'll be joining the scouts next challenge, cause I just signed up for a half marathon. See you later! *Primeval runs off*
  5. Yeah starby, you did great! Glad to hear your kegger is turning into a one pack. Even if your grading leads you to a C, it seems like you've done a great job making your fitness routinee happen. Nice work, and kudos for finishing!
  6. Quick question: if i regularly run 4-6 miles, 3 x a week, do you think i could do a half marathon with 6 weeks to train?
  7. Isn't it great when other people notice? For me, that's the icing on the cake. Yay for fitting into fresh jeans! That's a sign of progress, if I ever heard one
  8. Good luck with your exam! I haven't read Bi Gu, I'll look into it tho...
  9. Nudge starbon. The challenge is over, what chu got?!
  10. Building new habits can be so trying, and it's great that you've started this process. Cleaning for 2.5 hours straight is hardcore! I'm impressed. Awesome job making it through Challenge #1 !
  11. Awesome job this challenge, cake! You rocked dem goals! Nice job on your progress in fitness, and in staying paleo (even in the worst of times)
  12. Nice goals! Hiking the west coast trail sounds like a lot of fun. Hope you get to do it!
  13. Nice job finishing the challenging and making some progress toward your goals! Kick the job interview's booty!
  14. Ding Ding! You did a great job on your goals. Nice work balancing lifestyle and relationship... seems like you've made progress!
  15. WEEK 5 RESULTS: Goal 1: Lifting The rest week cut into my regular lifting schedule. NA Goal 2: Running I got 2 runs in. B. Goal 3: Not Eating Out I ate out once, and the rest of the time I cooked delicious paleo meals. A Overall Grade: B+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- END OF CHALLENGE REPORT CARD: Week 1: A- Week 2: C+ Week 3: A- Week 4: A- Week 5: B+ Overall grade: B+, by my estimation BY THE NUMBERS: Starting weight: 155 lbs Ending Weight: 151 lbs (- 4 lbs!!!) Total inches lost: 5 inches (wtf, that seems like a lot... but spread over whole body, and considering I lost 4 lbs, maybe it isn't that weird) BF Starting: 31% BF Ending: 31.5% I don't think this is accurate, but it's worth recording the numbers anyway. Photographic evaluation: By the way things look, I'm getting a little more definition in the ab region. I'd say I have a 2 or 3 pack going. Also, there is a clear difference in the love handle region, which tends to be my problem area. Awesome! Other observations: I feel less self-conscious in revealing summer clothes. And in general, I have way more energy and less anxiety. Woo hoo! ------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks, team! Thanks to everyone for making the challenge fun, and for keeping me honest during trials and tribulations. I had a super good time getting to know you. I'll look forward to seeing you during the next challenge!
  16. This is a great point. I like the idea of choosing a "king" goal, but I will have to put more thought into what it will be
  17. Hey, I'm a salesperson, working in the alternative energy field.
  18. Wow, you've been busy! I'm pretty impressed that you did some working out at all, even if it was "lame," as you say. Doing hotel room workouts shows a lot of commitment. As for eating paleo, I hope you're not losing heart. I always have problems sticking to it around friends and family, and then also while traveling... so the combination for me would be a recipe for failure. But it actually sounds like you are doing well, considering! And the fun thing about straying from the diet is you can always start fresh tomorrow. It sounds like you're maintaining a good attitude about it.
  19. PS I hope you have an awesome time at the party! Stay disciplined, starbon (and selectively lose control )
  20. That athlean poster is really funny! I'm not sure why. I think the progression is surprising. Whenever I start running after a long pause, I get really winded and red in the face (imagine a tomato with pneumonia), and then it slowly gets better. You just have to keep at it, you know, get the sprints in even if it's while carrying groceries.
  21. "Nerds Level Up Finances," interesting concept. I like it
  22. You hear people yammering on and on about the detriments of chronic cardio, but no one complains about dancing. According to one article, it's actually supposed to help you fight off alzheimers! http://socialdance.stanford.edu/syllabi/smarter.htm It seems like dancing is paleo, but what do you think about ballroom dancing? Is it a post- agricultural abomination of dancing? That's what my husband is interested in doing. Heck, I'll try anything.
  23. ^^^ L'irlandaise, you crack me up. Here are my long term goals, copied and pasted from mini-challenge 6. What a great exercise! 1. Get down to and MAINTAIN 20% BF. 2. Once I reach maintenance weight, develop a diet and fitness plan that will enable me to stay healthy for life. 3. Strengthen my network, by making my relationships with friends and family a priority. Go out of my way to build strong relationships. And maybe as a sub goal: lead a substance-free social life. 4. Continue doing things that I love, but find a way to do them and MAKE MORE MONEY. If you're reading between the lines, you may just see "money and power!" But hopefully, my goals will also lead to becoming a better person and contributing something valuable to society. So yeah, I want it all. WIS +1
  24. Remind me not to breath on you after I've eaten peanuts. Just say no to peanut breath, lol. J/K, peanuts are NOT paleo. L'irlaindaise, thanks for reminding me about radishes! That's an awesome snack food. Do you chomp 'em plain?
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