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  1. Personally, I am a huge fan of the reptile dates. I don't own any reptiles myself, but I think it's really fun to go with someone to a store and manhandle some reptiles. Which one are you thinking about getting? What type of multi-course dinner do you have in mind? That's a really good idea... again, something I might copy
  2. WEEK 3 RESULTS: Goal 1: Lifting I made it to the gym 2 x and lifted, as planned. A Goal 2: Running I ran 3 times in the last week. I ran between 4 and 6 miles, every time. I think this is where I want to be in my running. 6 miles, 3 x a week, feels a little hard on my joints at this moment. I'm going to give myself a B, because I didn't follow my plan to the letter, but in the future I think this is the way I'll run things. Goal 3: Not Eating Out Hurray! I got an A! I ate out one day and the rest was either home cooking or raw. As far as the "chop" style thing goes, I'm going to edit that out of the original goal. I hardly ever eat steaks. Instead, I've been using the crockpot often. It's been nice to use, even when the weather hot. It gets food cooked and doesn't heat up my whole apt, which is very nice in the summer. I found a great cookbook! It's America's Test Kitchen's Slow and Easy Recipes, and it's chock full of great things to do with a slow cooker. Today, I made paleo coq au vin, slow cooker style. As with all ATK recipes, it came out delicious. Looking forward to trying out more of the recipes! Overall Grade: A-
  3. Mark sisson just wrote (another) post about honey and other bee products. Pretty interesting, if you haven't seen it yet. http://www.marksdailyapple.com/unable-to-squat-after-knee-injury/#axzz2Xqf2AZQf I wonder what the honey/reduced pollen alllergy mechanism is, especially since honey is a potentially pollen-y food... maybe receiving a homeopathic dose of pollen is the thing that helps?
  4. Yeah, certainly a huge variety. I'm looking forward to learning and incorporating them! You got to 40! That is certainly no sneezing matter Although it seems like 40 is just a cough, sneeze and a sniffle away from 100. Thanks! I recommend trying paleo, if it's something that interests you. Most people see health improvements even on a part time paleo plan.
  5. WRT the honey, I'm a fan... in extreme moderation. Even if honey is better than sugar or refined fructose, it's still sugar, and VERY concentrated sugar. Because I want to be a fat burner, I gotta be choosy about my carbs. Don't want to put a bunch of sugar in the grease car. I actually have the world's best honey in my cupboard. I got it from a friend who keeps bees in a very lush, wild area of california, so the honey is 100% organic and ethically harvested. I'm saving it for the right moment, like when I'm cooking something special for some people that I love... maybe during the holidays
  6. Cardio bootcamp sounds fun! Hope it is. If you hate it, I suppose you can always just leave... Great job on playing the guitar. What did you play?
  7. Thanks guys. Sicil, I don't own a digital camera... yet. I'm behind the times! 100 pushup challenge is underway. I've decided to take it slow. No 100 pushups tomorrow, but maybe 2-3 months from now. I've spent a lot of time looking into the correct form of a pushup, trying not to run into Starbon's problem. Today is a pushup day, and also chest dip day. It's going to be interesting adding a bunch of pushups after the chest dips. Those chest dips kill me every time. I'll see how it goes. As I progress in my weight-bearing goal, I am becoming increasingly interested in bodyweight exercises. There are so many things to do, just with the weight of a person's own body. I foresee myself skipping the gimicky lever machines I've been working with and moving more toward bodyweight work in the near future, as I learn more and get stronger. The running goal is going well, but I'm starting to get really soar if I don't diligently stretch after running. Yesterday, I didn't get a chance to stretch after the run and I'm really feeling it today. This is something new. After the runs of my youth, and even a couple years ago, I could go 4-10 miles and not need any post run stretching. I don't know what has changed. Maybe I'm getting old? For tonight's dinner, I'm making this: http://ourfullplate.com/recipes/crock-pot/paleo-crock-pot-pork-tenderloin-with-apples-and-honey/ I'm modifying it to skip the honey. Because my version of the paleo diet is very low carb, everything tastes sweet to me. Coconut cream tastes like coconut cream pie filling. Regular raw almonds taste like candy almonds. I do not need extra honey in my food! I'll take the apples tho, yum, yum. We'll eat it with either broccoli or brussle sprouts.
  8. Snark, I really like your goals. I may borrow from them in the next challenge. Planning dates is a great goal, and it makes for some juicy reading. Sorry to see the dutch goal got the axe. It was a good idea, tho. I just watched the NF video on bodyweight rows. Where do you do yours?
  9. I discovered recently that at fairs, sometimes you can find these giant roasted turkey legs. Pretty paleo, I think (unless you are getting picky about the sauce).
  10. You are doing well! Keep up the good work.
  11. Are you new to the paleo diet? Honestly, it looks like you are eating like a paleo vet. Maybe you are just naturally a great chef. If you are new to the paleo diet, some people get this thing called the "low carb flu." I got it really bad when I started paleo. If this is what you have, the remedy is to increase your salt intake. Salty bone broth works really well. Maybe try it? At worst, you wont feel better but you'll have more bone broth in your life. Heh heh heh. I agree with the carb thing. Even though it looks like you are getting a lot of high quality carbs, it might help you to increase a little bit... just for the first couple of weeks. You can always cut the carbs to lose weight once you have established some equlibrium.
  12. The buttery fish with cilantro looks yummy. Glad to see you are making the grade even with your injury. That's commitment!
  13. WEEK 2 RESULTS: Goal 1: Lifting I made it to the gym 2 x and lifted, as planned. A Goal 2: Running I ran 3 times in the last week, increasing my mileage to 6 miles per run. A Goal 3: Saving money I ate crazy stuff this week. It was mostly paleo, but I ate out and ate prepared food way more than I would have liked. F Overall Grade: C+ Looking ahead to week 3, I have a couple of good things going for me. We're having cooler weather, which will make running outside a bit easier than usual. Also, I had another big cooking day yesterday, so my fridge and freezer are stocked with pre-cooked grab-n-go style paleo treats (chicken, jerky, bone broth, seaweed salad, and collard greens). I also have in my posession a COLASSAL head of brocolli, which is one of my favorite foods. Yup, it's going to be a great week of eating, I can feel it.
  14. Nooooo! Oh crap. Jeez... You're talking about the neck sprain, right? Do you know exactly how you did it, or did it just happen? I agree with you about the cooking/excuse thing. Also, you are completely right about the eating out/no food in refrigerator cycle. I eat out, because there's nothing in the fridge, then I have to keep eating out because there's nothing in the fridge. It's a poor excuse. In general, I need to become better at planning meals in advance. I'll try adding the pushups to my lifting days. Thanks for the suggestion. It makes more sense, now that I think about it. 60, that is amazing! 30 is also amazing. Heck, I think 1 is amazing. Yeah, the 100 pushup wagon is among the funnest wagons, IMO. I'll see if I can walk the walk (or push the pushup) starting tomorrow
  15. ^^ Mouth dropping open. 1500 kilos, wow! That sounds like hard work. The food sounds great, even tho not paleo. If you're going to not eat paleo, it ought to be something really delicious Nice work on your B+ !!!
  16. I love your food lists so far. It seems like you have a really well rounded paleo diet, with A LOT of delicious vegetables! The soup pictured above looks fantastic. What is in it? When you're hungry in between meals, do you snack? I allow myself snacks, but I find the longer I do paleo the less snacky I am. It seems like your food goal is going great. How are your other goals going?
  17. Wow, this is really good advice. I might need to quote you on this in the future.
  18. Look at you and your pushups! That's superb. I know from personal experience that it's pretty difficult to go from knee pushups to real ones. Anyway, really good job sticking to your workout plan
  19. Hahaha, thanks. We'll see. It's kind of a crazy thing to attempt, but it's worth trying. I think that working out by doing pushups is a great idea. You can do it anywhere, it works millions of muscles all over your body, and you look cool doing it. I also like the idea of training to do many. If I only go around doing 10 at a time, that isn't much of a workout... is it?!
  20. In a new twist, I've decided to add some pushups to my running days. 100 pushups, that is. MWA HA HA!!! http://www.hundredpushups.com/week1.html#sthash.GZX4AzR2.dpbs At this moment, I can do 10 pushups in a go. I foresee this conflicting with the other strength training I'm doing, but... maybe not too bad! I'll have to see how it goes, and if I'm suffering too much I'll add it to the next 6 week challenge. Honestly, I don't see how some extra pushups could hurt. They're just pushups! Right? ...Right??
  21. From one amazon to another, hello! Your eating yesterday looks great. I like the idea of cabbage "spagetti," will have to try that one.
  22. Great blog. Yeah, I used to do that more. Now that I limit myself to ONLY paleo foods, it's easier. If it's not paleo, I don't even think about eating it... cause that's the rule I've trained myself to follow. Brownie case? Ignored. Haha.
  23. Excellent job on #4! Your park chin-up sounds really impressive. I hope you have fun running the 4 k!
  24. Ohhhhh that makes more sense. I'm a bit of a workout copycat and I tried to match your speed the other day on the treadmill, and only got up to 7.5 mph. You are very fast! Oh my goodness, you sprained a joint in your neck! I'm so sorry that happened! Yeah, I hope you are able to take it easy, that is no fun. You can always go back to the gym when you feel more ready.
  25. Wow, that's great! Glad you've already made some progress.
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