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  1. Really great job on your workout. I'm impressed with your rowing abilities. You have a very strong back! So you're in academia... was it a group meeting, or more of a seminar? Are you in the sciences?
  2. Good luck finishing your thesis! I know you can dooo eeet! Cold chia seeds on a hot day is an awesome pairing. They can be very refreshing.
  3. Ugggh, meetings. Well, you made it through. Back when I had a corporate, stress-full job, I used to end bad days with a sauna to detox. It worked pretty well for me. Also, it feels amazing. Seems like you've been keeping up with the flossing. That's a pretty important life change. Nice job!
  4. This IS a big deal! I know people who have been doing yoga for years and who haven't achieved that yet. Great job on finding maximum mobility.
  5. Holy crap, you are fast!!! Do you sustain 8.5 mph speed for the full duration of the 25 minute run? If so, very impressive. If not, very impressive anyway. I've only made it up to 7.5 mph on a treadmill, and I can't sustain it for longer than a few minutes. I usually run 6-7 mph. I'm interested in your meal plan. How do you like it so far? It must be kind of nice having your meals mapped out like that. You might be relieved from the anxiety of eating... whatever, and whenever. I wonder if that's one of my problems. Lots of meals, and no plan.
  6. Annnnnd it's the grading time. Goal 1: Lifting I made it to the gym 2 x and lifted, as planned. A Goal 2: Running I ran 3 times in the last week, increasing my mileage to around 5 miles per run. A Goal 3: Saving money I put a good effort into being DIY in my kitchen. I roasted a delicious chicken and a pork shoulder. Yummy! However, I ate out twice. B Overall Grade: A- Well, I did it this week. Let's see what happens next week! I already know that I might replace one of my running days with a cycling day. I'm planning a 22 mile bike ride on Wednesday. Also, it seems that caring for my mom will take a chunk of my time this week, and there's another wild card in the mix... 2 year anniversary next Monday! The question is, will I reach my goals this week? Or will I do... something else? Tune in to find out.
  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by! I'll have to take a look at what your running challenge is. For running music, some of my favorite things to listen to are Sleater Kinney, the Gossip, and the Hair soundtrack. I'm always looking for new, fun running music. What do you like? I lurv crockpot. There are so many good recipes for paleo crockpot'ting. Earlier in the week, I made pulled pork. Last night, I made this recipe to share with my vegans: http://paleopot.com/2013/04/cinnamon-cayenne-sweet-potatoes-and-apples/ It was superb.
  8. Yeah, she's okay. The injury is pretty minor, and she'll heal within 6 weeks, but she's in a lot of pain right now. I was able to squeeze a 5 mile run into my hospital waiting room time. I needed it, too. Thanks for the support!
  9. Thanks to Star and Cake for all the nice encouragement. I will get my hands on more of Ripptoe's work. I'm always "hunting and gathering" for quality reading material. Time for an update. I'm currently stuck at a hospital. My mom injured her spine. I brought my workout clothes with me, so I can always sneak out and squeeze in a quick workout, but I don't know. Not feeling it.
  10. Also... Toughest Mudder looks so darn fun. Glad to know you can do that type of activity, primal style
  11. Woah. Did you notice that this article was posted exactly one year from the day I posted the question? What are the odds.
  12. You go, starbon! Show that meeting what you're made of. You know, you can always pick up your fitness routine when you're less busy... like on Monday evening
  13. Here's the link: http://www.doyogawithme.com/content/yoga-runners-post-run The lunge sequence is what you want to focus on. Specifically, when you're doing the hamstring stretch from the lunge, pull toes toward face (if you can and if it feels good). It takes time to develop the splits, so make sure you're being very careful. In general, when you are stretching, it should mostly feel good. If you're in any kind of pain, it's important to back off immediately... a sprained hamstring is a major life injury, and is no fun. The cool thing about stretching is that sometimes your body is moving, even if it doesn't feel like it is. In other words, you dont have to feel a big sensation when you stretch in order for it to be productive. If you keep doing it, you will observe progress over time, and then... splits.
  14. Flower, I am so happy about your allergies. Very cool! For the 1 mi run: You can dooooo eeeeet! If it isn't too hot, maybe hildy can provide you with some good motivation on the trail Your dojang should be trembling in their boots, because you are going to kick some butt! I can already tell.
  15. I know that runners usually eat a lot of carbs. I was just wondering if there are any runners out there who are also VLC or ketogenic, and if so, how far do you usually run? What are your carb levels on running and non-running days? And how do you feeeeel about it? Thanks.
  16. I can do the splits front/back! I've never been able to do the splits side/side. My body does not do that, lol. If you are looking for good front/back splits training stretches, I can recommend some. Maybe you already know what to do...
  17. Just stopping in to say, great progress on your goals! I have a couple of things to contribute relating to your yoga goal (I'm a certified yoga instructor, an "expert") 1. My husband chants "Yoga! Yoga! Yoga!" everytime he sees someone around town carrying a yoga mat. It's hilarious. For this reason, I started laughing when I read Goal 3 title. 2. There are a lot of videos online, but do you have access to a library? My library has many great yoga videos, perhaps yours will too. 3. Studios or gyms are a great place to go for yoga without the distractions. You can just pick a class and show up every week at a certain time. Something like that might work well for you, and may help you develop a more seamless home practice. Maybe that's helpful, maybe it's not. Either way, very nice job sticking with it!
  18. I'm so sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon! Sounds like you caught a doozie...Do you have bronchitis?
  19. Happy birthday! Also, great job giving the axe to wheat. For most people, that is the most difficult one. Nice work.
  20. Great job! How are the splits coming? Are you working on side to side, or front to back?
  21. Awesome job sticking with your gym routine! As for tomorrow, maybe it will bring... waking up early! Do you like cats? Maybe what you need is a cat. Cats are good at waking me up early, especially since I feed them in the morning. I have three, and they want me to wake up as early as possible. I'm sure a cat would be happy to help you, too
  22. Your chicken sounds mouth-wateringly delicious. I love me some chicken. Watch out, I might crash your house for dinner! Fascinating article! Perhaps the Novice Effect will take me by storm. Alls I need to do is start guzzling milk... j/k, that wouldn't be paleo. I do a combination of assisted bodyweight excercises (pull-ups, chest dips, pushups, squats, core stuff), along with some cable and "lever" style machines for fun. I have the exercises divided so I'm focusing on 1/2 body on each day. First the good half one day, and then the bad half the other day. Today, I think I was working with the bad half. I'm heeding your advice, CB3. Today when I was messing around with the weights, I carefully examined the weight I worked with last time, and measured it mentally against how I felt. Then, I went balls to the walls! Just in a careful way. I didn't do as many reps on some of the new weights that felt too hard. Maybe next time, I'll increase the reps.
  23. Awesome job on increasing your squats and pushups!!! Overall, you da muscle man (?). Way to go.
  24. I like fatty green shakes. Avocado, spinach, banana, and coconut with some nut butter if I have it. So good! I also like red shakes, featuring beets, orange juice, carrots, and cherries or rasberries. Are fermented foods on your diet?
  25. I think that ignoring calories is ideal on a paleo diet, but everybody's different. I've noticed on some of the other forums that some people are ONLY successful toward their goals with severe calorie restriction (even on a paleo or LC diet). On the other hand, some people only see results if they significantly increase calories, which gets them through a weight loss stall. As far as it goes for cake banisher, it might take a little trial/error to figure out what your body needs as it relates to your fitness goals... increasing calories might be something to consider.
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