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  1. That is the best ranking system I have ever seen. Welcome to the scouts!!
  2. Today in my challenge journal, I wrote: ...And as you can see, I did just that.
  3. The place where all the Week 0's live, from a hopeless challenge addict
  4. ---Those were my goals at the beginning of the year, 4 months ago. 1) Review "Get my weight down:" At the time I actually weighed 183 (got a new scale). Currently at 175. So progress there. Also, firmly a size 12 at this point, so lost some inches. Keto has worked for me... not as fast as you hear about from others, but I did make progress. I've had some success. My plan all along was to eat keto until I lost a few pounds or until it got too hard, and then switch to Paleo. I think I'm at that point now. I would like to continue doing LC Paleo, just emphasize more vegetables in my diet. Overall, I would like to strongly de-emphasize dairy and animal fats but instead switch to healthy vegetable oils- avocado, olive oil, hemp oil, coconut. Lean proteins- chicken breast, fish, etc. Vegetables- cruciferous, kale, greens, beets, jicama,celery, fresh things. Eggs okay. Nuts and seeds great too. (Listing everything out like that makes my mouth water-Good sign!) I think if I eat like that, and do a bit more trail running, it will be impossible not to lose weight. 2) Review "Run better and faster:" What I'm doing is working, however I can't rest on my laurels with running... I have to keep working on it. I feel that currently my 25 mile/week goal is working for me, so I should keep doing that. Could really up my game if I do more trail running, so I'd like to get into doing more... once per week, to begin? Also, according to Strava, I am "trending faster" on all of my routes, so I think obviously my speed work is effective. Tuesdays are for speed! 3) Review "Be Better:" Seriously spent some time thinking about MBA school. Serious, serious. Just about done with the app but having second thoughts about whether it's a good idea or not. My main concern currently is finances, especially since I recently paid off my final student loan from undergraduate ed. MBA school would put me about $30 k in the hole, which seems like a huge burden. I have to figure out if it's worth the investment. Instead of business school, I have been chewing on the idea of starting my own business. I've always wanted my own business. Will have to think more on exactly what my business would do... **** Future challenge- brainstorm business ideas! I have been very consistent about practicing meditation for the last 4 months, and I have to say that I think it is having a strongly positive impact on my ability to handle stress and problem solve at work, and also problem solve in personal relationships. Overall, I function better. This has been a great goal and I'm happy to have it. Read some valuable books... "Lean In," and also outside of challenge "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck." Learned a lot about how to buckle down and take responsibility for myself. +++ so much more about being better at work, and life. ------ Lots of win, there! Many things to look forward to. Going to start myself a battle log with a copy of this entry, so I don't lose it.
  5. I think in order to have greatest success next challenge, I have to spend some time rethinking goals during Week 0. Primarily diet goal, but also life goals and others. Week 0 project- Rework diet goal and refine life goal. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  6. You could always join the scouts for a challenge or two, if you would like to "go the distance!" Just sayin' Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  7. Awesome challenge! Very nice work. Impressive going with the Murakami.
  8. Pic from the race, and the hard earned medal Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  9. Week 4 Progress 1. Run Run 25 miles per week, 100 miles total. Made it to: 90.1/100 miles for 4 weeks. Not too bad Speed work every Tuesday- Not done. 3/4 Long run 10+ miles- Done 2/2 Trail- 2/2 Went all out on Sunday, thus making me too damn sore and preventing me from speed work. Ran half marathon yesterday. Raced at 2:36. Turned out to be a trail race, on soft ground, so a little bit different than what I trained for. Really fun, tho. Overall: A. Did most of the miles, completed many of the sub-goals, ran a half marathon. Did great! 2. Eat Maintain Keto Diet- Maintained diet about 4 of the days. MFP every day- Maybe 3 days of tracking? Not so hot. 16/28 Vegetables with dinner- 5 days 23/28 Overall: C. Did really good the first two weeks, but the second 2 weeks did not follow the plan. 3. Relax Meditate 5 x 10 minutes per week- Done. 19/20 Attend yoga class once a week- Did not do. 3/4 Sauna- Didn't do. 3/4 Overall: B. Was doing good on goals until week 4. I think the culmination of tasks did help me do what I wanted- relax. Goal achieved. 4. Learn Continue reading Lean In- Finished. Apply for MBA - Two short steps away, but overall having second thoughts about this goal. Not excited about the debt. Will have to think more about this goal. Learn a little Japanese- learned a little. Overall: B. Finished some things but not others. Good challenge, people! See you next time.
  10. Thank you, and thank you! Yeah, I think she understands. But it didn't seem like it at first. And thank you!!
  11. Very, very, very cool hair and makeup. Impressive everything!
  12. Hope you're having a kick-ass week!!
  13. That stinks! Wishing you speedy recovery!
  14. Sorry to hear about your laptop! That stinks, man.
  15. Week 3 Progress 1. Run Run 25 miles per week - Only ran 17.5 due to a minor injury on Friday... Planning to do a few short 3-4.5 mi runs this week and then taper starting on Wednesday. 67.1/100 Speed work every Tuesday- Done 3/4 Long run 10+ miles- Done 2/2 Trail- 1/2 2. Eat Maintain Keto Diet- Stuck to it! MFP every day- 1 day of tracking!!! Really dropped the ball this week. Will get back on the horse ASAP 13/28 Vegetables with dinner- Lost track! (see above). We'll go with 4 days, conservatively. 18/28 3. Relax Meditate 5 x 10 minutes per week- Only completed this goal 4 days this week, unfortunately. 14/20 Attend yoga class once a week- Got one fabulous class in on Thursday. Much needed! 3/4 Sauna- Done. 3/4 4. Learn Continue reading Lean In- Finished the book! And in the end I decided it was very valuable for me. She makes a number of great points. It's solid professional advice for women and men who believe in equality, all around. 20 stars. Apply for MBA - Totally stalled on this goal. Will need to finish personal statement this week, if possible. Learn a little Japanese- Done, sort of. Had a pretty rough week at work, overall. Made progress in relationship with boss, and then lost the progress due to a misunderstanding... they moved me across campus at work to make room for a temp in an expanding department, and now I am far away from my work friends and the rest of my department. Separated from the pack! I threw a tantrum (think professional tantrum- 0 swear words or inappropriate statements, but clearly drawing the line) and of course my boss didn't love that. HOWEVER if I'm not allowed to be a human in the workplace, then fuck all of those people. I have feelings, too. Speaking of feelings... this spoiler! WARNING TMI ABOUT FEMALE PROBLEMS open at own risk!!!!!!
  16. I have an announcement! S-town. So good to run to. It's a mystery. It's a thriller. It has everything, including labyrinths, antique clocks, and hillbillies with tattoos. You will thank me later.
  17. Your shoes are too narrow for your feet. Seriously, this is the answer. You need a slightly wider type of shoe.
  18. Well, happy future birthday to you! I'll try to remember that. Because you got your injury at mile 5 during your last marathon, it's likely not caused by too-short long run training. Right?? It's probably a result of-- sitting funny, or not warming up, or maybe even over-training. Who knows. My feeling is, you are hating your long runs, and you have already made it to 23 miles at 6 weeks before your race, which is incredible by the way.That's amazing motivation and hard work on your part! Good man. I want to share this with you, because I think it might help you conceptualize your last weeks before the race in a way that wont feel like torture. http://www.runnersworld.com/race-training/run-your-best-marathon-with-less-training I'm not sure how you might fit any of it into your personal training plan, or if you should try. I do want to draw your attention to the last 6 weeks or so of this plan. Only 2 x 20 mile long runs, and they are every other week. You could have that!
  19. Ah, got it. So you would prefer to run shorter? What was your longest long run prior to your last marathon? Also, what is the date of this marathon?
  20. Okay, makes sense. Good job by the way. I think most marathon training plans have 22-24 miles as the longest long run, however there isn't any harm in running more than that... Just keep an eye out for physical signs of wear (brown piss, sleeping problems, giant pains in the ass). I also recommend joining the Trail and Ultra running group on Facebook. They will put everything in perspective for you.
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